Intruder Part 1

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Rachel Mendez jerked awake, sat upright in her bed and looked around her room. She thought she had heard a noise, coming from downstairs. “Oh great, just what I need when my husband is out of town…” she thought, as she quietly slipped out of bed and looked around for something to cover her nakedness. She couldn’t see much, and didn’t want to turn on the light, so she just grabbed her mid-thigh satin robe that was sitting on the chair next to the bed. The flimsy material barely concealed what her husband (and other men) called an “amazing body” She was 5’5 with a thin, but curvy body. Her breasts were a little more than a handful and topped off with cinnamon colored nipples that hardened at the slightest drop in temperature, or in this case with the touch of the thin robe teasing them. Her waist was tapered and then flared into firm, yet soft hips. From there, her legs went on forever. She was used to having men ogle her on the streets, and even enjoyed it.

As Rachel descended the steps, she listened for any other sound, but heard nothing. Quietly she stepped into the living room and held her breath, as she heard a small thud in the kitchen. She reached around in the dark for something, anything that she could use as a weapon, but only found her hairbrush on the desk. She grabbed it and walked cautiously into the kitchen, her heart pounding. She looked around the corner and released her breath when she saw her cat, princess, pawing at an orange she had knocked on the floor.
“Princess, I could kill you…you scared me to death!”
She put the brush down and turned on the light. She was thirsty, so she walked over to the counter and reached up to grab a glass out of the cabinet. As she did, she felt something cold and metal press against her back.
“Don’t move” a deep voice behind her said. “put your hands on the cabinet and don’t even think about screaming”
Trembling, she did as she was told. Then she felt a large hand slid around her rib cage and undo the satin belt to her robe. It quickly spread open, and the intruder moved his hand up over her breast.
“If you do as I say, we can both enjoy this, but if you try to get away…” He painfully squeezed her nipple. “Do you understand me?” He asked.
Shaking, she nodded. He then pressed his hard body against her from behind. She could feel his arousal press into her buttocks, and she again trembled. He was big, much bigger than most men she’d been with. His hand turned gentle at her breast, and he began to roll her nipple gently between two fingers while his other hand started to massage her belly and move downward. She could feel her body betraying her, warming to his touch. When he lifted her robe off of her behind, and pressed against her again, she was startled when she realized he was already out of his pants. She shivered and felt herself getting wet. He laughed a deep laugh and began to rub her clit with his fingers. He slid one finger inside her body, then used it to rub her again. She was ready then. “Please” she whispered as his rock hard penis pushed against her behind. He lifted her slightly and quickly entered her from behind. she held on tightly to the cabinet as he drove into her, and she began to moan with pleasure. He suddenly stopped, and she gasped.”Don’t stop, please” she begged. He laughed again and bent her over the counter, spreading her cheeks. “Oh I’m not done yet baby” he said as he rammed into her ass this time, and continued to fuck her other opening with his hand. She cried out with pleasure and pain at first, but the pleasure quickly overtook all else, and she begged him to push harder, and faster as she reached down between her body and the countertop and rubbed her clit. She came hard, her whole body shaking and convulsing as he came inside her ass. He bent down and licked her ear as he slapped her ass and pulled out. She turned over with a smile and kissed him hard on the mouth.
“I love it when you suprise me and come home early sweetheart” She said as she retied her robe and kissed her husband again…

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