Internet meeting

I’ll step out of my car throw my hair back out of my face and turn to see you walking over to me and flash you a big, dirty, smile. Knowing your finally here and ready to fuck me like we always talk about.

You step over to me and say, “Hi” I’ll respond with a long passionate kiss with plenty of tongue thrown in. Then I’ll take your hand and lead you to the door of the hotel ;)

When we go in we will go straight up to our reserved room. I’ll walk in first since you will be holding the door for me and ill feel you come up from behind me and wrap your arms around me while you softly kiss my neck. My eyes roll gently closed while I enjoy every sweet kiss. Until you spin me around and throw me down on the bed and tell me to get undressed while you watch me.

“First your shirt” you command. I quickly take it up over my head and throw it on the floor next to me. “Now your Bra” without delay I reach back and undo it’s fastens and take it down over my big double D breasts letting them fall out in front of me.

The thrill of you telling me just what to do has gotten my nipples hard with excitement, you notice this and take a step toward me, reach down and take one into your hand, and roll my nipple between your two fingers. You tug on it to show me that you want me to stand. Now standing half naked in front of you, you command, “take the rest off.”

I quickly undo my jeans and slide them down to the floor with my panties. Step out of them and kick them aside. “Lay down” you say and I eagerly follow your directions. Now naked and waiting I watch you as you take your shirt off revealing that hot body I remember from all your sexy video’s.

I can’t help my self and I start playing with my big tits while I watch you get undressed. Squeezing them up together while I run my finger tips around my nipples. I see you take your pants down and can’t wait to see that cock I’ve wanted for so long, I lift my head off the bed to see if I can see it, but you’ve covered it with your hand!

“Not yet” you say with a grin. “Your not ready for this yet, put you head back down on that bed slut.” I do just as you say although inside I am screaming to see that beautiful cock. Still standing at the foot of the bed, you raise your knee and slowly slid on to the bed and spread my willing legs open. I take a deep breath with every motion you make as you caress my thigh and look at my pussy.

“Spread them for me” You say as you put my hand on my pussy. I spread my pussy lips to give you a better look “mmmm that looks nice” you say as you push two fingers into my wet hole. “Looks like someone’s excited” My hips follow your fingers every move as you slowly slide them in and out of me. You put you face down close to me and I can feel your breath against me.

With one long stroke of you tongue I know it has started.

Your tongue batters my little clit around as your fingers work my tight hole. I’m taking long slow breaths trying to control myself while I get used to the sensation of your tongue on my pussy.

My breaths are increasing in speed and I realize quickly that im not going to be able to stand very much of this, just then I feel you suck my clit into your mouth I let out a long moan as I feel it snap back to me. I take a look down at you and see that your watching my every move. The look of sex in your eyes drive me even crazier as I watch your tongue make circles around my now swollen clit.

You say, “That feel good slut?” I respond with a loud YESSSS!! “Well, we can’t have you felling to good now can we?” you say as you slowly slid your wet fingers out of my pussy. “It’s time for you to suck my cock!”

“Get up” you command. As I move off the bed you lay down in my spot letting me get my first good look at that hard cock. I sit on the bed between your legs getting ready to get that big cock into my mouth but I hear you say “NOT YET” So I stop and look up at you.

“Why?” I ask puzzled. “I want to jerk off for you first.” My heart races with those words. I see your hand come up to your big cock and start stroking it nice and slow. “You’ve been waiting for this haven’t you.” Without taking my eyes off your cock I answer, “Oh yea” with a smile. You put your free hand up under your head propping your self up and start to really stroke it nice and quick for me.

I take a quick glance up at your face and see you biting gently on your bottom lip while you jerk off and watch me, watching you. “You like that slut? Like the way I jerk my cock?” I throw you a long MMMMM as I watch more intently. Seeing how you hold it, how fast your hand moves up the thick shaft, watching your hips move slightly with each stroke. “OK baby get over here and suck my dick.”

I reposition my self and grab hold of that cock for the first time feeling its size in my hand. I spread my lips and stick my tongue out and lick the tip of your hard cock. Making sweet circles with my tongue all around the big head. Then sucking just the head into my mouth I break eye contact with you and give it a tongue bath inside my warm, hot, wet mouth. I feel your hips move up wanting me to take even more into my mouth.

