In My Brother’s Shadow

The birds seemed to pay extra attention for me this morning. Everything had been neatly organized for my brother’s return, Leonardo. It must have been like 9 billion years since I laid my eyes on him, but it was actually just 9 days. We’re twins. That’s code-talk for “inseparable.” I seriously can’t stand 3 hours without thinking about him. About his looks (which are very similar to mine), who he kissed this past week, and sometimes… Even the thought makes me want to cringe. We’re identical twins, but it’s one of those “cliché” types. You know, the sophisticated, gentle, understanding twin… And the other twin that’s a full blown sadistic, punk, seems-to-get-every-girl-I-DONT-KNOW-HOW, asshole. I love Leonardo, though. He’s my brother after all, setting aside our differences. By the way, I’m the good twin.

I’m also gay. Very gay. The type of gay that’s a total slut for dick but is a complete anal and oral virgin. In fact, I’ve only been boy-crazy since 16. Yes, I’m an 18 year old virgin who’s super shy about meeting new guys. Leonardo, well, whenever he has sex; I hear him from the other side of the wall. I hear his moans, panting, slamming, and “I’m gonna cum” phrases. Accompanied with a female. Even though I’m 100% homosexual, I can’t help but feel a little jealous. It’s conceited, I know, but I’ll never be superior like him. Gay or straight. Sometimes… I feel jealous because I’m not the girl he’s obliterating.

But that’s only when I haven’t had my daily dose of masterbation, sometimes I pretend it’s the voice and moans of this really hot guy in my class. It’s still wrong. I’m not into incest, it’s gross and just weird. And plus-

“I’m home! Ethan, where’s your flat-ass at?!”

Oh God, he’s home.

Even from the upstairs, I could smell his sexy cologne.  I shouldn’t even be thinking that, but in the next moment, I’m running down the stairs and embracing my brother.

“Fuck, I missed you! It’s been quite as Hell around here.” I say, very excitedly and embracing him tightly.

“But it’s only been a week!”


Throughout the day, we spent some quality time chatting about his trip to France and binging on Dominos. I’m ecstatic he’s home, finally. It felt like old times… You know, 10 days ago?

But my life was gonna change this night. So would Leonardo’s.

“Ah, fuck…” I hear him moan from the other side of the wall, poor Leo, he probably didn’t have any ass the whole time he was in France. Yet, I’m surprised when I don’t hear another voice.

“Ugh.. Shit..” Leon was getting a little verbal, I guess I should see what’s up. Just to see if he was alright.

Getting up from my queen-size ever so quietly, I slip on a pair of socks and shuffle my way down the hall to his room. Leon was on his side, thrusting his 8 inched cock in his hand. With the light of the TV aiding my vision, I see his beautiful, toned body and tattoos.

Leonardo was very sexy… Many would say. He and I both have the bluest eyes, finest jawlines, and the most outstanding facial structure. We’re very attractive, but he’s just plain-old sexy. Especially when he had his hair dyed blue and piercings in tact. I love the way he dresses, usually what the punk-people wear.

But right now, I caught myself staring at his naked body.

Suddenly, I feel a pressure in my underwear, obviously a growing erection. I curse myself for this, but it’s making yourself feel good! What’s so wrong about that?

I imagine myself in Leonardo’s grip, his cock pounding my insides. He shows no remorse and fucks me very deep, my own brother, claiming me as his fucking bitch. It seems so taboo, but I love it. I want to be a sex-slave. At this point, I’m stroking my 6.5 inch dick, thinking of Leon. My rod points straight up and I rub from the tip to the base. The skin feels extremely warm and it twitches from time to time. My dick started to drool pre-cum as it’s fucking my hand. With my left, I fondle my ballsack. After a minute or two, I feel my toes begin to numb and my legs grow pins and needles. Leonardo’s grunting gets louder, and I accidentally moan a bit loud as well.

Then it went quiet.

When I realize this, I knew I had to make a run for it. I took off in a series of tip-toed sprinting back to my room, where I pray to God that he hasn’t seen me. I try to fall back asleep. What if he noticed that I was jerking off? He’ll kill me! All I can do is forget about what happened… And go to sleep.


Suddenly, I feel a weight on my chest and I look up. It’s dark in my room and I can’t see the figure. I was about to call for Leon when I notice a familiar scent enter my nostrils. It’s him.

“Wh- Lee, why are you on me?”

“You were watchin’ me jackin’ it, weren’t you?”

“What…?! Who would do such a thing? You’re gross.” It was pretty obvious that I was lying.

“Get off, I need to use the bathroom.” Another lie, I needed to get out of here.

“No. Admit it.”

“Admit what?”

“You want my cock.”

“Ew, no! Get off!”

“Admit or else there’ll be severe.. SEVERE consequences, fag.”

“I’m not a fag.”

“So, you want it don’t you? I knew it.”

I feel my erection growing. I also feel it when Leon grazes his cock against my lower lip. For real this time. The sensation set a chill up my spine, but this is totally wrong! My face glows a cherry red and I try to push the being off me.

“Leonardo, I’m serious! Please.. Stop..”

“Just close your eyes.”

Slowly, he rubs the hardened tip of his dick on my lips. I can already taste the pre-cum without even licking it. However, I can’t control myself. My mouth carefully parts and he keeps rubbing. Leon grins, and now the head of his dick is in my mouth. I begin to hesitantly suck, tasting the day’s worth of sweat and grime. It’s an amazing, erotic, flavor. He starts to get a little verbal with me and begins to get more aggressive. He thrusts into my mouth and practically fucks my face. I look up at him, my eyes watering from a few gag reflexes.

“Yeah… How does your brother’s cock taste?”


“Tell me you love it.”

“Mmph-..! I-I fucking love your big cock…”

A rush of drool extrudes out of my mouth as he gives me a chance to breath. After a few seconds, he reinserts his 8 incher further down my throat. Now he’s really face-fucking me. I give into his mischievous needs and take it all. Here I am, being straddled and pleasuring my brother.

“I’m gonna fuckin’ cum.. And I wanna watch you swallow it.”

After a few more thrusts into my cheeks, a warm, salty liquid shoots in the back of my throat and tongue.

“Yeeeeeeah, open your mouth. Say ahh, c’mon.”

I feel extremely embarassed, but I can’t just say no. I open my mouth and feel my brother’s tongue scrape the inside, licking most of the cum. I swallow and the back of my throat burns a bit, but I enjoy the fact that he made me his bitch.

“I’ll be right back, I’m gonna go get my lube to pop your cherry.”

Pop my cherry?

To be continued…



It’s not my best piece of work, but I enjoyed writing it and I you enjoyed reading you. You sick perv. 😉









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