Honeymoon at Mardi Gras

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“Show your tits!!!” is the cry from the masses, as thousands of men and women stumble through the crowded streets in a lustful daze of over intoxication. I duck to avoid being hit in the head by a rather large set of fake pearls, allowing a cute strawberry blonde with a University of Alabama sweatshirt behind me to snag them out of the air and put them around her neck. With the strange excitement that occurs at Mardi Gras, her green eyes sparkle in the light of the streetlamps and with a graceful cry she sensously grasps the bottom of her gray sweatshirt and pulls it up to her neck.
Standing right next to her I get the full view of her attractive bare skin as she gives me a smile full of sexual promise. Loud horns in the street signal the next wave of the parade and people suddenly throng to the edge of the procession, forcing the horny coed in another direction. I turn my somewhat glossy overworked eyes to the forefront of everyones attention, and as i had been standing right at the edge of the street I am able to watch unobstructedly as fire breathers and costumed jugglers pass within touching distance. Revelers and street musicians with instruments of every sort give life to ceremonial dances, mixing with the sounds of the crowds into a cacophany of chaotic noise that is overwhelming. I am unable to take it all in, lost in jumbled thoughts.
With a strange sort of half delusional inspiration I realize that time has become a blur of sleepless nights and extravagant excitement. I can barely remember the last time i rested, tho i know that i didnt sleep more than a half hour on that park bench before awakening to two elderly ladies trying to rob me of my shoes and wallet. And while i spent many hours in the soft comfort of the canopy bed at the house in which we are staying, there was no sleep to be had in the raspberry arms of my new wife.
Standing there smiling like a fool at the thought of her light caress and purring voice, entrenched in the strange array of unusual masks, mysterious themes, wheeled floats, erotic dancers, amazing sights, smells, feels, and emotions flowing by me like a river of the wonderfully bizarre, I drift back to the first day of our honeymoon in New Orleans.

…the loud sounds of the plane landing awakens me from my dream. With a yawn i sit up and stretch a little before looking around. Several passengers glance over and smile in greeting, and i can not help but grin in return as all the happiness of the last few days comes rushing back in. As if on cue the seat next to me is filled with the sexy body of a stunning lady who pokes me in the side.
“Hey there sleepy, did you have any dreams about me?” she asks teasingly as i run one finger across her cheek and lean close to place a soft kiss on her lips.
“mmmm.. i love those kisses” she moans softly as i put a second softer kiss on the back of her hand.
“i had a dream about you… and me…. in a certain bathroom at the back of the plane.. want me to show you how it went?”
“silly” she says, smiling at my overexagerated wink.
Remembering something i reach into the pocket of my jacket and pull out a small box wrapped in a bow and hand it to her with a casual gesture. “just something i picked up awhile ago and never got a chance to give you.”
Her eyes practically glow with delight as she pulls the tail of the ribbon. Opening with a slight creak of taut hinges, the box reveals a small bit of black vevlvet cushioning a small golden key and two sapphire earings in the shape of cresting dolphins. Impulsively squeezing my hand and beaming with unexpected pleasure she gently takes the earings out and holds them up to the light, admiring the graceful shape and delicate design before leaning close to whisper against my neck just below my ear, “i want you again. i want you to be inside me.”
The feel of her breath sends waves of a slow flush creeping down my skin, but before we can act on the spur of desire the plane finishes its descent and lands with a slow skid. As the stay seated light turns off, passengers rise and grab their overhead luggage.
The airport is in utter disorder as people of every kind crowd the walkways in anticipation of the lengthy, city-wide events scheduled for the next two weeks. There is a sense of being in a place of extremes, and its visitors bring a touch of danger and exotic pleasure. Hand in hand we push our way through the rushing businessmen, traveling families, college students, and international travelers. Outside the sun is shining and after the stuffy feeling of being crowded against other people, the breeze is sweet and refreshing.
The limousine ride from the airport (the wedding present of a good friend) is full soft comfort and quiet enjoyment as the driver leads us on a lovely journey through the city and countryside. Wonderfully preserved buildings line the streets, memories of another time, bits of the past. Thick coils of streamers with colorful decorations hang from lampposts on every corner, and murals depicting bold breath taking scenes from ‘Carnival’ give plain walls a tribute to honor and a sense of culture.
