husband comes home

I was working dutifully in the kitchen making supper when i heard the front door open. I was also in the midst of doing laundry so all i had on was my apron that covered my C cup breasts and neatly shaved pussy, just how my hubby likes it. I was leaning over the counter for the sugar when i felt two strong hands from behind wrap around my waist and pull my abruptly into his already hard erection that i could feel through his slacks. I closed my eyes enjoying his soft kisses that run up and down my neck making me weak at the knees. I heard him unzip his pants and felt him teasingly run his penis against my wet pussy uncontrollably making me push myself into him making sure he knew i wanted more. Then i felt some sort of blindfold being placed over my eyes and after it was tied he ran his hands all along my body taking special care of my now soaking pussy and then grabbed one of my tits and using that to hold me still smacked one of my ass cheeks. He then spread my legs apart further and pushed my whole upper body onto the counter leaving my ass high in the air. Then grabbing me by the hips lifted me even higher and shoved my pussy on his penis; his length and girth always take me by surprise as he filled me up and then continuously pounded me until i could feel him getting close then he spun me around to face him and forced me on my knees and guided his dick into my open mouth then holding my head forced himself into me making me gag and grabbing the back of my head made me take all of him into my mouth and throat and without warning released his load into my throat. Then i heard the door open again and who was really my husband say, “honey im home!”

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