I hear you let out a soft moan and it drives me to take more of your big cock. But I let the tip out of my mouth and take long licks up the shaft getting it ready for my mouth first. On my last trip down your cock I lower my tongue down to you soft, shaven balls and run my tongue from the bottom of them right up the center and up to the base of your cock. I do it a few more times getting quicker with each pass while I stroke that big cock and get it all wet all over. Then I give them a gentle kiss and go back to work taking your cock deep inside my mouth.

I suck all the way up your dick taking more in each time down but its not good enough for you and I feel you hand press against the back of my head. You gab my hair and push my face down onto you. Making me gag on the size. On my way up I let out a long moan letting you know I like what your doing. Your hand pushes me harder this time and only half as far up as I had gone before, before pushing me back down. Until you finally can’t take it anymore and tell me, ” Get up so I can fuck you.”

I sit up and wipe my mouth off. You lay me back on the bed and spread my legs under you. “MMMM, I love how you suck my cock slut.” I smile with the praise and relax my body while you raise my legs up to your sides. “You ready for my big cock? Want me to fuck that sweet pussy of yours baby?” I love hearing you call me baby and smile and tell you, “Oh yes, I want it so bad!” “Yea,” you say while you look down and get it perfectly inline with my tight hole.

You tease me at first only putting the head in me and I move my hips forward wanting more. You push the head in and take it back out a few times getting me hotter and hotter with anticipation. Then you look up at me and give me a smile as you push your cock deeper and deeper into me. I take a long deep breath as it moves inside me wondering just how all of that big cock is going to fit in! Then I feel your body push up against me just as I think I can’t possibly fit anymore!

You let out a moan as your body pushes against mine, and you look at me and say, “How’s that feel slut?” I moan back and tell you “Come one fuck your little slut baby.” I feel your cock quickly going out of me and then slamming back into me. I start to moan louder from the sensation of that big cock being inside me. I reach my hands up and place them on your hot tight ass and start pulling you deeper into me.

We are both moaning louder now and you say, Tell me how it feels baby, tell me how much you like me fucking you.” Between moans and deep breaths and while your cock pounds my pussy I manage to say, “Uhhh God it feeeeels soo good baby, your gona make me cum all over your big cock.
Ohh yea fuck me nice and hard baby that’s it, just like that!” You reach down and start
to play with my clit with your hand. “You gona cum on my cock slut? Come on you know you want to, cum while I fuck you baby.”

I can feel my orgasm getting closer and I love the feeling of your big dick slamming into me. Your fingers on my clit are driving me crazy as I rock with each stroke of you cock. “I look up at your sexy face and tell you, “Im gona cum baby, Ohhhh yeaaaa, Uhhhhhmmmm with that your fingers move faster and bring me right to the point of orgasm and I hear you say, “Cum for me you little slut, come on my cock!” My wet pussy can’t stand it any more and I cum with that big cock slamming into me. You hold it deep inside me feeling the waves of my orgasm on you cock.

“Ohhh yea Slut that’s it cum for me.” When my orgasm subsides enugh I open my eyes and look up with a smile at you. You pull your cock out of my pussy and move your body up so your cock is just able to reach my lips. I see you stroking it faster and faster right in my face and I can hear you moaning louder and louder as you get closer to cumming all over me.

I stick out my tongue and wait for that hot cum to hit me. I hear you say, “Here it comes baby, ohhhh yeaaaa, fuck, uhhhh and with that I feel your hot cum hit my tongue and my face I lick up as much as my tongue can find before the next stream of cum hits me this one landing on my cheek and neck. I can feel the hot cum dripping down my neck onto the bed and then a third stream hits me right in the mouth and I swallow as much of it as I can. You get out all the cum from your hot cock and push it into my mouth. “MMMM clean me up slut” I hear you say as I lick all the remaining cum off your hot cock.

Once your all cleaned up you lay down next to me and I Lift the blanket from the side of the bed and wipe off the cum my tongue couldn’t reach. Then I feel your arm come up across my stomach and you pull me over to you and cuddle up with me I can feel your chest heaving as you try to catch your breath and I smile and close my eyes satisfied and happy we both drift off to sleep together.

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  1. bigmike

    hay was up i got to know who is that dude you were fucking cuz i had teh same thing happen to me not to long a go u can reach me at and where so u live.laters peace hit me up with your ansers please

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