Out past the homes and buildings, over slow rolling hills that sway in the breeze like a sea of grass and lazy trees, we arrive at a secluded plantation home beside a long field recently plowed and sewn. The place is amazing. Long thick columns grace the front entrance of the house that rises three stories off the ground in a proud display of existence. It is easy to get lost in the emotions a place like this must carry.
The inside is just as breath taking, as each room is extensively decorated in a different theme more extravagant than the one before. Thick wax candles and hand wrapped gifts show the loving touch of relatives who came before to pave the way. Flowers line every windowsill and fresh air blows in through large windows with their wooden shutters pushed open. The faint scent of roses and country flowers wafts in from the back gardens only to be overshadowed by a flood of delicious smells coming from the kitchen as the breeze shifts.
Opening a swinging door of burnished redwood we find a spacious kitchen fit for a small restaurant. Huge racks of labeled spices line the pale yellow walls below thick wreaths of garlic and peppers. A watercolor image of a sunrise in Lousiana adds the perfect touch to several artistic renderings of cajun food in the various stages of preparation, and give the kitchen a bit of magic that sparks the imagination. Adding to the mystery, several huge covered trays rest on a long table somewhat off to the side, almost unworthy of notice in comparison to the surroundings but for the gleam of the serving dishes. Beneath the silver lids are some of the very dishes depicted on the walls, in addition to plates, trays, and baskets of every food imaginable to them. The food is not only warm but hot, spicy, and only just finished in the last few minutes by the look of things.
“Someone really loves us.” she says, mirroring my thoughts that someone went to great lengths to make this perfect.
“Its you they love,” I reply with a smile “and how could they not?” Leaning over I twirl a lock of her hair around my finger. “Besides, they know how happy you make me.”
“They love you a lot and you know it.”
“Perhaps” I admit reluctantly, almost absently as I pull two plates from the cupboard and set a small intimate table in the dining room. Sharing a smile that needed no words we serve each other tastes of this and that, and toast to everything imaginable. The spicy flavors, textures and assortment of cajun tastes are unbelievable. After awhile the energy turns sexual. With glitteringly beautiful eyes my gorgeous new wife takes my hand in hers and licks the last bits of some tangy sauce from my fingertips as she looks into my eyes with unspoken desire. I cannot help feeling overwhelmed by the chords she strikes inside me, and pulling her gently to her feet i pick her up in my arms and carry her upstairs to the master bedroom.
The room is modeled after a medi
eval castle and the walls painted in an imitat
ion of huge blocks of stone. A graceful canopied bed stands raised on several circles of polished oak in the center of the floor, each larger than the last and resting atop each other to form steps up. Light blue silk curtains hang in shimmering waves and hide any occupants from view of the window that opens onto an evening balcony. An intricate desk of pink quartz and polished black wood leans against the far wall, covered in books and sheaves of papers bound with colored yarn and lengths of string. Atop its highest shelf a huge basket of fruit sits in an artful display of kiwis, mangos, passion fruit, pears, papayas, and all sorts of wrapped chocolates and bits of sweets.
Wandering the room I notice a huge bath built into the floor in a recessed section of the room where the wall curves out of view. Bath oils and scented perfumes in small delicately blown glass vials of assorted muted colors line its outer edge. A brass spout in the shape of a sunflower with the head of a golden lion at its center emits a steady stream of hot water that flows down into the depths of the tub. The means for disposal is indecipherable at first glance and the steam pours upwards from the unending supply of water, filling the air with a warm mist. A massaging showerhead hangs down into the tub on a long coiled tube, and graceful mirrors in water treated oak frames cover the walls off to one side.
Returning to the room proper I walk to the huge double window and climb out to stand next to my wife who is silently enjoying the view. The backyard stretches away into the distance without a trace of human habitation. The feeling of freedom in isolation is overwhelming, and horses run in the distant fields of the outer stables, a tribute to a time when horses were the best means of transportation. Several deer graze on bits of green, ears raised at a commotion across the way. From a stand of bushes a red tailed fox appears, chasing a speedy rabbit across a small clearing of grass in the meadow before they both disappear into a small ravine. Small clouds of butterflies disturbed into flight by the passing, mill gently in the air like bits of glittering color before settling back down to rest among the petals of the wildflowers.
