hotel adventure

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When I saw her the first time, standing at the hoteldesk, my cock gets hard immediatly.During my check-in, i can’t stop looking at her. She was dressed in a typical business outfit, in something like a Chanel-costume. When she noticed, that my eyes running over her body, she starts to show me her nice ass a little bit more nasty.
Without any reason, she bent over,her tight skirt rises up enough to show me, that she wears stockings.
I finished my check-in and gave her a smile,before I entered the elevator. During my way up, I decided to fuck this bitch very soon.
Some minutes later, I enjoyed my first glass of vodka and took the phone to call the reception desk: “Hi, this is suite 412, can you please send the office-manager up,’cause I like to talk about the conditions for my stay in the future…!”
Time enough to prepare a hard fuck, I thought,while I went upstairs to the bedroom gallerie. I really like this hotel-room, it’s a so-called “maisonette”,downstairs,you have the living area, upstairs your big bed and the bathroom.
I opened my suitcase and quickly, my searching hands got the “silikon-horse-cock”, a nice big thing,you can put over your hard cock…
Well prepared for a hard fuck, I went down again and took my drink, felt the taste of vodka on my tongue – when it knocks at my door.
“Come in, please !” I said, sliding down to the sofa.
Moments later, the office bitch take her seat, showing her long and nylon-covered legs in the chair, which stands in front of me, only 5 feets away. When this nasty bitch crosses her legs, I saw the area between her stockings and her cunt, covered in a transparent black slip.
And I also noticed, that this slut followed my eyes, when they where between her legs.
After I gave her an extra strong vodka, only with a splash of coke, I started to talk about the price-conditions and told her about an offer of another hotel and the beautiful lady behind the reception desk there…
“If you’ll stay here”, she starts, “you’ll enjoy my special service !” Then she spreads her legs, giving me a full view of her cunt and opened her blouse the same time.
To be honest, my cock was fully erect now, but I tried to show her, that I’m not surprised.
Slowly, I walked over to the office desk behind her and took one of the lines, which I had prepared there for more fun. On my way back, I stopped behind her, enjoyed the wonderful view of her tits from above and couldn’t stand any more…
With both hands, I grapped her big tits, my fingers found her nipples and started to squeeze them. She moaned loud, her head moves back, searching my eyes: “Like to fuck me hard ?” she asked, moments before my tongue filled her mouth.
“Bent over the table, nasty bitch”, I ordered.
“There’s something nice for you !”
When she bent down, only seconds later, I really had problems not to come.
With legs closed, she bent down much more than necessary, now giving me a full view of her ass and her legs, the garter belt and the brown stockings. When I listened to the sound of getting some white powder into the nose, I rushed behind her, both hands touched her legs and I pushed her tight skirt up, ’till I had a wonderfull view of her big ass.
“Listen, honey, you’ll get the biggest cock up your ass you always dreamed of”, I prepared my coming rape.
“No…,please…not in my tight asshole !” she begged with fear.
“Shut up, bitch !” I answered. “You’ll feel a real horse-cock in your ass, spread your cheeks with both hands…and enjoy this monster-cock!!!”
Then I pressed the fist-sized head of my cock into the pulsating ring muscle, gave her a few seconds to relax – and then, I showed the whole length into her bum.
“Nooooooooo !” she sreamed.
But after a few moves forward and back, she changed to moaning, louder than her sreamig before.
I fucked her butt with hard strokes,enjoyed the scene, when the head of my horse-cock nearly slides out her ass, before moving in again in one fast stroke.
“Oh yes, baby, fuck me hard….fuck me harder…!” she begged.
And I did, as long I can…but much too soon, I pumped all my juice deep inside her tight canal.

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