My Czech Beauty

Spring weather was in full bloom! I waited so long to basket in warm and sunny weather. I was in a great mood walking around nude in my penthouse apartment. Then suddenly, my phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered the phone.

“Hey, babe, it’s Kitty Jane!”

“Hey, Kitty,” I said. “How are you and the family?”

“We’re fine, thanks for asking. How have you been?” Kitty asked.

“I’m doing well,” I answered. “I cannot complain. Your phone call really surprises me.”

“Yeah, I know, Mar’e.” Kitty laughed. “I wanted to tell you I’m back in New York. I want to spend some time with you.”

“Absolutely, I will love that. I’m happy that you are back in my city!”

“Look there is something I have to tell you.” Kitty continued. “I’d been thinking about how you fuck the shit out of me the last time I was here. It was the best sex I have ever had. My pussy is so wet just from thinking about the last time we fuck.”

“It was great.” I agreed. “I love when you cum all over my dick repeatedly. The feeling was so exquisite.”

“Oh my God, you sound so sexy. I want that big dick inside me now. If you’re game, I’m down for reliving the past.”

“I’m with it, baby girl.” I expressed. “I love everything about your sexy body!”

“Then get your black ass over here.”

I put on my white Polo shirt, matching shorts, and ran out the door. The only thing I had on my mind was Kitty’s pussy. I hopped in my new Iceberg-blue Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and headed for Kitty’s place.

About an hour later, I was at her door knocking. Aroused and anxious, I could not believe I was about to see Kitty. She opened the door, and I was speechless!

Kitty was a tall, Czech beauty with long light brown hair and sexy brown eyes. Her legs were long and sexy that never seemed to end and a great nice round ass. She wore yellow jogging shorts and a crop top that barely covered her beautiful tanned tits. I enjoyed staring at her beautiful smile. Salsa music was playing inside and it sounded nice.

“Mar’e, I’m so happy to see you.” Kitty said, as she wrapped her arms around me. “You’re still the most handsome black man I know.”

“Oh, thank you, baby. You’re the sexiest Czech woman I know.”

“Are you thirsty? What do you like to drink?”

“Iced tea,” I told her.

“Coming up,”

We sat in the living room, got comfortable, and talked for a few minutes. We both were dying to fuck, but were a bit nervous to make the first move.

To break the ice, Kitty said, “I want us to do some salsa. I want to see how well you dance with me.”

“This should be fun.” I replied.

“You’re going to love it!” Kitty promised.

Kitty put on a CD, and the song “Seduceme” by La India filled the big living room. Kitty led me to the middle of the floor, and we began dancing. I focused my attention on the energy flow of Kitty, and then I led her in the direction, which the music desires. Fascinated on how well we moved so smoothly to the rhythm, it seemed we danced together for many years. We had transformed salsa into unbelievable passion! As the music from Luis Enrique, Grupo Niche, and David Pavon continued to played, I ran my hands through her moist hair. Then I touched her angelic face, grabbed her slim waist, and Kitty started swinging her hips and shaking her ass. Kitty’s hip movements went well with the beat of the music.

“You’re incredible, sexy.” I whispered in her ear.

“And you’re amazing.” She said. “You’re turning me on, Mar’e!”

“I love it when you talk like that.”

I led Kitty into a spin in the rhythm of the music, and she kept on spinning. It was startling watching her spin so beautifully. When she stopped spinning, I flashed my radiant smile at her. We laughed and continued to dance. It was so hot in the room that I pulled off my shirt exposing my eight-pack abs. Kitty and I sweated to Salsa and uptempo music. The music had a desired effect on me. I danced behind Kitty and massaged her firm tits through her crop top. She moaned softly.

“They’re still big and soft,” she sighed. “You like playing with them?”

“Yes,” I nibbled on her ear and kissed her neck.

“I know you do.” Kitty murmured.

Kitty turned around, and I took a glimpse at her extremely wet shorts. The aroma of her pussy was in the air. Our tongues touched, and we kissed passionately. I pulled her top off slowly.

“We don’t need this,” I told her.

Kitty pulled my erect dick out and said, “I still remember when you fucked me in your apartment. Your dick is so big; it stretched my pussy wide open.”

Our shorts dropped to the floor and we stepped out of them. The music stopped and Kitty led me to her big lavender-colored bedroom. She lay in the middle of the bed and I climbed on top of her. I kissed her forehead and worked my way down to her neatly trimmed wet pussy, which was awaiting the touch of my tongue.

“I have been dying to taste your pussy.” I admitted.

I licked, sucked, and drank up the love juices pouring out of Kitty’s pussy. She shrieked the pleasure she was getting. After about two minutes, Kitty had an orgasm that left her wanting more.

“That tongue of yours is a lethal weapon.” Kitty acknowledged my talent.

She popped my dick in her mouth and soaked it with her warm, wet tongue. I watched as she bobbed up and down, and deep-throated me. I closed my eyes and put my hand on her head. Kitty had me in the universe.

“Fuck, yeah,” I groaned.

Kitty stopped sucking when she felt like I was about to cum in her mouth and said, “Come on, fill my pussy up with that big black dick!”

“You’re a bad girl.” I responded.

“Yes, I’m a very bad girl!” Kitty grinned.

I inserted my dick in her pussy and pumped her fast. Kitty looked relaxed having my dick in and out of her. I picked up the pace. The faster and harder I slammed her pussy, the more turned on Kitty became. She wanted every inch of my dick in her.

“Deeper.” She muttered.

“You want me to treat you like a slut?” I asked.

“Yes, fuck me like I’m your bitch!” Kitty answered. “Oh, that fucking dick is good!”

The rate we were fucking, I knew it wouldn’t take long for us to cum. Kitty’s eyes rolled in the back of her head, and her leg started shaking. Kitty went off like a grenade, which made me shoot my golden cum in her. Kitty was breathing hard, and I slapped her pussy with my dick. I could not believe how much cum that was already in Kitty’s pussy.

“You want some more?” I asked her.

Kitty nodded.

She got on all fours. I slid my dick in her ass and pounded slowly. Then I fucked Kitty anally deep and hard. I smacked her buttocks, which drove her wild! I left a red handprint on her right ass cheek. I kept fucking her harder until she climaxed again. Kitty was in a wonderful erotic haze.

“The sex is great!” She said softly. “I cum on your dick so hard,”

Kitty engulfed my dick and tasted her cum. As I lay on my back, Kitty mounted my dick. She rode me like a wild horse, pulling and squeezing her distended nipples. I enjoyed watching Kitty’s titties bounced as I felt myself nearing an orgasm. We did not say a word, only moan and groan. At the same time, we erupted. Kitty fell on top of me, and her body was twitching and writhing. Cum glazed my dick like a donut.

We breathed normal and then we curled up in each other’s arms.

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