Feeling a tug at my belt I climb back inside the bedroom after my wife, and turn aside the canopy with a bow as Savannah smiles and lays back on the dark satin sheets that cover the goose down mattress. Hopping down beside her I reach over and run my hands across the skin of her legs, so firm and long, perfectly formed for the pleasure of my fingertips. With a teasing smile she pulls her skirt up a little, giving me a glimpse of yellow cotton panties. Running my thumbs in small circles I massage her legs with a knowing touch, spreading her slowly until she can stand it no longer and pulls my hands to her swelling sex.
Pushing lightly I can feel her growing hot and wet at my probing touches, and I grow hard at the warm flush of arousal. Moaning and thrusting her hips lightly against my hands she cries out slightly as I slip the tip of my finger ever so softly past the cloth and into her body. Pulling her panties over the swell of her hips and onto the floor i bunch her skirt around her hips and push her thighs apart with strong hands, opening her to my gaze. Lovingly I lean close, the smell of her desire driving me wild with passion as i thrust my tongue between her legs and use my fingers to pull her apart. Hungrily lapping my tongue up and down the length of her pussy, I reach up and pull down the straps of her bra with deft fingers, exposing two flushed pink nipples longing to be pinched and grasped.
Pulling away with a thick groan she rolls over and pushes me onto my back. Kneeling over me she gives me a lusty kiss as her tongue caresses mine. Our lips meet again and again as our hands explore, sliding beneath layers of clothing to tease and arouse. Sliding her hand down the front of my pants, she caresses the hard shaft of my manhood with long slow movements of her palm. Unable to think I groan with the pleasure and layback, eyes closed in a lustful daze. Pausing long enough to pull my shirt off she brushes her hair and lips against my bare chest, tracing the outlined muscles of my stomach as I tense with involuntary delight. Pulling my pants off she gently kisses across my body, moving steadily downwards towards the hem of my boxers. Pulling them down in the front, she pulls out the hard thickness of my swollen cock and holds it in both her hands, feeling it tense and pulse with longing as it grows even bigger.
Teasing me she kisses my lower stomach just above my lusting desire, before running her tongue up its length from base to tip with one long slow lick, taking its head into her soft warm lips with slow passion. One hand between her legs, slowly slipping her middle finger in and out with building excitement, she brings me to the heights of pleasure. Lost in a daze of sensations from her lips, mouth, teeth, and wonderful tongue, I feel the pressure building until i can stand it no longer and pull away to avoid filling her mouth with loads of my cum.
“Oh Jesse,” she moans, “make love to me.”
Pulling her towards the base of the bed I grasp the back of her toned, sexy calves with a tight grip and pull her spread legs up to rest against my chest and shoulders. Ever so slowly i push the swollen tip of my body between the thick folds of her body and rub up and down, brushing her swollen clit with the head until she is wild with lust. Unable to take it any more I thrust its thick length deep into her with one quick stroke that elicits a sudden gasp and heaviness of breath as her legs tense and push against my body. Groaning with animal passion for the sensuous woman beneath me I push back and forth against the tight muscles of her body that grind together with a vice like pleasure, sending both of us to our own place.
With grunts of exertion I make love to her willing body, pulling completely out before filling her again, rising on my toes to push further inside, stretching her tightness until she is screaming with pleasure and a wild orgasm tears through her body. I feel the waves of its pleasure send her over the edge as a low cry rises in her throat and her hands grip mine. Slowing down I push deep inside and pause for a breath, content with the feeling of being so far inside, letting her subside from the trembling orgasm. Pulling out I put my hands on her hips and holding her tight I roll over onto my back, eyes blurring and skin slick with a light sheen of sweat.
Sitting on her heels with her ass resting on my thick cock, she looks down at me and leans close to kiss my lips, the feel of her tits brushing my chest and making my thickness throb. Sitting up a little, she rises off of me enough to reach beneath her thighs and grasp my dick, holding it planted firmly upwards so she can lowers herself onto my thickness, pushing it through her swollen lips and deep inside. Unable to lay there passively at the flood of love and chaotic pleasure coursing through my blood, I begin thrusting upwards to meet her down stroke as we find a fast rhythm and my hands hold onto the toned flesh of her smooth curvy hips to increase the impact of our meetings.
