Hot Summer Day

Today is a day of rest. We have both been busy with work and the weekend is finally here. We lounge around and wait for our friends to arrive at our home. The weather is very warm and Clark and Jill are coming over to enjoy the pool. They show up and we welcome them into the house. We hug and exchange friendly kisses. Jill and I have been best friends since high school. I at one point had dated Clark a few times but things ended friendly and I was very happy that 2 people I liked ended up together. You have met them several times and enjoy their company. You have always said that Jill is very attractive woman and I tend to agree. We go out to the deck and sit under the umbrella. We have a nice bottle of strong wine chilled next to the table and a large bowl of fruit is sitting there as well. Everyone makes themselves comfortable and nibbles on the fruit and drinks the wine heavily. I can tell Jill is feeling the effect of the wine in this warm weather. She has never been good at handling her alcohol. I sit back and laugh at her giddiness. Jill is taking the fruit pieces and sucking and biting them and flaunting her sexuality to Clark. Clark is used to seeing the “good girl” side of Jill. He knows that Jill and I use to party in college and blames me for her wild streak.

“Jill, you seem to like that fruit, I have a banana inside if you want to show us how you handle that.” I toy

“Shut up, that is your specialty not mine” she shoots back laughing
“Oh really,” Clark says, “I guess I missed out on that huh?”

“You expect me to believe that when you two were dating that she never gave you head?” you interject

“Will, I have told you a thousand times, we only went out a few times and decided it was best to stay friends, nothing more than a good night kiss ever happened.” I protest

“I am pretty sure I would remember if Stephanie sucked my cock, Will. Not that I don’t regret it after all Jill has told me over the years.” He assures you

“Your right, I have had many woman suck my cock and she is the best I have ever had.” She is good at and you can tell that she loves it as well” the wine is starting to affect us all, and we open another bottle. Jill is just amused with herself in her giddy state. She stands up and goes over to the reclining lounger and lays out in the sun. She removes her t-shirt and reveals her tiny bikini is filled to capacity.

“Wow,” you say, Jill normally wears loose clothing, you are surprised by the size of her breasts.

“She may not like giving head but she sure has a great rack huh Will?” Clark brags.

“I will agree with you on that one” you respond

“hello, don’t forget about me, my tits might not be as big but they are still just as good” I say taking my t-shirt off to reveal a hot pink tank top bikini.

“Yes, yours are nice too dear.” I feel you are patronizing me.

“All right, come one Jill, lets just see how great they look without that top holding them up” I pull my top ever my head and my tits stay pert and my nipples are pointy.

“Sure bitch, watch this” she say jokingly as she untied the strings and the hefty mounds flap against her chest. Due to the size they cannot support their own weight and sag slightly. Her nipples are lager than mine but mine stand out more.

The startled men are openmouthed, “I see nothing to complain about on either set” you finally say.

“I agree” says Clark, shocked at Jill’s boldness.

I sit on you lap and tease you a little “dear, we have guests, and unless you want me to suck your tits with your friends watching, I suggest you either move or put your top back on.”

“once again I must agree with Will, I can’t handle the temptation of you two ladies” Clark says with a flushed face.

I run my nipple across your cheek and you attack it like a vulture. You suck hard and pull the nipple to its full length before freeing it with a smacking sound

“I wasn’t kidding” and now I am telling you that if you don’t stop, I am going to be rude and take you inside and fuck you like the slut you are acting like.

“If you are going to be like that then maybe I will go sit with Clark”

“All right” Clark jokes

Being in the bitchy slut mood, I hop over to his lap. Now Jill sits up and says, “Don’t worry Will, you can suck my tits anytime without the attitude”

“Jill is such a tease, don’t you agree Clark” I say stroking a finger across his chin.

“I dare you to sit on Will’s lap and let him suck your oh so wonderful tits” I taunt.

Not only does Jill get up, she throws a wicked smile to Clark and straddles your lap, putting her tits right in your face. You cup the full flesh and glance over to me, I nod with acceptance and you take her tit into your mouth. I can see what gives me so much pleasure. You suck with all your muscles and I can see you rolling her nipple around the ridge of your teeth. She moans and arches her back. I can feel the passion as I watch my lover giving my best friend sexual pleasure. I am turned on more than I could ever imagine. I can see Clarks shorts pull tight against his excitement. He is watching his girlfriend receive pleasure from another man. He like me is aroused and not jealous. You continue to make love to each heavenly melon. I start to feel left out, Clark is still just watching you two. Jill must be really enjoying this because she makes no effort to check on Clark. She is just looking at your skills from a great viewpoint.

“O.K. Will, I bet I can top that, are you ‘up’ for it Clark?” I ask

“I guess, as long as it is alright with Jill.” She nods and moans again. I am slightly jealous because I know how talented you are. You move you hands and mouth in smooth motions making her wet her pants I’m sure.

I stand up and pull Clark to his feet, “where are we going?” he asks.

“No where” and I yank his swim trunks to the floor in one swift move.

“Jesus Stephanie, what are you doing?” I drop to my knees and look at his long slender cock. It is full and not as thick as yours. I normally like a thick cock, but his length does encourage me.

“I thought you deserved getting blown, is that a problem for you Clark?” I never take my eyes off his cock. You look around Jill to see my cock hungry eyes.

“Go ahead Clark, you will regret it forever if you don’t” you insist.

