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My father just got remarried to a woman who already has a son that’s my age. At this moment they went on their honeymoon. Needless to say that they left me and Merrick, my step-brother, alone by ourselves. Their excuse for leaving us here is ‘to get to know each other better.’ It’s already bad enough that I am crushing on my step-brother! I would rather not be left home alone with him till my father and step mother get back.
Walking through the front door was like walking into a nightmare. Literally. There was trash and dirty clothes everywhere! Even the ceiling fan had a dirty sock hanging from it. How do you even get a sock all the way up there? I don’t want to know. I look around and my eyes fall to the one and only, Merrick, sitting on the couch like there was nothing wrong with the house.
He does look so sexy with his legs kicked up on the coffee table and so relaxed on the couch. He looks over his shoulder at the sound of the front door closing. “Oh sorry, I was just about to get that.” I could practically hear the smirk in his voice as I pick up trash from the floor. “But, then you walked in. So great timing!” He goes back to his show and eating his precious chips.

I stand up with an arm load of trash and dirty clothes. “Fuck you, Merrick!” I throw the garbage on him and storm up to my room.
His reaction was slow. By the time I am opening up the door to my room I hear him yell, “Yeah? I bet you would!” I roll my eyes and walk into my room.
“He can go fuck himself!” I say furiously to myself as I put my hair up and strip of my clothes. I hear the floor boards creak, spinning around; I see Merrick running away from my room.
You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!? He was spying on me?! Wrapping a towel around my body, I run to his room and barge in without knocking. “You fucking asshole! You were spying on me!? Who does that? You fucking pervert!”
Merrick slowly turns around to face me and my wrath. His scared look is adorable and I almost stopped right then and there but he saw me fucking naked! “I-I wasn’t spying! I walked upstairs and your door was open. I-I just happened to see. I swear. I wasn’t spying.” I see his hands move to be in front of his member. “Besides, I would never touch you, even if you were the last girl on the planet!”
Seeing the fact that he is getting a boner made me change courses. I end up forgetting that we live under the same roof and that we are step-siblings. “Merrick? Am I turning you on…?” I shift my gaze to his boner.
Merrick looks down at his boner with a slight blush blooming on his cheeks. “W-what? No…no of course n-not.” I see him take a deep breath and swallow hard.
I smirk. “Apparently you would touch me if I were the last girl on the planet.” I toss my hair over my shoulder, making my towel loosen up a little bit.
“So what?” Merrick lets out a deep breath. “You make me hard. Big deal. We both know you wouldn’t touch me.” He takes a seat and crosses his legs trying to conceal his enlarging boner.
I start messing with my hair causing my towel to loosen even more. “Merrick, I think you forgot. I’m not a virgin. I love the idea of sex.”
I can tell that his breathing is getting heavier. I glance down and notice that my cleavage is showing a bit more than usual. ‘What…what are you trying to say?”
Giving his a simple shrug. “I would touch you.” The towel moves again, barely hanging off of my breasts. “It’s YOU who won’t touch me.” I smirk at him.
Merrick bolts up out of his seat, giving me the full view of his boner as he stalks up to me. “I’d do more than touch you!” He blurts out. His cheeks show a little bit of pink but he still leans over and kisses my neck as I feel his boner move my towel a bit.
I just roll my eyes at him and walk out of the room as my towel drops. My heart skips a beat but I keep walking as I call out over my shoulder, “Whatever you say.” I have no idea what has gotten into me.
Next thing I know, I’m pinned up against the wall with Merrick’s boner on my ass. I bite my lip and start to grind my ass on his boner. I feel Merrick move his hips up against my ass as they start bucking against me. I give out a yelp as I feel a stinging on my right butt cheek and moan as the next on comes down on my left cheek.
“A-are we just gonna jump each other out here in the hallway?” I let out a deep sigh as I feel his hands move up to my sides.
“Mmm,” I feel Merrick’s lips against my neck. “We should get more comfortable huh?” He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder and walks toward my room. He ends up throwing me onto my bed.
“Feisty. I like it.” I look up him up and down. “What I don’t like is that you are still clothed.” I give him a sad shake of my head.
He gives me that cute smirk of his and bites his lip. I don’t know if anyone could bite their lip as hot as he just did. I watch as Merrick hastily hurries to take off his clothes, he throws his shirt in one direction and his pants in another, leaving himself in only his boxers. I tighten my thighs as I feel my wetness just by seeing his boner through boxers.