I cannot help but groan out her name and close my eyes at the tremendous pressure i feel building. I try and concentrate on football, soccer, physics, anything but the sensation of her tight pussy sucking at my cock with a hunger of its own, or the smell of her body filling the room with strawberries and clean sex. My mind goes blank, and I’m soon unable to even come up with anything to distract me from the sight of her luscious body fucking me and sound of her rich aching groans as we reach a crescendo, the outer lips of her tight sex clenching around the base of my manhood and dragging behind the motion of our lovemaking in stretched exposure.
Ripping off her bra her hands grab at the smooth skin of her tits, pulling on her nipples with savage abandon, hair whipping back and forth, a small oh formed on her lips as her head til
ts back and her eyes clo
se of their own accord. Just as I can go no farther a whipping breeze blows in from the window and rubs the silken drapes across our naked bodies, intensifying the pleasure.
“Oh god Samantha, you feel so good.” I grunt out between tense lips, hair matted to his forehead, letting my hands roam down her sides to cup her round meaty ass cheeks, spreading her further and slowing her motions down so that I can sit up with my back against the cushions on the headboard. Pulling here into a comfortable position straddling me on my lap we hold each other for several moments, so utterly in love that nothing in the world penetrates on the sacredness of that moment, together, connected in body and soul, bringing each other to uncharted heights of physical arousal and emotional ecstasy.
“Mmmmm,” she says back in heated tones, “please me with your tongue… please make me cum.” and rising off my body she leans over the side of the bed and roots around in a small bag before pulling out a large vibrator. Moving from the bed to a small love seat in the corner across from the desk, she bends over in front of me and spreads herself open with wet fingers. “Ohhh god i need it so much.. ive never been this hot before.”
Moving next to her as she plugs it in, turns it on, and rubs it against her engorged clit, i run my hands across the smooth skin of her back. With little foreplay she pushes it slowly inside her body before pulling it out and rubbing it up and down across her swollen lips. I watch enthralled as her hips slide down the couch until she is lying on her back crying out with a mix of agony and pleasure, as the sensations again grow overwhelming. Gently taking the phallus shaped, black vibrator from her shaking hands, I continue to slide it against her body as she writhes in silent abandon. The slow vibration makes my hands tingle and my body feels flushed, so it is not difficult for me to imagine what she must be feeling. Her soft skin and toned muscles give before my touch, and the cries from her lips are almost enough for me to cum by myself as I use my free fingers to drive her over the edge, whispering erotic phrases about her body until she screams in the throes of passion from the building tension and cums on my fingers in a heart pounding burst of thrusting hips and arched back.
Slowly pulling the still vibrating cock from her body i lick and kiss the tender flesh of her womanhood as she sighs and slowly relaxes. The lips of her sex are covered in beads of sweet moisture that contrast with the saltly taste of her sweat. As i lap slowly and delicately, making sure to avoid the painful tenderness of her aching clitoris, she gazes down at me with a wonderful look through low lidded tender eyes that brings all my love for this woman to full focus. Rising from the couch she kisses me with sated pleasure and pushes me back down onto the couch with a firm push on the hard muscles of my chest.
Kneeling at the edge of the cushions she ever so slowly caresses the half hard shaft of my member, gently bringing it to full size before taking it slowly into her mouth. Leaning back i am a slave to her touch, running my fingers through the soft tresses of her hair and caressing her smooth cheeks with being aware of anything but the feel of her lips and tongue on my body. Reaching up she runs her nails across my chest and abdomen before digging them into the skin of my thighs. All the pleasure of the afternoon encounter explodes from me into her mouth, and as i buck forward she swallows mouthfuls of sticky cum that shoot from the tip of my cock in long bursts. Letting go of the grip i had taken in her hair as the orgasm passed in slumbering waves, i lay back stunned and unmoving as she cleaned the tip of my still hard sex with her fingertips. One of the greatest climaxes of my life, it is difficult not to drift off on a cloud of pleasure as i lay there drained of every bit of physical and emotional energy.
With one last kiss on the head of my softening cock she rises and walks over to the full bath of steaming water. For a countless span of time I lay there exhausted, thinking of how i feel about my wonderful new wife and the depths of chemistry and love we possess. How have i come to be the luckiest man on earth? Suddenly protective, i impulsively vow to myself to never let anyone hurt even the slightest hair on her head. Awakened by the thought of any harm coming to the sexy woman sitting contentedly in the bath, i join her in the soothing water, letting the silence and heat wash away any bad thoughts.

