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I was too find out my manly prowess in an unfortunate manner not long after I was married.
I had resented my mother in law from the outset with her dominating attitude and personality
we clashed and argued quite frequently with my wife generally stepping between,though my wife had cautioned
me time and time again.My my mother in law had repeatedly told me she would teach me a thing or two about the facts of life
if given the chance .
One day I woke up knowing my wife would be gone for the day as I rolled over and started to get up I was greeted by the imposing sight of my mother
in law along with my wifes older sister clad only in their bras and under wear With a smile on her face my mother in law said I think we can fix him up and train him
,fear and anger came across
me at this point for I had no idea what she had in mind.So I sprang to my feet only to be pushed back down on the bed
by the powerful arms of my mother in law..She then straddled herself across my mid section using her weight and size
pinning my wrists to the bed restraining me. I felt helpless
at this point .Then she whispered don’t worry hunny were gonna fix you up as my sister in law started pulling my pajamas off I started struggling
my mother in law shifted my arms over so she then moved forward pressing her knees on my shoulders and arms with her pussy next too my face
and slapped me ordering me to stop squirming,and allow my sister in law to proceed . Fearing further pain
I submitted so now my under wear and pajamas were pulled off.Then allowing me to sit on the beds edge my mother in law then ordered for me
to allow my sister in law to shave around my penis along with my legs and if I knew what was good for me I wouldn’t move after she completed this task she then ordered for me to
put on some pink panties or suffer further so I complied.
Then she pulled my tee shirt off and had my sister in law put a nice soft pink bra on me I must admit I did like the feel of it on my nipples.
As soon as this was done I was shoved back to the bed on my back my mother in law again held me down while my sister in law
started applying make up to my face My mother in law must have been getting turned on by all this action as her nipples were
getting noticeably hard sticking through her bra on her enormous breast moving her hands down I could see her pull her panties down feeling herself
Then after my sister in law was complete my mother in law said your beautiful now eat my pussy ,I had little choice so I complied
until she was satisfied figuring my ordeal was over but then it was my sister in laws turn so after eating her pussy as well
I was then made to get on my knees on the bed at its edge while my sister in law held my hands behind my back .
then my sister in law turned me back on to my back while my mother in law laughed and said he is gonna love this as I struggled to get up
I could feel something out of the ordinary and could see my mother in law was armed with a dildo strap on as she with my sister in laws help
grabbed my legs and forced them up near my shoulders holding my ankles using her powerful hips so I had no way to resist as I could feel the strap on now penetrating my
virgin ass I was then occousted from the front by my sister in law with her own strap on ordering me to suck on it .I was nearly in tears when
the door flew open it was my wife ,she was shocked I could tell but she seemed happy as she said thank you mom and sis I thought you guys
didn’t care and I would have to train him by myself

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  1. skank

    that was dumb

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  2. spike10155

    you could have gone into more detail

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