Clark pushes his cock towards my wanting mouth, I stick my tongue out and catch the drop of fluid at the slit of his meat. I lick him full across the slit and wiggle my tongue in the opening. I now lick the ridge of the head. I have not touched his cock with anything but my talented tongue. You have adjusted yourself so that you can still work on her and see me. Jill looks at her man getting his cock licked by her best friend. She stands up and pushed down her shorts and bikini bottoms. I see you shocked at her neatly trimmed blond crotch.

“Go ahead Will, fuck her, she doesn’t like to give head, but she does like getting fucked, don’t you Jill?” You don’t wait for her to respond, you ease you trunks down and Jill looks at your large thick cock. You lay her back on the table and run your wet cock head over her pussy and stroke up and down. You reach and work her luscious tits with your hands. I can now watch you and you can see me licking Clark. I suck the side of his cock and pop off all around the thin length. I get the top and bottom as well. You are bumping her clit with the fat head of your cock. She is pulling her knees apart and opening her moist hole to allow you full access.

I now suck just the slit and of Clark and have pushed my shorts down to finger myself. I wonder what a sight we must be on this sunny day. A tall blonde man being sucked my a women on her knees with long hair draped down her back fingering herself, and a dark haired man fucking a blond short haired woman spread eagle on the picnic table

I am so aroused by having another cock for the first time in a long time. Your cock is very satisfying but doing someone new is very h
ot. Watching your getting ready to fuck her is very exciting as well.

I am cupping Clarks balls and rubbing my clit hard. I am sucking just the first part into my warm lips. I wonder for a moment what must be going thru everyone’s minds. Passion takes over and I only care about everyone getting off. I pop his skinny head into my mouth and pull against his body. He moans and strokes my hair to allow him full view of my work. I am busy watching you make Jill start to orgasm as you push you thick head against her clit and slipping it between her pussy lips. She is trying to pull you into her but you will only ease each inch in one stroke at a time. After each stroke you withdraw completely and rub your head against her clit and slide in again.

Damn, I think, that should be me. I am horny wanting to cum myself. I pull hard on his cock and take him onto the depths of my throat. I can feel the seepage from his hard member drip into my mouth. That allows lubrication to make it possible to glide faster and harder.

I can hear her “Oooooh” as she feels the girth spread her to capacity. Lucky bitch, I tell myself. I can feel my own orgasm starting to surge. I rub my clit and feel his sac sway against my chin. I moan with a cock filled mouth and cum on my hand.

“Stephanie always cums when she sucks a cock Clark, isn’t that spectacular?” I am pleased that you are paying attention to me enough to know that I am cuming.

Jill is starting to cum as well, little does she know that you have not fully penetrated her. She wimpers and moans little sounds of pleasure.

Now that I have stated the orgasm, I hunger for more. I pull him to his entirety and then swallow him back up. He tries to keep his balance and is starting to get woozy from the building high. Clark holds firm and I work his slender long cock in and out of my throat.

“Oh my, Stephanie, no one has ever sucked me this good, ever” Clark calls out “Please don’t ever stop”

I can see you matching our fuck strokes. You are gliding in and out of her as I take him in and out of me. You and I are the ones in control here. We are looking at each other, knowing that we belong together and this is just purely entertainment.

“Where can I cum?” questions Clark

“Deep in her throat, she loves it” you say as Jill accepts you fully and calls out “holy shit” and cums again on your stick.

“Are you sure because I am about to loose it?” I don’t respond with anything other than full hard cock sucking. I never let him leave my mouth completely. I push and pull until I can feel his balls pull away from my hand and dump the juice into his straw and deep into my throat. I cum hard this time knowing I just got another man to cum in my mouth with you watching.

“Oh my, Oh my, Oh my-I’m cuming” Clark says as I swallow the first squirt. I suck the head of his cock and massage the rest of the fluid from his balls.

This must have turned you on as well, You are no longer watching me, you are paying sole attention to the lucky Jill. Clark eases from my mouth and sits on the chair and pulls me to his lap. Clark pulls me back against his chest and we both just sit and watch you now.

You put your forearms under her knees and wrap around them to give you more force. We can see Jill’s huge tits rolling all around and Jill reaches out and holds onto the table. Jill is cuming at an alarming rate. Just about every stroke is earth shatering. She is yelling so loud that I am glad we have no neighbors.

“Fuck me hard Will, cum deep in my soaked pussy.” She yelled even louder.

Clark and I are in awe, You are fucking her like a steam engine. I can tell by the force that you are going to explode.

“Get ready, I’m going to fill your little cunt now!” and then you spew your tasty treat and that causes her to arch her back and yell out so loud I almost thought that she was in pain. Then she collapses on the table and you place her legs in a more comfortable position. Jill glances over and for the first time realizes she has an audience.

I lick my lips and tell her Clark was great and I can tell that she enjoyed her self as well with my Will. You ease your tired love maker out of her. She is so relaxed she just lays on the table as you sit back in the chair. She is on display and I can see the mixture of fluid running out of her pussy and puddling on the table.

I can take no more and go sit on your lap and snuggle up. I kiss you and see that Clark is helping Jill up and assists her back to the sunny lounge. Clark then steps to the pool and says “I need to cool off” and jumps into the pool. The rest of us make our way into the water and just splash around.

“We are very luck men aren’t we Clark?” you ask
as you hug me.

“I couldn’t have said it better, I have had a great time today and hopefully we can do this again sometime real soon.” He smiles.

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