When I awaken she is sleeping beside me in a blue flannel nightgown, hair tusseled and still damp, breathing in a subtle counter to the calls of birds and fussy squirrels coming in through the open window. Padding downstairs on quiet feet I put on some music and make breakfast. The sounds of the showerhead from upstairs draws my attention as i finish dishing food onto two plates while whistling a catchy tune stuck in my head.
Hair wet and dark red, Samantha greets me with a long hug of her arms around my neck and a smile. Pushing her into the chair we eat in the comfortable silence that two people can share when words are not necessary. Finishing breakfast i clean up a little while admiring the attractive unassuming nature of the woman i married without hesitation. The thought of having never known the happiness she brings fills me with grateful prayers at my stubborn persistence and unwillingness to let her get away. Dressed in a pair of shorts and a gray v-neck shirt she is just as beautiful as the day we met in person for the first time. Her fragrance is light and sweet, and as i finish rinsing the dishes she begins to massage my shoulders. Her hands continue to apply loving pressure to the tight muscles in my neck and back as i put the dishes away and lean forward, enjoying her massage. Pressing up against my back she reaches around and grabs me in a knowing way that has immediate effects. Standing there facing the sink, her chest pressed against me from behind, i put my hand over hers and let her feel as i grow to full length beneath her touch.
Turning I reverse our positions, pushing her against the counter as she bends her knees and pulls her shorts down around her ankles and then flicks them with a leg kick into a pile against the wall. Reaching between her thighs i pull her panties back and forth against her sensitive flesh. Pulling off her underwear with a quick tug i pause to grab a bottle of chocolate syrup from the fridge. Kneeling behind her firm ass i gently finger her swollen box. I can smell her with every cell in my body, that heady feminine smell that can drive a man crazy. Pouring chocolate onto my fingers i coat her insides with sticky syrup. Moaning she reaches between her legs to rub her clit, spreading herself open for me. Flicking my tongue across her slit i taste the mix of chocolate and sex before standing up and pushing down on her back, forcing her rear higher into the air. Her fingers are now coated in chocolate and she begins to lick and suck them with seductive intensity. Syrup drips out of her as i push her outer and inner lips apart. Looking over her shoulder with her lovely red hair pulled to the side she positions herself against the counter, one leg raised onto its marble surface. I can hear her uttering commands in low moans, telling me to push inside her and give it to her long and slow.
Between her legs she grabs me by the thick base of my swollen body and pulls me into position against her hot quiff. As i move forward she guides me into her chocolate coated insides, tight and resistant, creating a hot friction that sears through my body and radiates out through my skin into her. Covering the kitchen in chocolate we make love against the counter and on the large dining table until i feel her go over the edge, walls of her lovely body closing with passionate force around me as her hips slide and thrust against our forceful contact, my balls slapping like a paddle against the back of her thighs, bottoming out in the depths of her tight pussy and then leaning for
ward to push even fart
her inside.
Back upstairs in yet another bath I am again enticed by the silky feel of my wifes body against mine. Her wet skin rubs gently on my arm and side as her other arm drapes across my chest. Her body had already undergone several intense cleanings, and her smooth skin has the faint smell of perfumed oils. Lathering and rubbing my body with soapy hands I revel in the feeling of being washed from head to toe. Before long I am covered in suds that disappear quickly under the pressure of the showerhead positioned above us. Doing a thorough job i feel to my distinct pleasure her hands focusing on my lower anatomy. As she rubs and presses her fingers against my sensitive areas i tense with desire and a soft moan escapes my lips. Pulling her to me, we embrace in a loving hug as my hands join hers and our lips meet in a hard kiss. Putting my hands on the wet flesh of her behind i lift her up so that her back is pressed against the tiled wall next to the sunflower. Her right arm wraps around my shoulders to support herself as her left hand digs into the hair on the back of my head, pulling me against her lips for a terribly passionate kiss. Soapy enough with lubricating bath oils to slide right in i push my cock inside her with a gentle push, then keeping half of it inside i work slowly back and forth against her cries.
