I finally got to screw her – part 2

I had screwed the woman from the office many more times after that first encounter and then came the big surprise. She told me that her and her lover wanted to have a threesome with me. We arranged to meet at their friends house who was away on leave. We started off by watching a porno movie and at one stage in the movie the woman was on a pool table and was geting it in all her holes. She was giving one guy a blowjob, while another was fuckng her pussy and yet a third was servicing her ass. Well this was such a turn on for my lady friend and immediately she said that she wants that to happen today. Another scene in the movie had the woman being serviced in both her holes and she had two dicks in her mouth. “I want that as well today” she said. Well, we proceeded to get undressed and I started fondling her tits while her lover was on his knees servicing her pussy with his tongue. She had my dick in her hands and was stroking it as it got harder and harder in her hands. By this time her pussy was soaking wet and hot and her lover was giving her pussy a right royal thrashing with his fingers. She was moaning and groaning in extasy and I was by now sucking like crazy on her hard erect nipples that stood out straight from her tits! Boy did she have lovely tits! She then started begging us to stick our dicks into her mouth so we politely obliged by making her get onto her knees in front of us and take our dicks into her hands and start stroking them. She was eager to get them into her mouth but we teased her for a while making her stroke and rub our dicks and spread our precum all over them. She begged some more and eventually we allowed her to take our dicks into her open, waiting and drooling mouth. Boy, she latched on to them for dear life and sucked both together like it was her last. All the time she was rubbing her tits and squeezing them and running her fingers over her wet, juicy, swollen and hot pussy. She fingered herself to the point of cumming and then would stop. Her lover had his camera out and was taking photos while she sucked, licked and slobbered all over our hard dicks in her mouth. Eventually her lover took his dick out but she carried on giving me a blow job. He mounted her from the back and while she continued slobbering all over my dick he entered her wet, juicy, hot and swollen pussy with his hard swollen very erect dick and proceeded to fuck her very deep and very hard. My dick was ready to release it’s pressure and I told her I was cumming. She begged for it so I shot my hot load of cum down the back of her throat and she just swallowed it all then licked my dick clean while her lover was still humping her pussy from the back. I took the camera then and took some good pictures of the two of them. She then begged him to shoot his load into her mouth as well so she turned around, took his dick into her mouth and sucked him until his load was dispensed into the back of her throat as well and she also proceeded to lick his dick clean. She then lay on her back and we approached her from either side and she took our dicks into each of her hands and proceeded to jack us off some more until we both grew hard and stiff once more. This was too much for her and she took us both in her mouth again. I then lay down on the bed and she mounted me, taking my dick in her hand and sliding it into her still wet, hot and throbbing pussy. She humped me like that while I rubbed and squeezed her tits. Then her lover approached her from behind, bent her over forwards towards me and while we were still fucking each he proceeded to slowly slid his rick into her ass. Boy did she moan and squirm in absolute delight with the pleasure of having both her holes filled at the same time. I sucked on her tits, I fucked her pussy and he fucked her ass. Boy she loved it. By this time she was in total extasy. We changed positions and while her lover sucked on her tits and fucked her pussy, I mounted her from behind and slid my dick into her ass and fucked her. When we were both ready to shoot our loads we slid out of her and she lay on the bed, took our dicks into her hands and we shot our hot loads all over her tits and stomach which she absolutely loves. She rubbed the hot cum all over herself and then proceeded to lick our dicks silky clean. While she went for a quick shower us guys opened a couple of beers and relaxed for a while. When she came back we continued to watch the movie for a while then she wanted us all over again. Well, we fucked her pussy and her ass and we sucked and licked her tits and her pussy again. She sucked and licked our dicks and we shot our loads into her mouth, into her pussy and over her tits. We kept the best for last. I lay on the bed and she mounted my hard, swollen erect dick again with her very wet, very hot and throbbing pussy and proceeded to fuck me again while I rubbed and squeezed her amazing tits. Then she bent forward with her ass in the air and begged her lover again to enter her ass with his hard, erect and swollen dick. Of course he obliged and proceeded to fuck her ass while I fucked her pussy. She moaned and groaned and squirmed in absolute delight while we had our way with her. Then as all three worked together we built up our releases and when we were all almost over the top we screamed in absolute extacy and she climaxed and released all her love juices over my dick deep inside her pussy while her lover and I shot off our loads together. Me deep inside her pussy and he deep inside her ass!!! Boy, what a day. What a session and what an experience!! Never to be forgotten, but to be experienced again at a later stage. And it was just as good. If not better. Now we are planning a foursome. 2 woman, two men!! Can’t wait!! So, watch this space!!!

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