Inspired by a Movie

Inspired by a Film


My wife, Andrea, and I have had a very active and enjoyable sex life every since we first met 8 years ago.  I’m an active, fit 37-year-old and she’s a beautiful, physically fit 27-year-old blonde.  I sold a couple of software patents a few years ago that allow me to work only when and if I wish.  Andrea, a lawyer, doesn’t have to work but maintains a limited business law practice while continuing her education at a large university about 30 miles from our home in the country.  We’ve been married for 5 years and have always explored our sexual desires.  We’ve enjoyed role-playing, bondage & submission, spanking and all the various ways to have sex that 2 people possibly can.

During the last couple of years, we have actively sought new ways to expand our sexual horizons and repertoire of experiences.  In the process, we opened up our marital bed to others.  Using the Internet, we located a few like-minded couples and participated in some swaps both at home and while traveling.  On our last anniversary, I surprised Andrea by fulfilling her fantasy of having 2 men to worship her body at the same time by arranging for one of the men, with his wife’s approval, to stay with us while in town on business.  Andrea thoroughly enjoyed herself and us.

A couple of months later, she returned the treat by bringing home a grad student, Kate, she had met on campus.  Andrea knew I had always dreamed of having 2 beautiful women worship my cock together.  After providing me a joint blowjob from the two of them, Andrea swallowing every drop, they worked my cock back to a full erection.  I quickly took advantage of the “new” pussy and slid my dick into Kate.  It was a long hard fuck and she came twice before I succumbed.  Kate, unknown to Andrea, was bisexual and surprised both of us when she slipped face first between Andrea’s thighs.  I had just pumped my load of cum into her and was trying to recover for round three when she turned to Andrea, said “your turn,” and planted her mouth on Andrea’s cunt.  Needless to say, the hot action in front of me speeded my recovery and I was soon plowing my cock into Kate doggy-style while she ate my wife’s pussy.  Afterward, Andrea decided to return the favor and soon had her first taste of cunt.  What had started out as a Friday night frolic, turned into a weekend romp of fucking, sucking and pussy-eating.  When Kate left on Sunday afternoon, Andrea proudly proclaimed she had decided she was definitely bisexual.  She swears she enjoyed eating pussy as much as I always have.  Kate left town the following week on a 3-month research project but promised she’d call when she returns later this month.  Andrea and I are looking forward to welcoming her back.

Andrea’s new persona has manifested itself in her selection of the adult DVDs that we either buy or rent.  Ever since our weekend with Kate, she looks for films with some hot girl-to-girl action.  Previously, she had preferred good hard-core heterosexual sex in her movie selections.  Now Andrea wants to watch at least one good girl-on-girl pussy-licking session in our movies so she tends to look for DVDs with a bisexual content.  One of these led to our most recent pleasurable tryst.

About a month ago, Andrea received a new DVD that she had ordered in the mail.  That evening we sat down to watch it.  It started off with a young couple that had just moved into a new apartment.  They christened their new home with a round of sex that that involved multiple positions and rooms.  The complex appeared to be populated with mostly twenty-something singles and couples.  Of course, this allowed the movie to travel from apartment to apartment showing the sexual adventures of the residents.   We watched as couples balled in the shower, 69-ed on the couch and screwed on the kitchen table.  I soon had Andrea on her hands and knees, plowing my cock into her shaved cunt from behind, as we watched the action on the screen.  Her orgasm hit, with mine right behind hers, as we watched a cute redhead, bent over the back of a couch, getting her ass stuffed by a long, slim, hard prick.  We stayed on the floor until my cock had softened and slid from Andrea’s cunt.

