Hope Springs Eternal – 7

Being a god isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When a god is among the mortals, he is all powerful, but when he in amongst his peers, he’s just another god.

That’s what Hope was finding out as she stood in line at the Mount Olympus cafeteria. Hope was surprised that the eatery wasn’t more posh, but when she saw the gods and goddesses assembled there, she began to understand why that was. You might have a ritzy Italian restaurant, but then along would come a god who hated Italian food, and a fight was likely to break out. You could create a steak house, but then along would come another god who was a vegetarian, and again a fight would break out, and when gods fight, things get messy.

The only type of eatery that could reasonably exist was a cafeteria. The food might be bland but it would cater to every taste and at least it kept the dishware from getting broken up too often.

One good thing about being at the Mount Olympus cafeteria, Hope realized, was that you didn’t have to pay for your meal. It catered mostly to gods and goddesses so what was the point of charging when your customers could create as much wealth as they wanted. So Hope waited in line along with mortals and immortals alike and then finally, she had her meal.

The gods and goddesses hung out in clics, with most of the gods hanging out with other gods, and most of the goddesses hanging out with other goddesses. It was clear that the more powerful gods and goddesses held sway in their respective groups, but of all the gods and goddesses there, there was only one that sat by himself.

Hope was curious. Why was this one sitting by himself? Rather than trying to sit with the various groups or sitting by herself, Hope steeled up her nerves and then she went and sat with Ares.

“What do you want,” the god of war demanded as the girl sat down nearby.

Hope quavered a bit as she questioned the wisdom of what she had just done. She tried to appear calm as she buttered a roll. “I was just wondering,” she said finally.

“Yeah? Wondering what? Speak up mortal and make sense.”

“I … I …I was wondering why you are sitting by yourself.”

The god didn’t smile, but Hope almost thought he might have. He looked at the other gods and goddesses around him. “No one wants to sit with the god of war,” he growled. “They are all afraid of me.”


The god looked at the girl as if she were out of her mind. “Why? Because I’m the God of War, that’s why. They think I’m going to destroy something. They think I’m going to blow something up.”

“Oh.” The girl paused a bit. “Excuse me, but that doesn’t make sense.”

“What doesn’t make sense?”

“That last part. I mean, I like to blow things too, but no one’s afraid of me.”

The god stared at the girl. “Are you making fun of me,” he roared finally.

The girl seemed unfazed by the god’s bluster. “Not at all,” she replied calmly. “I meant what I said, but if you want, I can prove it to you. If you want, I can blow you, too.”

The god stared at the girl and then a smile slowly crept across his face. “Do you mean that,” the god roared. “You really want to suck the cock of the God of War.”

Hope took another sip from her soft drink. “Sure, why not,” she said finally. “It sounds like fun.”

The god looked at the mortal. This had to be a trick. Someone had to be putting her up to it. He ought to have struck the girl down right where she sat, he thought, but then no, what if she was telling the truth? What if she really did want to suck his cock? It had been a long time since the god of war had had his cock sucked and wouldn’t he feel like a big dope if it turned out that the girl had been on the up and up after all.

“You really want to do this,” the god asked. He was sure everyone was watching him. He felt like such a fool.

“Sure, why not,” the girl said again.

The god of war came to a decision. He was nothing if not a god of action. He grabbed the girl by the hair and he pulled her from the room because if for no other reason, it felt good to do that. The girl was yelling as the man dragged her behind him and Ares started to relax a bit. It felt better when people feared him.

He dragged the girl into a clearing and he threw the girl to the ground. He pulled open his robe and he revealed his raging cock to the terrified girl. “There you go,” he told her, “you wanted it, now suck on it.”

Hope was whimpering as she looked up at the god but then her eyes fell upon his massive cock and her eyes got big and round. The girl pulled herself to her knees as she looked at the cock in astonishment and then she was wrapping a hand around that meaty member. She looked up at the god and she grinned shyly and then she pushed her mouth down over that rigid shaft.

Ares groaned as the girl’s mouth took his shaft and then he was pulling her down on his cock, moaning and groaning with every thrust of his cock inside her mouth.

“Oh fuck,” the god of war moaned. It really had been such a long time before anyone had taken his cock and it had been even longer since a girl as cute as this one had taken it. A war god could only take so many warrior princesses before he wanted something different, something frail and innocent, something that wanted to suck his cock for no other reason than she liked sucking cock.

The warrior god groaned again. He was going to cum. There was no denying that. He was a god but there were some things that even a god could not control.

The man grunted even as his cock doused the insides of the girl’s mouth and then he was cumming again and again and again. Incredibly, the young vixen took it all. I can see why Zeus likes her, the god thought as she continued to suck away on his cock.

She wasn’t stopping, the god realized. His cock had long since stopped spewing its load in her mouth and still the girl was licking and sucking his flaccid member. Her hand caressed his balls and her mouth sucked and licked. She wasn’t stopping.

