Hope Springs Eternal – 5

“Hail, Hermes, the fleet.”

Hope had meant it as a compliment but the messenger of the gods whirled on her suddenly. “What’s that supposed to mean,” he snapped.

Hope was a bit taken aback at Hermes’ response. “I … I … I just meant to greet you,” the girl stammered.

“You mean to say you think I’m fast,” the god countered.

“Well, you are, aren’t you?”

The god took a deep breath. The girl hadn’t meant any harm by it, he realized. It was just that he had taken a chiding from one of the goddesses recently. She said he was fast. Well, sure he was fast, but he wasn’t fast all the time. He’d show her. “What’s your name.” he asked the frightened mortal.

“It’s H-h-hope,” the girl stammered.

The messenger of the gods took the girl by the hand. “Well, H-h-hope,” he said, “you’re right, I am fast, but I can also be slow, too, and I’m going to show you just how slow I can be.”

He dragged the girl to a clearing. He knew it was a place where many of the goddesses liked to come and congregate. He was hoping there would be some of them there because he wanted them to see him fucking her.

By that time, Hope had begun to realize that she wasn’t going to be struck dead. It was always a fear when you were a mortal and you were living among the immortals. All that had to happen was you had to tick off just one of them and that would be the end of you. But she already realized that Hermes wanted something more.

The messenger of the gods was opening his robes and then she found herself staring at his cock. Hermes stroked his cock. He liked the way the mortal stared at his member. He was really starting to like this mortal. “Get down there on your knees,” he told the girl. “Get down there and suck on my cock and take your time about it. We have all the time in the world.”

Hope felt herself sliding to her knees and then that big, hard cock was there right in front of her. She wrapped her hand around the god’s cock and then she looked up at the messenger of the gods moments before she slid her mouth down over that erect shaft.

Hermes groaned as the girl took his cock into her mouth and then he groaned again. Damn, this little mortal was good. He liked the way her tongue would stroke his shaft and then she’d give his cock a little squeeze and then she’d suck him into her mouth again.

He pulled her mouth down on his cock even as he thrust himself even deeper into the girl’s mouth. Damn, she was good.

Hermes could see the girl rubbing her cunt even as she sucked the god’s cock and right then and there, he knew he wanted to get his cock between her legs.

But for the moment, he was content to let the girl continue to suck on his cock. He moaned as the girl’s mouth kept taking his shaft inside her. Damn, that was good.

This wasn’t the first god whose cock she had sucked, but in all fairness, the first cock she had sucked had been Zeus’s and it had been while Zeus was in the form of a bull so this, the girl thought, this is the first time I’ve sucked the cock of a god when he is in his true form, and I like it.

She knew she could make the god cum and that just made her suck him all that much harder. She wanted to make him cum. She wanted to taste him in her mouth.

Hermes knew what the girl wanted and there was part of him that wanted her to do that, but he also wanted to show her that he wasn’t fast. He wanted to show her that he could make it last so reluctantly, the messenger of the gods pulled his cock from Hope’s mouth.

Hope groaned at its removal. “Please,” she begged, “I want more. Let me have it. I want more, please.”

The god smiled at her. “Later, maybe, if you’re good, and just so you know, so far, you’ve been very good, but what I really want is to fuck that tight, little cunt of yours.”

“How do you want it,” the girl asked eagerly.

A very good question, Hermes thought. A very good question. So many positions and he didn’t want to wear the girl out, at least not right away.

“Get down on your hands and knees,” the god told her, “and we’ll start you out taking it from behind.”

Hope eagerly complied with the god’s orders. It wasn’t just that she liked the god’s cock or even that she wanted to be fucked from behind. What really got her attention were the words “we’ll start you out…” What that meant to Hope was that she was going to get lots of the god’s cock and that was exactly what she wanted.

The girl slipped down to her hands and knees and then she was kneeling and waiting for the god to take her.

She didn’t have long to wait.

Hope moaned as she felt the god’s hands on her ass and then she moaned as she felt the god slide his hands between her cheeks. The girl moaned again as she felt the man’s hands massage her tiniest of holes and then she felt him move his hands even lower still.

Hope moaned again as she felt those fingers caress her cunt. She was so wet, and then she felt the god press his fingers up inside her. “Yeah,” Hermes told her, “you like it when I do this. I can tell.”

Hope’s only response was a low, gutteral moan. He was right. She did like it, but she didn’t say so. After all, as he had already said, he knew she liked it. He could tell, and if he already knew it, then she didn’t have to confirm it.

Hope felt the fingers being pulled from inside her cunt and then she felt something a whole lot bigger than a finger being pressed up against her from behind. She moaned as she felt that big, fat cock being pressed up against her cunt and then she moaned again as her cunt welcomed that cock inside.

Hope moaned as her pussy felt that cock pushing up inside her. She loved the feel of it pushing against her pussy walls. She loved the feel of the god’s hands as he held her butt, and then she loved the feel of that cock as it slid out of her pussy. She loved that cock.

She just kept moaning as her cunt took that cock. She loved it. She absolutely loved it.