As we settled back on the sofa to watch the remainder of the movie, the young lady, Rita, a brunette, from the original couple was leaving the pool with the redhead that had been butt-fucked in the earlier scene.  They entered the redhead’s apartment and grabbed a couple of beers from the refrigerator.  Their conversation soon turned to sex with both expressing dismay that they didn’t get off enough.  The redhead, Beth, complained her boyfriend often shot his load, went to sleep and left her unsatisfied.  Even worse, he was a long haul trucker and only made it home one or two nights a week, sometimes even less.  Rita explained that she usually had a small orgasm but her husband, Bill, wasn’t big on eating her pussy. Bill was a construction worker and was usually too tired for much foreplay.  He was basically a “wham-bam thank you ma’am” kind of guy.  She said she loved being eaten and had always had her biggest orgasms that way.  As Beth went to get more beer, she agreed that having her pussy licked was fantastic but she couldn’t get her boyfriend to go down on her either. It was just too bad that men didn’t understand what women really liked.

The conversation shifted to the girls’ masturbation techniques they used to get past the lack of attention from their men.  Soon Beth led Rita to the bedroom to show off the vibrator and dildo she used to get off after her boyfriend went to sleep or was out of town.  Rita had explained she had only used her fingers to masturbate.  Before long Beth had convinced Rita to shuck her bikini and give the toys a try.  Beth turned on the vibrator and passed it to Rita.  Playing with the dildo, she watched and provided verbal directions to help Rita make the most of the toy.  Rita was soon moaning in pleasure as she worked the vibrator over her clit and in and out of her glistening pussy.  Beth stepped forward, got a good grip on the dildo, and shoved it into Rita’s cunt.  By the third stroke, Rita was screaming in ecstasy as she came, her juices coating the dildo.  Beth leaned forward and stroked Rita’s tits and continued to fuck her to a second orgasm.  Pulling out the dildo, Beth stripped off her bikini and lay down beside Rita. Taking the vibrator from her, Beth proceeded to bring herself off as Rita watched.

Still naked, the girls returned to the living room for another beer.  As she sat down on the couch, Rita admitted the vibrator and dildo were much better than just her fingers and she’d have to get herself a couple of the toys.  Beth told her she was welcome to come by and use hers whenever she felt the need.  Rita commented that a good pussy licking was still better.  Beth smiled and said, “You mean like this?” and dropped to her knees between Rita’s thighs and planted her mouth against her cunt.

“I knew it had to be coming,” Andrea laughed, “I just knew one of them would make a move on the other.  Eat that pussy Beth.”  Her breathing became heavier as we watched Beth lick Rita to another orgasm.  Rita then led Beth back to the bed to return to favor.  The girls soon moved into a 69 position.  Andrea asked, “Honey, would you eat me?”

With a grin, I dropped between her legs and buried my face in her crotch.    I greedily licked at her clit as she watched the girls on the screen.  I love the taste of Andrea’s fresh fucked cunt.  Before long, I felt her thighs tighten against my head as she reached down and pulled my mouth firm against her pussy.  Lapping quickly, I felt her shudder as she came, drenching my face in her hot cum. I’m sure she was imaging that it was the hot redhead eating her pussy.  When she relaxed and released me, I moved back alongside her as we watched the movie.

“Thank you, dear,” Andrea whispered, “I needed that.”

Rita and Beth continued their pussy-eating escapades each day either in the morning or afternoon, sometimes both, and fucked their men or in Beth’s case, her toys, each night.  They would start out at the pool, flirt with the young 18-year-old pool boy, and then retire to one of the apartments for a round of lesbian lovemaking.  One afternoon, Rita found herself alone at the pool while Beth went to visit a friend. She must have missed her afternoon sex romp because she soon had the pool boy up in her apartment.  First she sucked his small cock until he came and then had him go down on her.  By the time she came, the pool boy was hard again.  He fucked her hard and long, pulling out to spray his cum across her stomach.  Rita pushed him onto his back and climbed over him in a 69 position.  Their mouths worked each other’s genitals until Rita came and the pool boy splashed another load of hot cum on her face. Exhausted, they fell asleep entwined in each other legs.  Rita’s head was laying on the boy’s thigh, his limp cock just inches from her lips.  Bill, Rita’s husband, found them this way.

