I'll do what you want…….

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I have always been the shy type and the introvert personality. When it comes to my personal life I find it hard to express myself. I know what I like but how do I tell others and get people to do
it. I have always wanted a man to tell me what to do.

I love reading about what others submissive have done. I sometime wish that I could enjoy my fantasy about being a sub. But when I look at other sites that have Doms. They are always my fathers age and I am not looking for a father figure to tell me what to do but an equal who enjoys being in control. I want a man who when he walks in the door that he will tell me what to do. But I also want a man who when we go out he will treat me with the respect I deserve. Like if we go to dinner I can order and say anything, if we hang out with mine or his family no on will know that he is my master.

If I could my fantasy would go like this;

My master walks in the door and tells me to bow down and take his shoes off. He then tells me to remove his pants. I do this and fold his pants and he tells me to hang them up. I quickly go and put them in the closet. I go back to him and he tells me to get a beer out of the fridge. When I give him the beer he tells me to massage his shoulders. After a few minutes he pulls me around to the front of him and tells me to go on my knees and suck him. This is not punishment for me because I love to suck cock. He know this but he wants pleasure and only pleasure for him. He tells me to only touch him not myself in any other way. Sometimes when I give head I touch my chest or my pussy. I suck him till he cums and swallow every drop.

He then kisses me hard on the mouth and takes me to the bedroom and tells me to undress. After I undress he pushes me down to the bed and tells me not to move.. He reaches into the drawer of fun. Looks around for the blind fold, the handcuffs, the paddle and the feather.

We would have a four poster bed with a headboard and he handcuffs my hands to the heard board. The cuffs have enough room so I can turn around without hurting myself. He tells me lay on my stomach and puts the blindfold on and he lightly traces the curves of me body with the feather and when he asks if I like it I just nod and I try to anticipate when he will use the paddle. He is never rough but gentle and caring even if I ask for it more roughly. I sense that he has the paddle in his hand. But he still uses the feather and then it comes and he taps my romp with three taps and then uses the feather. He does this for a number of times. He spreads my legs and taps my pussy with the paddle and then the feather.

He pushes my legs further apart and slaps my pussy with his hands and then inserts a finger in my pussy. With the other hand he continues to slap my ass with the paddle as he inserts a two fingers.

I would love to have some more ideas on how to continue and what he should do to me.

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  1. sarah

    If I was a male I would love for u to do anything to me!!!

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