French kissing her sweet mouth while we make love i notice that the feel of her lips and tongue changes depending on how much of me is inside her womanly body and soft depths, probing with slow thick strokes that stretch her body with delightful pleasure. The taste of her mouth, feel of her tongue on mine, and look in her half closed eyes was driving me crazy, but after several long minutes of building energy my grip on the back of her thighs falters and we both slide down the wall and into the water at heart stopping speed. Spluttering and laughing we surface together. I ask if she is ok and in answer she winks lustily and lays back on the outer edge of the bath, feet dangling in the water, legs spread wide before me.. Still unbelievably hard I grow even bigger at the sensual sight of her open body and rising from the water i position myself between her legs. The friction is almost painful and not wanting to hurt her in any way i pull out and retrieve a tube of ky jelly. Rubbing the lubrication across my cock, i delight her with a small show, fisting my throbbing member with long steady strokes as i stand between her legs gazing lustily at her sex.. Pulling her back down into the water i push it inside her, the lubrication allowing us to continue our lovemaking underwater. The rapid beat of the hot water from the shower across my back as i make love to my wife with an aching tenderness is exhilarating… but suddenly the warm water finally runs out and cold drops of water rain down on our intertwined bodies.
Letting out a pleasant shriek of suprise and pleasure, goose bumps appear all over her tender body. Wriggling out from under me she quickly jumps out of the bath. Opening the drain I let the cold water run across my heated body for several minutes before emerging to find her wrapped in a large cotton towel. Pulling the lever that shuts off the water I stand there shivering, lost in the freedom i feel at that moment. With gentle hands my wife approaches and lovingly dries me off with a second towel, kissing my skin occassionally. Nearly dry she drops the towel and runs her fingers down my arm before leaning close and kissing my chest. The wonderful feeling of her lips on the hard flesh of my nipples is amazing and banishes the cold. Opening my eyes i watch as she steps back and unwraps the cotton from her naked body before crossing the room to stand at the windowsill. The sway of her hips is terribly erotic and i have the overwhelming urge to feel her again from the inside.
Moving over to the window i encircle my arms around her waist and stomach. As i press my willing body against hers i lift one of my hands from the firm swell of her hips and pick up a single feather left on the sill by a small robin. Pushing forward i rub my body in slow circles against her as i run the feather down the skin of her back. Sighing, but without turning her head, she presses back against the delicious hardness of my wanting flesh. A slight exclamation of breath escapes her lips as we touch intimately. Reaching around her leg i put my hand on the thick muscle of her inner thigh and lift gently as i push myself in. Pulling out i rub the blunt head against the oval shape of her spread lips, causing her to shudder and fall forward against a small table next to the window. Gasping for air between groans i slide the thick head several inches into her tightness as she lets out a cry of pleasure and thrusts back, meeting me with her waiting hips and long drawn out moaning screams for me to cum inside her, fill her with my love.
Taking all of me in she pushes back even harder as i rise to my tip toes to meet her thrust, pushing even farther inside until she cant take any more. Feeling her legs shaking and shudders running down her body i pull gently out and pick her up in my arms, carrying her to the warm comfort of the bed and its thick covers. Laying there together we make love slowly and tenderly. Gone is the rough need to use our bodies for the pleasure we are able to give, gone are the worries of yesterday and cares of tommorrow. In the arms of my wife i live in that moment, savoring the consumation of our marriage on a level that goes far beyond the physical act of sex. Looking down i see how flushed her cheeks are, admire the delicate lovliness of her areole, take in every detail of her body, feel the heat that we share in our exchange of movements.
Looking up into my eyes she whispers, “Take me… I am yours.” Faster then slower, harder then softer, exploring every inch of her body inside and out i rise time and again, rotating my hips to pushing against all sides of her hidden depths. With a wrenching sensation that rises from my toes and squeezes my muscles tight, forcing my body hard against hers, i fill her tender body one last time as my cock swells in anticipation and thin streams of cum shoot from my aching rod into her warmth until i feel the last bits of my sexual energy flow through my cock and into her willing and accepting love. Entangled in each other more than physically we pass out from exhaustion on the clean sheets of the spare bedroom, awakening only twice that evening to eat and talk, too sore to enjoy each other sexually, but wonderfully satisfied with each others presence and conversation.
The next day we venture out together bright and early to explore the mystery and excitement of Mardi Gras before getting separated in a crowd and shouting out to each other to meet at the house in several hours.

…with a shake of my head I find myself alone at the edge of the parade, surrounded by strangers. A light touch on my arm turns me around to the smiling face of my newlywed soulmate, who amazingly found me among the thousands of people. Her arms embrace my chest and waist in a hug of comfort and unconditional love as i pull her close with a small delighted laugh and together we turn back to the parade, complete once again.

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