“I give him another shake of my head. “You’re so small.” That was a complete lie. In fact, I’m afraid that he’ll rip me in half! I give him a raised eyebrow. “Take your boxers off.”
“Do you wanna fuck of not?” He raises an eyebrow back at me with a smirk. He knows full well that I’m teasing him.
“I said take off your boxers. Do I have to repeat myself?” I roll my eyes as I lean back and stretch.
Merrick gives me a devious smile and slips off his boxers and throws them on my face. I let out a deep breath and toss his boxers onto the floor and see that he is jerk himself slightly, to keep his dick hard. “Condoms are in the nightstand. The extra small are in the very back.”
He pins my arms down above my head. “Shut the fuck up, would you? I’m ready to fuck, but first, I want you to put this on.” He hands me the condom and I sit up. Ripping the foil packet open, I slip the condom on his enlarged member and give him a small hand job while I was at it. He pushes me back down on my bed, and places his tip on my clit. My breath catches as he moves his member down, so it rests right at my entrance. “Let’s fuck why don’t we?” Merrick asks right as he slams into me as hard as he possibly can.
My head falls back and my back arches, all in pleasure. “Oh…Mer…” My mind is just too jumbled up to even get a sentence out. My hips start to rise to meet Merrick’s motions. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Merrick! Oh…fuck!”
“I’m going to make you my bitch.” Merrick’s thrusts get harder and faster as he leans over and works on a hickey for my neck.
A loud groan echoes through the room. “Make…make me your bitch.”
We flip over to where I’m on top and Merrick is on bottom. “Ride me, Bitch!” Merrick demands and I swear I don’t think I have ever been so wet in my life.
“Your wish is my command, Merrick.” I start bouncing on his cock as fast as I can hoping that I’m pleasing him as much as he did me. “Do you like this bitch riding your cock?” I ask as my hips come down and twirl around before moving back up.
“Oh shit! That’s amazing!” Merrick throws his head back in please as I twirl my hips again. He reaches out and takes a handful of my ass and pulls me farther on his cock as he goes deeper. “Oh god…keep doing that! I’ll cum quick if you keep doing that!” His hands move from my ass to my breasts as he squeezes my nipples and pulls on them.
My nails dig into his shoulders as I bring my hips up. I bring my mouth down onto Merrick’s and we kiss deeply as my hips come down on his cock with full force. As our tongues battle for dominance, I twirl my hips making Merrick lose the battle as he moans into the kiss. His hips buck, causing him to go in my pussy as far as he can go; we both feel my walls clench around his shaft.
“Make me cum.” I whisper as I flip us over after filling Merrick’s cum on my thighs.
In my bliss, I never notice Merrick slip the condom off and pound back into my pussy as hard as he can. Next thing I know, Merrick has me up against the wall as he pulls out of my pussy, leaving me whimpering. My nails dig into his shoulders as his talented mouth works on my breasts. Nibbling and sucking on my nipples. My head falls back and without warning, Merrick’s cock is filling my asshole up.
“Oh…fuck yes!” My moan is louder than ever as the pleasure goes into over drive, pushing me closer to my climax. “I-I’m close, Merrick!” I moan out as Merrick slaps my ass and my head rests on his shoulder.
Merrick starts pushing harder and my mouth opens but nothing comes out as I enter the world of bliss. His thrusts slow down as I feel cum running down my leg and a deep breath enters my lungs.
He sets me down and I look down at his dick, noticing no condom. “I know I put a condom on you! Where the fuck is it?!”
“On the ground somewhere. Don’t worry, I didn’t cum in you. I did in the condom.” He cups my face.
“You still would’ve had sperm on your dick!” I push him away from me.
He rolls his eyes. “Just take the pill.”
My eyes widen. “Just take…”
I was cut off by the front door opening and my father and step-mother moving around on the first floor. “Abbie! Where’s my beautiful daughter at!?” My father calls up the stairs.
Pushing Merrick out of my room, I hurry and dress before running down stairs into my father’s arms. “Right here, daddy.”
“Have you two gotten to know each other?” Dad’s new wife asks.
“Better than you think.” Merrick answers as he enters the room.

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