Bill was a tall man with a body builder’s physique.  Standing in the doorway of the bedroom, he exploded, yelling and screaming at Rita and the pool boy.  He threatened to beat them both to within an inch of their lives for what they had done.  Rita pleaded with him not to hurt them, promising to do anything to make it up to him.  The pool boy gathered up his clothes and tried to ease past Bill.  Bill ripped the clothes from his hands, flinging them across the room, and shoved the naked pool boy back against the against the edge of the bed where he stumbled and dropped to his knees, eyes closed and sobbing as Rita begged Bill not to hurt him.  Bill stared at them both as he slowly calmed down. A smile slowly spread across his face.  Reaching down, he unfastened his pants, dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them.  Shucking off his boxers, his thick hard 8” cock sprang into sight.  Stepping forward, he lifted the pool boy’s chin and told him, “My wife sucked your cock.  Now you’re going to suck mine. Otherwise I’m going to beat the fuck out of you.”

The boy opened his eyes to see Bill’s large cock waving in his face.  As he opened his mouth to protest, Bill hunched his hips forward and slipped about 3” of his dick between the boy’s lips.  Holding the boy by the hair, he told him, “Now suck this you little bastard. You’d better open up big and wide, because you’re going to get the whole damn thing.  If you bite me, I’ll knock out all your teeth.”  With that, Bill shoved a little more cock into the boy’s mouth.

Beside me Andrea gasped, “My god, he’s going to make the boy suck his cock!  I’ve never seen that before.  It wasn’t mentioned in the description of the film only the lesbian sex.  Do you want me to skip over it?”

“It’s up to you.  I don’t care one way or another,” I answered.

“Okay, then I would like to watch this.  It’s kind of sexy,” Andrea said, as she snuggled against me, lightly stroking my semi-erect dick.  We returned most of our attention to the movie.

Rita was staring open-mouthed as she watched her husband forcing his prick into the pool boy’s mouth.  Bill slowly and deliberately pushed his cock deeper.  He paused only when the boy gagged, allowing him a second or two to adjust to the intrusive hunk of meat, before continuing his assault.  Before long Bill had the boy’s nose buried in his pubic hair, his cock deep down the boy’s throat.  Stopping for a moment, Bill demanded Rita explain what she and the boy had done that day.  Rita quickly told him how she had blown the boy, Vic, let him eat and fuck her cunt and then they had 69-ed before falling asleep.  Bill warned the boy to get ready and then began to pound his cock into Vic’s face.  Bill’s oral fucking was rough; tears flowed from Vic’s closed eyes as the large dick slammed back and forth in his mouth and throat.  Bill ordered Rita to get the camera and take some pictures of the boy sucking his cock so he could remind her of what happens when she decides to fool around.  Rita quickly grabbed a digital camera from the dresser and began to snap several images at different angles of the scene before her.  Bill would withdraw until only the head remained in Vic’s mouth, demanding he lick it with his tongue like he had Rita’s clit.  Then Bill would thrust deep again.  A few minutes later, Bill pulled out and stroked his cock as he fired several gobs of cum on Vic’s face before shoving it back in to finish cumming as he demanded Vic to suck him dry.  Pulling his still hard prick from Vic’s mouth, he told him, “Boy, you might be a good pussy-eater but you’ve got a lot to learn about sucking cocks.”   Lifting Vic by his hair, Bill threw him face down on the bed and told him to stay put.  Noticing that Vic’s dick had started to harden, he commented that Vic must have enjoyed being face-fucked.

Bill stripped off his shirt, shoes and socks before ordering Rita to her knees to suck his cock.  After a few moments, he demanded she climb on the bed in front of Vic who was ordered to lick her pussy clean, making sure he got all of his cum out.  Leaning against the headboard, Rita hooked her feet over the boy’s shoulders with her heels planted behind his armpits.  Vic raised his cum-covered face and buried it against her cunt.  Bill stroked his slowly growing cock as he watched from the side of the bed, giving directions and telling Vic to get up on his knees so he could really get his tongue into it.  Vic complied and Rita was soon moaning in pleasure as he lapped at her cunt.  Bill observed for a while before removing a tube of KY jelly from the bedside table drawer.  Squirting a large glob in his hand, he began to stroke his cock some more.  Moving to the end of the bed, he knelt on it to watch.  His manipulations seemed to make his prick grow even harder and longer.  He continued to encourage Vic to eat his wife’s pussy until Rita suddenly squealed and tightened her thighs around Vic’s head, pulling his face close with her heels as she came.  Bill leaned over them, his dick resting on Vic’s hip, and placed his massive left hand between the boy’s shoulder blades, forcing his face even tighter against Rita’s cunt.  Bill told him to lick deep and get all of his cum out of Rita’s snatch.

