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Dr. visit gone wrong!!

When I turned 18 years old, my father sent me to his doctor for my check up. Hardly ever was i sick as a child so the entire process was new to me. On the day of the appointment I arrived early to fill out the paper work. After a quick look around I noticed I was the only one under fifty. In no time the nurse called me back, showed me to another smaller room. The doctor walked in, introduced himself, said take everything off, and lie on the table. Very soon he walked back in and shut the door. He pressed my neck, chest, and sides. Then he pulled out a little camera, for personal charts on new patients. He grabbed my penis in his hand, and took a picture. Put your feet in the braces up here. Then tossed a blanket across knees and legs. This next test is to check for cancer. You might feel a small amount of discomfort, and the process takes about 20 to 30 minutes. There is a walk man on the chair, it helps pass the time. My chair leaned backwards, my head went down, and legs went up. I could feel pressure then a sharp pain. His tool seemed to go pretty far inside me. pain faded fast and it began to be enjoyable.My entire body tensed up, and then i began cumming on myself. When it was over he removed the blanket, and put his camera up. As he was setting me up, I noticed a used condom wet on the floor. That is the cover for the tool i used. Where is the tool, and what is the white stuff inside the condom. I didn’t ask for the photos back. I figured give him something. I did discover that my sexual limitations might be farther than i thought.

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