Ares could feel himself getting hard again. Fine, he told himself, if that’s what she wanted, then that was just fine with him.

He pushed the girl onto the ground and then he was pushing her legs apart. He slid his body between the girl’s thighs and then he was teasing her with his cock. He liked the way the girl moaned. He liked the way her body writhed. She wanted his cock and as far as Ares was concerned, that was only right.

But there was something more that the god wanted from the girl. His hands worked their way over the girl’s cunt and the girl moaned. The god pushed a finger up inside of her pussy and the girl moaned again. That finger felt as big as a cock.

And then the god was pulling his finger back and the girl moaned yet again, but even as the god was pulling his finger back, something was happening to the girl. Tissues long since shredded and shattered were reforming inside the girl’s pussy and the girl moaned again. She didn’t know what the god was doing to her. All she knew was that she needed to get fucked and she needed it bad.

The god of war grinned to himself as he pulled his finger back. The girl’s hymen was repaired. She was as good as new. She was a virgin again but she wouldn’t be for long because the god of war knew what he wanted.

He was in the business of breaking. He was in the business of shattering. He pressed his cock against the girl’s cunt and the girl moaned again. Even if he wasn’t the first one to do it, he wanted to be the one who shattered her virginity. He wanted to be the one who took that from her.

The girl moaned as her pussy took that cock and then the god felt himself pressing up against her virgin barrier. The god pulled his cock back and the girl moaned as he thrust himself forward once again. But this time, he didn’t stop at her virgin barrier. This time, he powered his way thro
ugh. This time, he didn’t just make the girl moan. This time, he made the girl scream.

Hope just kept screaming as that cock tore into her revi
rginized cunt and then the god of war was pulling his cock back only to again thrust it in her virgin hole. The girl cried out in pain as her cunt took the brunt of that fucking and then Ares was pulling it back again. She wasn’t sure how much of this she could take.

The god was thrusting his cock forward again, this time ramming it past her shredded barrier, this time bringing her only pleasure and no pain. Hope moaned as her cunt took that cock with her. It felt so good. He could do whatever he wanted with her, she decided, just so long as he kept fucking her with that big, hard cock.

The girl rubbed her clit even as she looked up at the god who was fucking her. She was powerless to speak. All she could do was moan. That cock. That cock. That cock felt so fucking good.

The girl groaned as her pussy succumbed to that cock. It just felt so good and then she was cumming and she was cumming hard. It felt so fucking good.

And then the god was pulling his cock out of the girl’s pussy and the girl moaned. She wanted him to cum. She wanted him to cum in her cunt. She needed to feel his cum in her cunt.

But that wasn’t happening. The god pulled her up and then turned her over. He pulled her up onto her hands and knees and then Hope felt the god’s hands on her ass.

And then she felt the man’s cock sliding between her cheeks. Oh no, she thought, he can’t want to do that, the girl thought.

But that was exactly what the god of war wanted. He had already shredded the girl’s cunt and now he wanted her ass, too.

Hope moaned as she felt that cock enter her. She knew there was absolutely no way she could resist that cock so she just stayed where she was on her hands and knees and she gritted her teeth as she waited for the fucking that was sure to come.

But then she could feel just the head of that cock insinuating its way inside her ass and she let out a low moan. “It’s too big,” she whimpered. “It’s too big.”

“Nonsense,” the god corrected her, even as he pushed more of his cock into that tight, little bottom, “it’s just the right size.”

The girl groaned but there was nothing she could do. She just whimpered pitifully as her ass took more and more of that cock. Too big, she thought. Too big.

The cock was all the way inside her and the girl was whimpering pitifully as the god pulled his cock back just a bit only to once again thrust it inside her. Too big, she thought. Too big.

She was getting fucked in her ass, and somehow, she just knew that had to be wrong. There was no way she could ever get used to that, she thought. Besides, it was just too big.

Still, the fucking continued and as it did, slowly and almost imperceptibly, Hope began to adjust herself to the feel of a cock in her ass. She would never get used to the feel of something that big inside her, and she still thought that somehow, it had to be wrong, but damn, she had a cock in her ass.

“Fuck me,” she moaned softly. “Fuck me.”

“What’s that,” the god asked even as he once again pushed his cock in the girl’s ass.

“Fuck me,” she moaned again. “Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Fuck me.”

“Say that again,” Ares told her.

“Oh fuck,” the girl groaned, “I want you to do it. I want you to fuck my ass. I want to feel it. I want to feel your cum.”

“You want my cum,” the god told her, “then here it comes.”

He pulled his cock from the girl’s ass and the girl heard him groan and then she heard him groan again and then she felt him spraying his cum all over her little, round butt, and even as he started to cum, she was starting to cum, too.

Right there and then, the god of war decided that he’d have to have this little mortal again. She was just too delicious to let go, and after all, he was the god of war. Busting things up was what he was all about. Yeah, he could bust her cherry again. Yeah, he could break her in.

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