“Rita, you hold him tight now.  I think it’s time for me to fuck him like he fucked you,” Bill said, as he shoved 2 greasy fingers of his right hand into Vic’s asshole.    Vic left out a muffled gasp of pain and squirmed to get away.  He was firmly pinned by Rita’s thighs and Bill’s weight on his back.  He flattened out on the bed trying to get away from Bill’s probing digits.

Andrea moaned “Oh, damn.  I think he’s going to butt-fuck him.  He’s really going to butt-fuck him.”

“It sure looks that way,” I responded, “I guess Bill’s going to get himself a piece of ass.”

On screen, we watched as Bill reached down and grasped Vic’s balls, lifting his hips back up.  “Don’t try that again,” he told the boy, “or I’ll crush your nuts.  You had a shot of Rita’s pussy and now I’m going to take a shot at your ass.”     Planting his thighs firmly against the back of Vic’s, so that he couldn’t lie down again, Bill shoved his fingers back into the boy’s ass.  Sawing and twisting them, he worked to loosen up Vic’s sphincter.

Andrea glanced at me and commented, “From the looks of that hard cock, you seem to be enjoying this. Would you like to be fucking that boy?”

“Not particularly, but this is the second ass-fucking in this film and I like the idea of getting a good piece of tail.  Are you game?” I answered.  Andrea and I had included occasional anal sex into our activities for several years now.  We both enjoyed it but our last bout had been about 6 months earlier.

With a grin, she paused the DVD and said, “Keep that thought, I’ll be right back.”  She left the room for a minute and returned with a tube of Aqualube.  Kneeling in front of me, she proceeded to grease my dick.  After restarting the DVD, she turned around, stuck her ass up in the air, wiggled it as she spread her cheeks and said, “Okay, big boy, come on over here and let mama give that old boner a good ass-chewing.”

I dropped to my knees behind her and lined my cock up against her sphincter, gave a little shove and popped right in.  With a slow steady push, I sank my entire 9” cock into her colon.  “Damn, that feels good,” I told her as she let go of her ass cheeks and raised back up onto her elbows and knees to watch the film.

A moment later, Bill removed his fingers from Vic’s ass and ordered Rita to reach up and spread his cheeks.  She did as she was told.  Bill placed the head of his thick cock against the boy’s asshole and gave a quick jab.  About 3” of his prick disappeared as Vic let out a muffled scream of pain from between Rita’s thighs.  “Ahhh!” Bill sighed, “That’s a nice tight ass.  I’m going to enjoy fucking you Vic.  Hell, I can’t call you Vic while I screw you.  From now on, in my house, your name is Vicki.  I can fuck a bitch named Vicki.”

I was butt-fucking Andrea with long, slow full-length strokes as we watched Bill forcing the rest of his thick cock up Vic’s poop-chute.  Vic continued to whimper as he became totally impaled on Bill’s meaty shaft.  Bill continued to compliment ‘Vicki’ on how tight and hot she was.  Soon Bill was stroking his long dick back and forth in the boy’s rectum.  Rita was staring, almost in shock it seemed, as she watched her husband rape the young man’s ass.

