hristine Needs Attention

Christine Needs Attention
BY Rick

It was a sad day I had to go to my friend Judy’s funeral . Her smoking had finally caught up to her . I was at the wake the night before the funeral . I was sitting and chatting with an old friend from my former place of work . Christine came in and went through the line and then sat next to me . She was married to a huge guy named Bob . Bob was 6’6″ and 400 pounds all mussel and very little brains and the worst teeth I have eve seen. Christine was 4’8″ maybe . I doubt she weighed 98 pounds . She had dark hair that was curled and hadn’t changed in thirty years it looked like an artificial afro . She had to die it because she was at least as old as I am and there wasn’t a gray hair on her head . I knew her as the bar tender from a place I used to hang out . Hi Rick she said . Hi I said . I didn’t know you knew my cousin Judy she said . I used to work with her and we were friends . Oh Christine said . I suppose you know Bob and I split ? No I didn’t I said . The shit was cheating on me I caught him in our own bed with some bimbo a third our age . Sorry to hear that I said it must have been quite a shock. It sure was she said . I had spilled a drink on my blouse and went home to change it and there they were on our bed fucking ! I got my camera and took pictures and ran out of the house before he could catch me . I went to my parents that night and my lawyer the next morning . The divorce was final last month . I got the house and the pick up truck . I also had him forced to take a VD and Aids test , he hated that ! I wasn’t sure why she was telling he all this . Are you going to the funeral tomorrow she asked ? Yes I said I’m a pawl bearer . I’ll be there to she said . It will be a bad way to start a Saturday she said . Yes it will she was a nice lady I said . Christine got up and went to Judy’s daughter who had signaled for Christine to come over. The chatted for a few minutes and then Christine came back and sat next to me again . Could you pick me up before the funeral tomorrow morning Christine asked . I’m still upset and probably shouldn’t drive tomorrow I’ll be crying . I said sure that won’t be a problem where do you live ? She told me and we exchanged phone numbers . The priest came in and we all sat through the final prayer of the night and left . Christine seemed to need to be near someone and had latched on to me. Normally I would have tried to take advantage of the situation but I was depressed Judy had been a special person to me . I told Christine that O would pick her up at 8 A.M. at her house . Fine she said and we parted .
Saturday morning was very nice for November in upstate New York . The sun was out and there was no wind so the 28 degrees was not to hard to take . I picked up Christine at her house . She had more make up on than the night before so she looked better than I ever remembered . She was flat chested and very plain looking . She looked thinner than I had remembered . She was chatty and obviously nervous . The funeral went as well as those things do . The get together afterward was at Judy’s home . Judy’s brother was the host and Judy’s daughter was still very much in shock . We stayed for a couple of hours and Christine suggested that we leave . I started to say goodbye to everyone when I told Judy’s brother that we were leaving he said to wait a second and he went and brought out a large box and said Judy wanted you to have this , he whispered it’s her nuns outfits she wanted you to have them . I grinned for the first time in days and said thank you and took the box . I put the box in the back of my car and Christine got in the passenger side .
I don’t think I want to be alone she said . I understand I said where would you like to go I asked . Could we go to our place she asked . Why not I said . What’s in the box ? She asked. Something Judy wanted me to have nothing important . Christine said Oh . When we got to my double wide I put the box in the closet in my office . Would you like a drink? Christine asked . Yes I said that would be good . Scotch straight up if I remember she said . That would be fine the single malt would be just right I said . She poured two and sat next to me . We both took a couple of sips in silence . Judy’s daughter told me last night that you and Judy were lovers ! It’s true I said I know we were a bit of an odd couple but it worked . Christine said I would have never guessed you to together . She was 20 years older than you . no only 11 I said . Really ? Your that old Christine said genuinely surprised . Then we are the same age she said . I guess I knew that I said but it never seemed to be important to me . I forgot Christine said you are a chubby chaser I remember some of your girl friends . What ever happened to the redhead with the huge ass you used to bring into the bar ? She moved to California I said . Judy was thin what attracted her to you . I thought for a second and said she was different and had a wild side. Judy ? A wild side that’s news to me . I sighed and said what difference does it make now ? She’s gone . I’ll miss her sense of humor and her moments of pure insanity . Are we talking about my aunt Judy the stick in the mud ? I know she drank a bit but I never knew her to be even close to crazy . Well I said she loved to dress up as a nun and then fuck in public just to annoy people . She loved to jerk peoples chains . Judy ? Christine said . I don’t believe you . Well go to the closet in the spare room and open the box I was given today . Christine did and when she came back she was pale . You were serious ! Yes I said I was . Damn Christine said good for her . What you don’t know about people can surprise the hell out of you she said shaking her head . Christine looked at me for a second and sat next to me again . You know your probably the only regular at the bar that never made a pass at me why? What would have happened if I had? I asked . I would have brushed you off she said . I was married then . Well I knew you were married and your husband was big enough to kill me with one punch I said . True she said . It wasn’t because I’m thin and flat chested then ? No I said lying . Well then she said putting her drink down . Well what ? I asked . She got up turned , facing me, and straddling my lap with her skinny legs kissed me hard on the lips and said we both need some attention . I was surprised although I should have caught on earlier I guess I was still a bit out of it . It took me a few second to respond . I kissed her back and fondled her flat ass through the wool skirt that she was wearing . We started to make out and I slid my hand into her top and under her bra . I was surprised to find nipple rings ! I gave a gentle tug and she moaned . She stood up and pulled her clothes off . Her nipples were barely bigger than the nipple rings and the breasts were almost completely flat . When she pulled down her panties she reveled a remarkably hairy pussy that had a lot of gray in it unlike the hair on her head . Well , well I said and picked her up and put her down on the sofa . I knelt down and licked her clit as I spread the hair out the way . Whoa ! She said I like that ! I knew you would I said . I stuck my tongue in her cunt and moved it in and out slowly while my finger gently rubbed her clit . Damn she said and bucked her hips like a horse and came . I sucked on her clit hard and she came again shacking as if she were freezing . I’ve never come so fast before she said ! I chuckled an reached up and pulled at a nipple ring as I sucked on her clit . She started to buck constantly and after a few minutes of cumming hard and fast she said stop please I can’t breathe ! I stopped long enough for her to catch her breath . Where did you learn to do that ? She asked still breathing hard . From a bi girl friend I said a long time ago . Wow that was great she said! I thought you’d like it I said and licked her pussy lips . I slid up a bit and sucked on her nipples until they were hard as a rock . Then I got back between her legs and slipping my fin
ger in her cunt
and lifting her a bit with one hand I licked her ass hole . OH ! God ! she said and then said don’t stop ! I’ve never done this before but I like it ! . I was tongue fucking her ass hole when she came so hard that her hips actually pushed me away from her . WOW ! she said I liked that . I got up and took my clothes off . She grinned from ear to ear and said fuck me now ! I opened a drawer and pulled out a lubed condom and put it on my hard cock . I slipped my cock in her pussy and pumped her as slowly as I could while I sucked on her tiny tits . She moaned and groaned and came several times before I lost control and humped as hard and fast as I could until we both came together .
That was awesome she said I think we both needed that . I was exhausted and said You know I think your right we both did needed that .
Would you like to stay for the rest of the weekend and we can get to know each other a little better ? Yes I would she said . This could be the start of something nice .

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