I Cam, Did you Cam?

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“Hi sexy!” the words appeared on Paul’s Im box.

He smiled and wondered who it was. “Who are you?” he typed.

“Just a girl.”

“Oh.” he typed.

“Are you scared I may be a guy pretending to ge a girl?”

“Anything is possible online.” he typed.

“Well I have a webcam, you can check me out live if you want.”

And he did, he was surprised to see an extremely attractive woman, long brown hair, big gorgeous blue eyes, cute nose, fullish lips, nice bone structure.
He had a cam too so they were able to see each other and hear each other.

“You’re even nicer looking than your pic on your profile.” she said.

“You’re very pretty.” he said.

That first encounter was sweet and playful, but nothing sexual or exciting, though at work Peter’s mind kept thinking of her. He started getting a horny feeling and he could not wait to get home and get online.

He came home and signed on, he checked if she was omline, but she wasn’t. He decided to check his e-mails, he got excited when it saw one was from her, he opened it and saw that it was a nice note telling him that she hoped to get to know him better and that she wanted him to see some still pics of her. He opened them and they were ass shots, 6 to be exact. The first was of her ass in skin tight faded jean shorts, with frays of white threads hanging below her exposed bottom ass cheeks. The next was with the shorts opened on the waist and partially pulled down, just the tiniest pert of her crack revealed. The next was of her in plain white tight cotton panties. The next was the cotton panties pulled half-way down her ass, just those rounded upper cheeks and 1/2 of her ass crack showing.The next was the white panties revealing just her left cheek. The last showed her completely exposed chubby,but sexy and tight perky, bare ass completely exposed, the panties no where to be seen. He drooled looking at her nude ass, it was a damn sexy feminine ass. He stayed online for 3 hours waiting for her to come online. Finally she did, she IMed him and his dick shot straight up. He was wearing sweats loose easily pulled down sweats. He pushed his hand inside and felt his dick, thinking of her ass.
“Go to the webcam.” she typed.

He quickly did and saw her, she looked better than ever, she had curled her hair and had some no color gloss on her lips, he wanted to lick them. She smiled, her dimples appeared, she said, “I have a new bra wanna see it?”

“Yesssss!” he said.

So she moved and getting her blouse covered breasts front and center, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, he swallowed, he eagerly watched her open and pull her blouse to the sides. There was her bra, a see-thru lacy beige one,rose patterns in lace, her areolea and nipples partially exposed through the lace.

She looked in the webcam, “You like?” she said as she smiled and cupped her bra encased breasts.

“Yesss!” he said, I bet they are gorgeous completely nude.” Taking his cue she opened her bra in the front and pulled the cups away, there they were her creamy white, full, very round, high, big allover, fat breasts. “nice!” he said.

“Did you like my ass shots?” she asked. He answered by standing up, pulling down his shorts and showing his big, hard bare dick. “Does that answer your question?” he said.

She stood up turned around, pulled her panties down and showed him her gloriously hot ass. “Yess you have answered my question perfectly.” she said and she wiggled her ass for him. Her pussy was soaked and it puckered a few times, little small purses.

She sat back down, her bare breasts there, hewas sitting with his pants off dick straight up.

“I wanna meet you in person.” he said.

“Even without seeing my pussy?” she asked.

“I wanna meet you so I can see your pussy, baby and everything else.”

“Well I wanna show you it now!”and sheangled the lens right between her legs and spread her thighs, his dick went wild seeing that pussy, up close on camera. “Damnnnn that is one gorgeous pussy.” he said.

She rubbed herself with two fingers over and over, he watched and held his dick and stroked it. They just masturbated harder and harder until he came, he shot it on the lens and she orgasmed her clit protruded and the juiciness around it oozed as her finger went in her hole.

“Baby, we have got to meet! My dick just shot a load and I feel like I’m getting hard again just wanting to see you, taste you and fuck you.” Paul said.

They made plans to meet the next day, it was Friday. He gave her directions to his place and he told her not to chicken out. She promised she’ld show. The doorbell rang right on time, he answered it and there was she, she was tiny and feminine and gorgeous like a perfect little womanly doll. Paul was 6’2″ and she could not had been more than 5’3″ but she was proportioned perfectly and he loved petite women, they were so damn sexy and feminine.
“Come in! he said. “Hey you know, I never told you my name, it’s Paul, what’s yours?”


“No, really?” he asked.

“Yes, and please no fruit jokes. No asking to pop my cherry, no telling me you have some cream you can put on me, no asking if my pie is warm.” she said.

“No all I was going to say is that is a sweet juicy name for a gorgeous juicy woman.”

