I Like It!

I like sex. I mean…who doesn’t right? Thing is.. .seems like when a woman likes it…a little to much…she gets labeled or put into categories. And of course they are usually negative in nature.
Tramp. Slut. Whore come to mind. But hey!…if that’s what you wanna call me just because I like fucking or just because I like doing things that “the good girls” won’t ever do…I can live with that. When you get right down to it I am every mans dream…
Sound crazy?

Saturday night…bored shitless and horny as all hell. I needed something a little different…though I wasn’t sure what it might be. After checking out a few local establishments I was growing disappointed.

As I ordered a drink I made the comment…
“Kind of dead in here. Where’s all the action?”
The bartender gave me the once over. I pushed my money toward him. He pushed it back and with one hell of a sexy accent said…
“It’s on me.” My guess was he is Australian. He tended to another customer then came back and asked…
“What kind of action did you have in mind?”
I raised up from my bar stool
…leaned in close so I could whisper in his ear. He cocked his head so that it was just inches from my mouth…
“The kind that makes me cum and cum and cum.”
I slowly sat back down…never taking my eyes off him. I wanted to see his reaction. I was wet from just saying it. His eyes were cast down and as he slowly raised them I noticed his hand rubbing a throb…his eyes reflected the fire growing there.
“I can take you there…if you desire.”

With a line like that there’s no way that I can help…but… desire! So I waited for him to finish up…but instead of leaving he lead me up some stairs. And as we approached a set of massive double doors I could hear faint sounds coming from the other side. I had barely processed that information…when I was already inside and the doors were closing behind me.

The room was dimmly lit. Several men and women were there. Some were naked… others were in various stages of undress. There were tables ….chairs…cushions…racks…swings…straps…chains. All manner of toys…costumes. This was so unexpected…yet it was absolutely perfect.

He tapped me on the shoulder and I turned to face him. With a flare he bowed and said…
“Ryder…at your service!”
Ryder? Now that’s the kind of name that conjurs up a wet dream. And believe me I was on my way there.
“My name is Nova.”
“Nova? A beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Shall we?”
We went through several layers of silk that surrounded a lounger.

He immediately grabbed me and began kissing me…his tongue traced my lips and as it darted in and out of my mouth I caught it and held it captive only releasing it to take his lower lip in its place…
sucking it deeply. I felt his body language…the spark now caught fire and it signaled his arousal.
“What is your pleasure Nova?” He now stood up…awaiting my reply.
I rose and began taking off his clothes. He is muscular. Broad shoulders. Narrow hips and a well defined tight round ass. But his cock is a jewel…10 inches. Thick and mushroomed. The kind of meat made for fucking. I strip down to my leather corset and thong. I take his hard on in my hand and lead him out to an empty table…where I then restrain him. I take both hands and place them around his cock and slowly wank him. His hard on gets harder…pre cum begins to surface. I apply lube to my hand and fingers. As I grip his rod…I slide a finger in his ass. I tell him what it is I desire. He really has no choice now…but judging by his rock hardness and his ragged breath…the prospect excites him. I now slide a second and a third finger in and stroke with more purpose. He begins to respond with intensity and when I lube up and fit the rest of my hand in…I stop but he bucks back assuring me that he wants to continue…so I am fisting him…my pussy is soaked…its juices running down my inner thighs…my nipples ache. My actions begin to consume me. I feel his cock swell and twitch. I grip the base and squeeze and then remove my hand from his hot tunnel. I let go of him completely…but mount his chest …move to his face and present my wet lips up to his…to be taken into his mouth…”Suck me…take up my clit…suckle it! bite it! tease it with your tongue…” I command him.
“Yes…yes that’s it.” I let him bring me to the brink time and time again. Each pass becomes a bit harder to resist. I back off… but only to further enticements…

Unbound I lead him to where a man and woman are in a 69 position. I push him down and the couple part…the woman takes him into her mouth…the man rims him…and I dark finger the couple. The woman squeals and is quick to cum.

Then Ryder is fucking my pussy…the man is fucking my ass and the woman is sucking my tits…the heat turns to fire and it rages out of control. It overtakes my body. Both men give it up and fill me. The woman fingers herself and cums again with them.
The men pull out and the woman is there moving back and forth between my holes…lapping up the creamy cocktail. She sucks at each until the last drop is hers. She is rewarded by a final blast of my juices. Her mouth having brought me to orgasm again.

As the pulsations begjn to wane Ryder rolls me on my stomach and I feel his strong hands pick up my hips and spread my cheeks…he drives his cock into my pussy and then thrusts hard… again and again…the sound of slapping skin…echos…he sticks fingers in my ass…I cum…he pulls out and shoots his spunk on my asshole…then he works his whole hand in…and is fisting me…I have never felt anything like it. He spanks me…I gasp! He spanks me again and again. I have my first anal induced orgasm…it feels soooo good!

What can I say…I straight up…really like to fuck!

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  1. scar023

    Awesome story. You have a true gift.

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  2. breeze

    Thank you…you are too kind!

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