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“Hee hee hee ha ha ha, no stop! Hee hee heee hee!!!! Stoppp!!!!” Lynn shrieked as she giggled uncontrollably.

Aaron did not stop, he tickled her tummy as she writhed nude on the bed, he watched her breasts jiggle with each wave of laughter, those deep red nipples wagged to and fro on those shaking mounds of flesh, he saw her pussy at every angle as she turned from side to side trying to avoid his tickling fingers. That pussy that yesterday she had shaved bare while he watched intently. She quickly flipped over exposing her generous and very round ass hoping to avoid his tickling fingers. He merely tickled her trim waist making her sexy, naked cheeks shake like firm jello. That ass was shaking like a leaf from her manic giggles.

“Heee heee heee pleeease no more…heeheheheee hahaha ohhhhhhh stop, hahaha hahaha!” She laughed and said. She quickly tuned on her side, her pussy lips peeked out, the slit was widening with each new series of laughs. He tickled her pussy lips with one hand, while he tickled her waist with the other, her pussy was already very wet as evidenced by his slick fingers.

“Hee heee heee heee heee!” she laughed tears were running down her adorable face, her cheeks were blushing, her nose was crinkling and her eyes were shining. Small beads of sweat were forming on her forehead and above her lips. Aaron quickly flipped her onto her back, his dick was hard as hell, his balls heavy with cum, she laid back, totally submissive to him, just like he liked it, she was now totally under his control. he did a few more tickles on her tummy as he knelt between her opened legs, she laughed hard again and whoosh he rammed his cock right into her pussy, “Ohhhhhhh, ohhh ohh.” she moaned feeling that flesh blade cut into her pussy flesh. Her pussy was pulsing from her uncontrollable laughter and it clamped tight around his woodie. She moaned feeling his girth and length as he plunged so hard and so deep in her hole that she could not move, she could not catch her breath it felt so horny and good.

She gasped then calmed herself, she scratched his back by dragging her nails along his lats, down to his waist, onto his ass cheeks then back up, he responded by putting his weight on top of her, “Ohhh fuck me, fuck me Aaron control my pussy! Fuck me!”

Aaron decided she sure needed his dick so he gave it and took it away from her over and over, ramming in and out of her hole, he was snorting and breathing hard the sweat dripping off of him onto her. She started just lying there letting him fuck her, he hated that, so he laid hard and heavy on her his dick deep inside and he tickled her sides. She giggled harder and faster, “Heee heee heee stopppppp don’t.. hahahaha hahaha hee hee!” she laughed/said and her pussy started contracting around his dick with each laugh she released. Her pussy was holding onto his dick and shaking it inside of her. Her body was shaking under him from the laughs, her tits wiggling, her hips moving from side to side, her legs thrashing.

“Heee hee hee hahaha pleassse stoppppp! No Aaron I’m hahaha serious hehehehe nooooo! Hehehehehe. Stopppp! I have to heeheeheeheehee peee! Stop!!” Aaaron ignored her and tickled her harder and faster, he felt something funny in her pussy,it got intensely tight almost stragling the blood and life out of his cock, it was like it was vaccuumed sealed around his cock, he could not move his dick at all, then her inner pussy suddenly seemed to draw up and away from him then it quickly dropped and “pissssssss” she peed, it came out, a very warm, soft piss all alongside his hard dick, he never felt anything like that in his life, his dick was encased in the fleshy, soft silk of her tightened up pussy hole and warm, almost hot liquid just pulsated and washed all around his cock, he felt it going inside his cock slit, it made his dick jump. Soon the pee was all over his balls, those big heavy hairy balls, it was drizzling into the crack of Lynn’s ass too.

He looked at Lynn and she looked so embarassed and angry. “Baby that was fucking hot!Shiiiitttt! I have never felt anything so fucking raunchy and soothing at the same time!” Aaron said as he stared into her green eyes. He smiled and hungrily kissed her lips just over and over.

They stopped kissing and again he looked at her and smiled, Lynn bit the corner of her lip and said, “Are you telling the truth or do you think I’m gross?”

Aaron’s eyes got big and he lifted his brows, “Gross? Hell no, you are the sexiest women I’ve ever known. I knew you liked being tickled and fucked, but pissing on me while I’m in your hot little pussy hole, damn baby that makes you the hottest chick I have ever met!”

He jerked his dick in her just like he knew she loved and he started thrusting deep in her hot, pee-warmed pussy, her snatch almost squeaked by that little bit of piss that was still in there. This was the final turn on straw and Aaron came, an explosive wad of cum that shot deep, so deep in her it almost hurt her.

He pulled out from her way over-fucked achy wet, pissy pussy and he held in his fist his still hard dick and rubbed her clit with the head over and over, his dick head felt her hard as a cherry pit clit, her clit felt that spongy head, they both knew she was nearing orgasm, so he flipped her over, got her on her knees and tickled her waist with one hand and with his finger around the front of her he just pressed hard on her clit and pressed it around in circles, she shrieked in laughter and moaned in pleasure and orgasmed, his cum and a little more pee shot out of her sore pussy hole it splatted on his neck.”Ohhh yeah, pussy spit it out, spit it all out.” he said. Lynn’s pussy reacted like it understood him and two more teeny spurts of cum and pee squirted out between those sexy lips landing on his upper chest.”Damn you mother-fucking hot pussy!” he said and he rubbed the cum on his chest back onto her pussy and on her ass cheeks.

He flipped her over and laid heavy on her and said, “Baby I could not ask for a sexier woman than you!” and he playfully bit her nipples and tugged on them, then leaned up and kissed her. They fell into a deep sleep, curling into each others bodies not even caring that the sheets and they were wet with piss.

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