“Vicki, I didn’t say you could stop eating pussy,” Bill stated as he slapped Vic on the ass, “Start licking that twat again.  And while you’re at it, move your ass a little.  Show me how much you like my cock fucking you.”    Vic began to lick at Rita’s cunt again and to push back slightly against the dick that was being shoved up his ass.  Rita quickly began to writhe through another orgasm.  Bill quickly ordered her to snap more photos of the boy’s humiliation.  She scrambled from the bed to comply, as Bill would pause with his dick embedded to various depths for the pictures.  After each click of the camera, he would plunge it back in completely.  In one shot he forced Vic face the camera and demanded he smile about the great butt fucking he was getting.  Poor Vic’s smile was closer to a grimace of pain but Rita captured a picture of his tear-streaked face as ordered.

“Rita, you know you might have a problem.  Sweet ol’ Vicki’s pussy is whole lot tighter than yours.  I might just decide I prefer fucking hers instead of yours,” Bill said, “I would have to keep you around though.  You are a better cocksucker.  Of course, with some more practice, Vicki should get better.”

Andrea had shifted to her left forearm for support as the fingers of her right hand busied themselves on her clit.  “Oh shit.  Fuck me honey.  Fuck my ass hard, I’m going to cum, cum with me sweetheart.  Fill my ass with cum,” she begged.  Grabbing her hips, I sped up the pace, rapidly screwing my cock in and out of her tight nether hole.  She soon gasped and I felt her shudder through her orgasm.  It caused her asshole to contract tighter around the shaft of my prick and quickly brought me off with her.  Slamming deep, I emptied the first hot gushes of cum in my wife’s sweet ass before slowly stroking my cock back and forth to milk the last drops from my balls.  As my softened dick popped from Andrea’s rear, we collapsed together on the floor and continued to watch the DVD action.

Vic had given up any resemblance of resisting Bill’s onslaught and simply poised on his knees, moaning, while the thick cock pounded repeatedly in his ass.  Bill now grasped the boy’s hips and was slamming the ass back onto his dick as he pumped his hips forward.  A couple of minutes later, Bill’s cock pulled out and huge gobs of hot white cum sprayed over Vic’s ass cheeks and back.  After the obligatory porn movie cum shot, Bill stuffed his spewing prick back in and finished his orgasm.  Pulling his semi-hard cock from Vic’s asshole, he climbed off the bed.  The camera zoomed in to display Vic’s newly stretched asshole, open and gapping at least the size of a silver dollar, as Bill’s cum oozed from it.

“I bet that hurt.  I’m glad your cock isn’t that thick,” Andrea said, “You’re longer and I think just the right thickness.  I don’t think I’d want one that thick in my butt.”

When Vic lay down and rolled over, he was sporting a new erection.  Bill laughed and commented that he didn’t want his new girl to leave horny since she obviously liked the fucking he had given her.  He ordered Vic to jerk off and watched with Rita as the boy masturbated to completion.  Throughout the jerk off scene, Bill made derogatory comments about the size of Vic’s cock, comparing it to the clit on a mouse.  After Vic had sprayed his cum across his stomach, Bill told him to get dressed and walked him to the door.

“Remember, Vicki, now you’re my boy bitch.  I expect you to meet me in the parking lot each afternoon when I get home from work to see if I need any bitch pussy or a blowjob.  See you tomorrow.”  With that, he pushed Vic out the door and closed it.  After a shower, Bill forced Rita to suck him off again before rolling over to sleep.  Just before drifting off, he warned Rita that she had better hope “Vicki” showed up or she was going to be his butt bitch.

The next day Bill left for work and Rita and Beth again met at the pool.  Vic deliberately avoided a lot of their usual banter and Rita didn’t offer Beth any explanation as to why.  They soon disappeared to Beth’s apartment for a morning romp.  After a rousing bout of pussy licking, Rita headed back to her and Bill’s apartment.

That afternoon Vic was waiting in the parking lot when Bill arrived home.  As they walked to the apartment, he apologized again and said he wasn’t going to be Bill’s bitch.  Bill laughed and removed some folded papers from his pocket and handed them to Vic.

“I thought you might feel that way,” Bill told him, “so I printed these for you.  Take a look.”  Bill opened the door to the apartment and walked in.  Vic followed him as he opened the papers.  Rita was waiting on the couch.   The camera shifted to the contents of the papers.  Each sheet has two stills of Bill and Vic from the previous evening.  There were numerous images of Vic with a cock in his mouth, cum on his face, and a cock buried in his ass.