“Yeah, you like this,” the god told her as he continued to stroke his cock inside the girl’s cunt. “You like this. I’m not so fast now, am I. You like this cock.”

The girl just groaned as her pussy continued to take that cock. She loved it. She absolutley loved it, and even if the god wasn’t going to cum, she knew she was. She moaned again as that cock stroked the inside of her pussy. She was going to cum so hard.

The girl moaned again and then she bleated pitifully as her pussy relented to that insistent cock. She gasped as the god stuck her with his cock again and then she was cumming again. She was cumming hard.

Hermes knew the girl was cumming, too. He kept his cock buried deep inside her pussy as the girl continued to cum. Where he had been mad at the girl before, he was just horny now. The girl had a cute bottom that he really liked and if what the other gods were saying was true, this girl was good. Hermes wanted to find out just how good she was.

He kept himself buried inside the mortal’s cunt until finally her orgasm began to wane and only then did he pull his cock from her cunt. He gave the girl’s ass a playful slap and then he was pushing her down on the ground.

Hope felt her body rolling over onto her back and then she was looking up at the god and his cock. That cock was even bigger than she had expected it to be. “Do you want me to fuck you,” he asked.

The girl looked at the god and his throbbing cock. Instinctively, her hands went to her tits and she squeezed her breasts and she moaned again. “Oh yeah,” she moaned, “I want you to do it. I want you to fuck me.”

Hermes didn’t fuck the girl right away. He just stroked his cock as he looked down at the girl. He liked to hear her beg.

“Please,” the girl moaned as she spread her legs for the god. “Please, I need it. I need you to fuck me.”

Hermes stayed where
he was.

One of her hands continued to fondle her tits even as the other gravitated to her pussy. She moaned as her hand stroked her pussy and she moaned again. “Fu
ck me,” she pleaded. “Fuck me.”

Still, Hermes stayed where he was. Damn, that girl was good, he thought, and then he knew he had to have her.

He moved in and his hand was pulling the girl’s hand from between her legs. He pressed his cock between the girl’s legs and he loved the way the girl moaned and then after just a moment’s pause, he pushed his cock inside her.

The girl gasped as she laid there. “Oh yeah,” she exclaimed as she took that cock. She loved it. She loved taking that cock.

The god pulled his cock back only to plunge that cock inside her yet again and the girl moaned again. Again the cock plunged inside her and again, the girl moaned. She absolutely loved that big, fat cock.

Hermes loved that cunt. So wet and tight, and he loved the way his cock felt as he slid it inside her. Damn, that was good.

The girl didn’t say anything. She just moaned as the god worked her cunt. She loved the feel of that cock in her cunt. She was going to cum. She was going to cum. She was going to cum so fucking hard.

The woman groaned again and then she gasped as her pussy surrendered to that cock. She was cumming. She was cumming. She was cumming so fucking hard.

Hermes felt the girl’s pussy grip his cock and he almost came right then and there. This girl was good. She was very good. She almost made him cum. Almost, but not quite, and he really did want to cum in her cunt.

The girl was panting heavily as her pussy succumbed to that cock. It just felt so fucking good.

Hermes pulled his cock out of the girl’s cunt. “I’m not so fast now, am I,” he taunted the girl. “So tell me, do you want this cock or not?”

“I want it,” the girl said. “I want it so bad.”

“Tell me how you want it.”

“I want to ride it,” the girl said. “I want to be on top. I want to ride your cock and I want to feel your cock driving up inside me. I want to drive my cunt down on that cock.”

Oh ho, the god thought, the girl has some spunk after all. But what the hell. He wasn’t above letting some mere mortal ride him, especially if in doing it, she got him off, so Hermes lowered himself to the ground.

Hope quickly straddled the god’s body and then she was reaching between her legs and she was grabbing the god’s cock. The god moaned as the girl squeezed his cock and then she was leading his cock to her waiting and dripping cunt.

The girl groaned as the cock slid past her lips and then she was pushing it even deeper inside her body.

Hermes watched the mortal ride his cock. Her face was bathed in ecstacy and she moaned deeply with every thrust of that cock. His hands held her waist even as the girl moved her body up and down on his cock.

At first, Hope was squeezing her tits as she rode that cock. Her hands squeezed her nipples and her fingers pulled on her nipples. But then the girl pitched forward. Her hands were on the god’s shoulders as she drove her cunt down on that cock and again she moaned as she took that cock inside her over and over again.

Hermes groaned as the girl rode his cock. He figured he’d proved himself sufficiently. Sure, he was fast when he wanted to be, but he wasn’t always fast. He could be slow when he needed to be.

But what he really need was to cum and he was going to do it, too. He groaned as he felt his cock surge and in that instant, he felt himself filling the cunt of the girl on top of him.

Hope moaned as her pussy once again started to cum, and as it did, she felt the god cumming inside her. She moaned to herself. Her trick had worked better than she had ever hoped. Tell a man he’s fast and just watch him prove to you that he’s not, and what a proof it was. Hermes certainly was the master of the long, slow cum.

to be continued …

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