I Love to be right

After our first “swap” encounter, I overheard Jen and Angela talking about it one night, just checking each other out I guess to see if each was ok with it. They were ok and this time they weren’t even drinking!
I enjoyed fucking Truman’s wife and watching him do mine and I had to find out if he was ok too. I brought the subject up while he and I were working on a quad in the garage. He said he enjoyed it to but was worried it would fuck up all out friendships. I assured him what the wives said and reconfirmed I was ok as long as I was there while he did Angela again and of course would like to go with Jen again. He agreed and now we couldn’t wait until the next time, which neither of us knew would be in just about in 2 hours.
After a few brews we went into the living room where the wife’s were watching Television. I first brought up the subject that when it ever happened again would the girls mind it we set up a video camera for the heck of it, it might be neat watching themselves we told them. Nope, Nope, Nope was the answer.
It started this time with each guy and his respective wife, Angela first backed off and said she would be right back and for both of us to attack Jen she laughed while she was away, hell good idea I thought for sure.
Truman already had Jens shirt off and was making out with her stroking her back, her what I call perfect orange sized tits with slightly upturned nipples were just sitting there for the fondling, so of course I wrapped my arms around her and cupped both breasts, she moaned away a bit and said wait, she unsnapped her jeans and slid her lacey panties off along with the jeans, now standing there completely naked and pressing her body as if she was shy against her husbands body.
Truman was sliding his fingers up and down her slit while I go my mouth on her pretty nipples when she said wait again. Fairs fairs she said, get out of the clothes boys. Neither of us needed to be told twice. We were naked in a flash and resumed what we were doing to her, I think she was in heaven by the way she was moaning and we weren’t even really started yet.
Not that we forgot about Angela at all, just that she had left the room, until I looked over to the couch and there she was sitting holding a camcorder filming her friend Jen get ravaged. Jen had both our cocks in her hands now and worked them till both were hard; she dropped to her knees and kind of pulled us together so she could face both of our cocks. Truman’s slid into her mouth first and then she switched to sucking mine, this was great, She gently stroked mine as she sucked him, then switched and stroked his as she sucked mine. Angela was filming all the time but I did catch a glimpse of her rubbing her cunt thru her jeans as she filmed.
While Jen was on her knees, Truman pushed her onto all fours and slid his cock into her mouth, she was going to town on it while I stared at her bald pussy from the back, I had no other recourse but to rub my cock head up and down her sopping wet slit to see if she resisted. To my surprise she started pushing back towards me inviting me in, it only took a push or two to be slid completely in. Truman and I quickly worked out a rhythm where when I pushed into her pussy she swallowed his cock, when I pulled back her mouth slid up his shaft to the head.
Angela was now franticly getting the camcorder to rest on the cushion of the couch propped at the right angle, I guess she wanted to try the double also. She quickly got herself naked and was on the floor next to us in a flash watching Jen catch her first orgasm of the night. Jen got up to go to the kitchen and told Angela she’d better hurry and give it a try laughingly. Angela pulled me toward her by the cock and slipped me into her mouth and was working herself into frenzy, I wasn’t going last too much longer. Truman did the same as I had with his wife, crawled of to Angela’s backside while she was wiggling it away as if to call him in. It only took him 1 push she was so sopping wet, she let out a loud groan vibrating on my cock, she was Cumming instantly, she shook and spasmed and while she was Cumming I started pumping into her warm luscious mouth what felt like a weeks worth of cum. Truman was letting it rip at the other end in her pussy at the same time I could tell, she was just moaning away.
We sat around bare assed for a while when she remembered the camcorder was running, she jumped up and went over to it and shut it off. Truman and I hooked it up to the television and just went back to sit down. Jen came back and sat with us and then asked what’s good on TV? We all smiled as we turned the camcorder on play and relived the whole session over again. It wasn’t long before Truman and I both had hardon’s again and the wife’s noticed, we got to relive the whole evening over again, except this time I fucked my wife from behind as Angela sucked Truman, then Truman fucked his wife Jen as she sucked me off.
I told you this would be repeated if I had anything to say about it, and now we add to the tape each time and swap the copy back and forth for each other’s viewing pleasure, I cant wait to have a library full!

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