Cherry smiled. They sat on his couch and surprsingly they felt awkward, unsure of what to do next, they would look at each and smile and look away. Finally Cherry saw the mirror on the wall across from the couch and got up and walked over to it. She watched as Paul studied her ass, she had on skin tight pull on black pants that hugged every curve of her perfect ass. She looked in the mirror at herself, and sexily wiped under her eye, “Ooops I lost an eyelash.” she said.Paul smiled but stared at her ass.

“Are you checking out my ass?” sheslyly said.

“Oh just a little after all that is one hot ass.” he said.

She bent over, jutting her ass to him and she slowly, achingly slowly pulled her pants down. He leaned closer toward her and watched. Down those tight pants slid, over that perky ass, she left her pants under the cheeks then wiggled and swayed her ass and hips, back and forth enticing him with that incredibly beautiful feminine full ass. His pupils enlarged taking it all in. She pulled her pants all the way dowm. leaned left and took off one leg, then right and took off the other. Now she was just wearing her ribbed tight sweater, it ended just above her waist. There she was half-naked showing him her sexy butt. She swayed and swiveled her hips and bent over, showing him that, flower petal looking coochie, he knew it was hot and juicy in there.
She straightened and lifted up and off her sweater, he saw part of her big breast from the side, but she moved, so now he saw her shapely legs, bare ass, narrow waist, straight sexy back and curls of brown hair draped across her shoulders and back. Again she swayed her hips and flashed him her coochie from underneath. Paul’s dick was rigid, rigor mortis was setting in it was so stiff. She turned around and cupping her pussy with one small hand, with the other she lifted her breast to her mouth and pointed her tongue out and darted at her breast. Her hand rubbed and cupped her pussy.

She started walking away, he quickly got up and followed shestarted up his steps, nude as ever and soft and silky wet. She got on the secong step, stopped put her hands on the top steps and bent over justwaiting for him to make his move. First he rubbed and felt her ass, his big hand practically covered her chubby but small ass, round and round his hand went feeling the soft skin, her heat, her round cheeks, her crack as it was slightly opened, all over he felt and she cooed a sexy girly cooing. He felt her hair so soft and long, he felt her shoulders and arms and back. He pulled away and removed his shirt and pants. his
dick was shiny red, the skin stretched tight in horniness, his big purple vein thick and knotted running the length of his shaft, pre-lube-cum shinin
g in the slit of his cockhead. He held his cock and went under her pussy with it, back and forth he rubbed his cockhead and shaft in a sawing motion between her dewy, juicy, too soft fleshy pussy lips, she reached back and rubbed his arms over and over her soft tiny hands held then rubbed his hairy forearms, those hands were warm and soothing on his hard lower arms. He pushed his dick way inder and in front of her pussy, she looked down and saw the head down there pointing out. He held her ass with his groin and moved up and down his dick was moving up and down too. She reached back and rubbed his hips as he humped her ass and moved his cock up higher in her slit. He slowly pulled back, the sensation of his hard dick sliding from her slit to her ass and then not touching her at all was intense. He pulled away, she opened her legs wider by moving her feet further apart on the steps, now her pussy hole was ready for his dick, he just guided it in using his ass and groin, he did not have to touch it it moved in for it’s target her wet, taut hole, in the head pushed, she felt that bigness of his dick opening her up, he felt that erotic too soft wet skin inside her pussy massaging his horny cock as it slid in deeper. He got all the way in, she stood on her tippy toes which tightened her leg muscles and made her pussy feel good. He pulled out slow alkl the way ot, he did more of those slow
in and out thrusts and then he screwed her hard, pussy smacking, ball slapping, ass spanking hard screwing, her tots were shaking widly slapping on the carpeted steps, her ass cheeks trembled, his cock was working up a sweat, his heartbeat was in his cock and in that vein, he suddenly grabbed her hips and pulled her tight he pushed her on the edge of the step, her clit on it and he jerked her back and forth causing her clit to orgasm as she did he stopped moving felt her contractions on his cock, he quickly pulled out and squuezed his balls and came all over her steamy sweat wet ass, right down the crack. They breathed hard and sighed after having shared such asexy intense fuck.
He sat on the steps and pulled across his lep, herass and pussy on one thigh the backs of her legs on the other, his arm around her under her arm cupping her breast.
“Do you wanna sign the papers?” he asked.

“Hunh?” she asked.

“The papers, baby my house is rigged with cameras, this has all been taped. If you sign the papers what we just did is going on the Internet.”

She looked shocked. “Let me see it first okay?”

Heagreed and showed her all the shots and angles. It got her drenched, she even had to suck his cock she was so turned on.

“Yeah, I’ll sign the papers, I got a little bit of freak in me, I think I look hot and I have no family to embarrass. Let me sign them.”

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