“Unless you want these to show up on the club house bulletin board, you’ll do exactly what I tell you to do, Vicki,” Bill told the young man as he closed the door behind him, “Do you understand?”

With a dumbfounded look, Vic dropped the papers, the photos scattering across the floor and mumbled a meek agreement.

“Good,” Bill said as he locked the door.  Turning around he unzipped his pants and pulled his flaccid cock out.  “Now, Vicki, suck my cock while I decide if I want a piece of your tight tail.”

The movie ended with a defeated Vic kneeling before Bill and slipping the dick into his mouth.

“That was wild,” Andrea commented as she put away the DVD, “I can’t believe that boy managed to get that cock up his ass.  Damn, that made me hot just watching it.”

“Well, actually, I think it was Bill that managed to get his cock into that ass.  But if it makes you horny, especially for my cock in your ass, you can watch it every day,” I told her as we closed up the house and headed for bed.  A hot shower, with lots of mutual soaping and stroking, revived us sufficiently for a slow tender round of lovemaking before we dropped off to sleep.

About 3 days later, Andrea pulled out the DVD again for us to watch and fuck to.  The scenes between Vic and Bill again fired Andrea up for a good butt fucking.  I could get used to this treatment very quickly.  She didn’t get the film out again for about a week but she made several comments about it and started dropping hints that she’d like to see something like that in person.  After our 3rd viewing, Andrea came right out and put it on the line.

“Honey, I want to see you and another guy do that,” she said, “You’ve seen me with another woman.  Now I want to see you with a man.”

“Oh, yeah?  Am I supposed to go cruise the gay bars and pick up some guy?” I asked, “That’s not really my kind of thing.  I’m not into to dudes with hairy legs and asses.  Also, are you expecting me to be the pitcher or the catcher in this new ball game of yours?”

“Well, I figured you to be the pitcher but I guess you can play catcher if you want to,” she replied with a grin, “I figure I’ll pick the guy and get him to the house.  I’d prefer if he didn’t suspect that I want you and him to get it on.  His surprise is part of the turn-on.”

“Well, I guess I can pitch in your game but I don’t play in the catcher’s position.  Let me hear what your wicked mind has got planned first.  Then I’ll decide,” I told her.

Andrea quickly laid out her plans for getting me in bed with some unsuspecting man.  She’d obviously been thinking about it pretty seriously.  It seemed to me that it might just work.  I’ve never been with a man and didn’t really have any desire to now.  I’ve never had a problem with gays; they just weren’t my type.  However, I’ve always tried to please my wife and if she wanted me to screw a man, then I guess I’d give it a try.  Besides, it might be fun and it would add a new adventure to our sex lives. So I agreed to see what Andrea could do to fulfill her latest fantasy.  A few days later, Andrea told me she had a prospective young man she was considering.

“He’s cute, about 22 maybe 23 years old.  His name is Jerry and he’s on the university swim team,” Andrea said, “Smart kid, he’s taking grad level courses in several areas.  We had a class together last year and I see him on campus a couple of times a week in the coffee shop.  We flirt and joke around with each other all the time.  He’s always trying to put the make on me so I figured I might let him get lucky.”

“This kid sounds straight to me, especially if he’s trying to get into your pants,” I told her, “What makes you think he’ll want to suck my cock or let me fuck his ass while you watch?”

“Oh, I believe he’ll go along with it.  If you play your part well, he won’t think he has a choice,” Andrea answered and then filled me in on the details of her little scenario.  She had put a lot of thought in how she wanted to play out her little private party.  Andrea sketched out her entire plan from the time she and Jerry arrived at the house right up to him agreeing to suck my cock and maybe being butt fucked.  I had to agree, her plan would probably rope in an unsuspecting Jerry.


To be continued.  If you enjoyed the story, plese leave a comment and I will ty to continue along this line.

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