I met my Husband because of the lady he wanted to

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It’s July 1992
We only had 1 Car, so instead of Staying Home & playing with my Self, I went with my Parents to a Ethnic Dance at a Ski Resort in SW Pa.! It was the 4Th of July & I figured I’d try to get my 1St.Cock! I wore a Real short skirt & a thong! A Push up Bra!
It was in 2 Rooms, so I stayed away from my Parents, I was 21!
I looked around & spotted a Guy in Tight White Pants by himself! He was loking around & checking all the Ladies out! I walked a past him & smiled at him! Then i got me a Beer! Went to pay for it & here he paid for it! We talked for a while then he asked me to Dance! I’d Brush up against his Semi Bulge & would Smile! I could fill it Throb!
After awhile he asked if I’d like to take a Walk, he let me walk a Head, so I bent over a little showing off my long Legs up to my ASS! He asked if I’d want to go to his room and I said yes! We got to his room & I didn’t waste any time! I read alot of stories in Penthouse & even snuck a FEW Porn videos home! So I got down on my Knees,Unbuttoned his Pants & pulled them Down! He had Briefs on & they were being Stretched pretty good,so I figured they needed Off,when I pulled them Down, out popped his LONG Dick! It was longer then MOST I’ve seen on the Porn! I decided to taste my 1St. Cock &put my Lips around the Head! It tasted great, but he Grabbed the BACK of my Head & Proceded to Push his cock Further & Further in! It was still growing Longer & longer! It was close to my Tonsils! All at once he Swelled up & shot his 1St.load deep into my Throat!It was soooo hot & Salty! Then he pulled it out & I pulled up my Skirt, he Ripped my Thong off & Pushed me onto the Bed, before I could tell him I was A Virgin, he Shoved it aall the way in me! It really didn’t hurt, becasue I used other things to take care of my needs! Dad had a GREAT Garden!!!!
He fucked me like a Stallion, his dick was so long, but Kind of skinny, about 1 Inch in diameter! He Filled my Pussy with his Hot load, thank God I was on the Pill!
He was living in California! Later he came back home & we got Married &moved to California!
We came home the Next Year & wanted to go on Vacation, so we went to Atlantic City, it Was June 1993! But we didn’t like the Beach! People told us that the 1 at Wildwood was better,so we moved our stuff to a Motel in Wildwood Crest! We were walking the boardwalk when we saw they had a Dance at the Convention Center, so we went!
We were having a great time, me in my short Skirt, but he made sure i had Panties on, I never wear Panties!
Pretty soon he started going to the Bar pretty often, when he came back, he’s have a Beer! Doc never Drank Beer, always Scotch on the Rocks! Then I noticed that every time he’d go to the Bar, he was talking with a Guy that had black Hair! Then I noticed that everytime he went to take a Piss, that black Haired guy was going to take a Piss!
The next morning, doc told me that people told him the Beach at North Wildwood was better! He even suggested me wear my California Bikini! That’s very Unusual, because it’s very Revealing & he didn’t like when I Showed off too much!
We Drove up the Beach & stopped at this Life Guard House! We walked the Beach for Awhile & then Doc suggested we put our Blanket down! He suggested me take off my shorts & Top & get some sun! I’m kind of Small on top, but I got legs up to my ASS!
He took off his shorts & here he had a Tight Brief on,! We layed there for about 5 Minutes & then he stood up & said he had to walk! I watched then he Stopped & when he turned around, I could see his Cock Throbbing thru his Brief! When I looked by him, there was this Black Haired man! I figured OPH my, doc is Gay or Bi!
Then Doc came back & layed there for Awhile!
Pretty soon that’s guys Wife Got up & left the Beach! She wasn’t quite as tall as me, she was only about 100 Pounds, but she had a Big Butt & firm BIG titss, about 36 C’s! She strutted her stuff back to her Room! About 1 Hour Later the Guy got up & walked back to the Room!
Then Doc suggested we go back to our room & get ready for the Dance that night!
I didn’t even get my Bottoms off, he threw me on the Bed & rammed his now Swelled up Dick deep in me & Fucked me like he didn’t for A Couple Years! I didn’t worry about getting Pregnant, he told me he was fixed in California! He pounded me for 1/2 Hour!
Then when he pulled out, I finally asked him, are you gay and he said no Why!
I asked well who is the Black Haired guy at the Dance & the Beach!
He finally told me, when he was in College, he wanted to Fuck her! He was a Freshman & she was a Super Senior! His Friend, so called friend Was fucking her & he saw what DOC had, so he Threatened Doc so Doc wouldn’t try to fuck her! And she was Fucking some Electrical Dude just so he would take her home on the weekends, so doc forgot about her!
He saw her at a Seminar & found out she was suppose to be at the Dance July 1992! So that’s why he was there!1
So I could tell that he still wanted to Fuck her, so I love doc, so what Doc Want,s Doc gets! Without him Knowing about it, I found out where they lived & it wasn’t tooo far from where our Parents lived!
I made plans for next year without Doc knowing about it!
The next year we went back to wildwood, but we stayed in the Motel next to where Blondie & Blacked Haired Dude stayed, but they never showed up! NOW I have to take better Measures!
When we got home, back to Pa., I called their house! Her Husband Answered, so I pretended that I was asking about Vacations & he told me they go to Wildwood Every other Year, that he would go Every year, but she didn’t like the Beach!
So the Next year, I got the same Room, & planned out how to meet this couple! We saw the Couple on the Beach! She went to her Room and later he did, but he came out right away,like they were Fighting! I told doc to put on a Pair of Shorts & no Briefs, he asked why & I told him, Trust me! Told him I’d meet him on the Boardwalk! I put on a Loose pair of White short & no Panties! I pretended to get back from Gogging & I went to their Motel & sat on a Cement Bench, facing him! Every Time he would look up, he was Writting” I’d Smile at him! Then I got up enough Nerve & Spread my Legs, giving hima GREAT Red Fur shot! You see I’m an Albino, my Natural color is White! BUT I love it because I Dye my Bush a Different color then my Hair! Today I was a Blonde, but had a RED Bush, BRIGHT Red! He looked up & I smiled at him again! He started to look more often! Then I called doc & told him where I was! I told him to join me & Told him to set next to me! I reached over & whispered that that’s Ladies Husband was checking me out, why not show him what you have, at 1St.Doc didn';t want to, until I told him “Maybe He’ll get his wife to look”! Well Doc Spread his Legs & the guys SAW What Doc wanted to give his Wife, well the guy walked into the Room! We thought she would be coming out, the next thing, he came out real fast & she was Yelling at him!
So now I have to Work on another Plan!

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