Jackie in the office or another Coffee cup

Jackie in the office
Or another coffee cup
By Rick

I woke up Saturday morning with a start I heard a voice in my Kitchen . Then I remembered that Jackie had spent the night . I wondered who she could be talking to . I thought of her nice big ass all 66 inches of it . I got a hard on just remembering how wonderful her pussy tasted . She was still talking . I got up and pulled a robe on and headed to the kitchen . She was standing there naked all 4’10” of her . She was talking on the phone I heard her say ok “mom I understand” . I took off my robe and stood there with a hard on and smiled as she talked to her mother . Her face went red as she was talking about something to do with her parents going on vacation. I leaned over and licked her nipples . She pushed me away . I knelt down and licked her belly . she pushed me away again . I got behind her and licked her ass . she giggles and swatted at me . I spread her cheeks and licked her asshole . she pushed back and gave a bit of a moan . She said ” I was just clearing my throat mom.” I stuck my tongue in her asshole and tongue fucked her she pushed back hard. I stuck my finger in her pussy and she said “I’ll call you back later mom some one is at the door bye.” She hung up and said “don’t do that when I’m talking to my mother you goof.” I couldn’t say a thing as my tongue was in her ass. She moaned and pushed back even harder. Her pussy was wet and she came . YES! She shouted and shivered and shook . Her huge ass quivered for a few seconds after I moved away . Damn that felt good she said . I stood up and said I knew you’d like that . “I was talking to my mother and all you can think of is sex.” “Well I said that’s how I am.” “Do you want to go somewhere or just fuck around the house all day ?” “Your just a dirty old man.” She said . Yep I said and proud of it to . “I have a question for you.” I said. “Does anyone other than you know about the coffee cup incident and what else did Judy tell you ?” “Well Judy and I were friends so I’m the only one other than you to who know. She told me a lot because she knew that I thought you were hot . We were both surprised that you and her got together . You have a reputation as someone that likes big women .” “I do like big women and a nice big ass like yours is a huge turn on. But Judy was just something that happened .” “Oh shit ! I said. I’ve got a photo shoot this afternoon! I forgot all about it .” “What do you mean a photo shoot ?” “I do video tapes of couples fucking and I have a shoot at 1P.M. at the Colonial Motel.” “You do ? She said .Can I watch?” “I don’t think the couple would appreciate that . Wait a second I’ll call and ask if the mind if I bring a helper along .” “That would be cool she said .” I picked up my note book that I kept on the kitchen counter and called the couple . They said it would be fine especially when I said that my helper was a woman . Jackie was excited . “What can I do to help ? She asked .” “I could use a blow job then I’ll make breakfast and then I’ll show you how to work the camcorder.” She smiled and got down and gave me a great blow job licking my cock and balls and swallowing the cum . I made breakfast and then showed her how to work the camcorder . We were still naked and her big ass just fascinated me her dirty blonde pussy hair was just visible underneath the rolls of fat and that made me hard again. She looked at my hard cock and said “Would you make a tape of us ?” “I only have enough tape for today’s shoot.” I said . “We can pick some more up after the shoot .” “Could we make a tape of us fucking at the office tonight?” She asked. “I want to do the new girls coffee cup and I want it on tape so I can laugh.” “Sure I said we can do that but right now I want you here.” I led her to the living room I plugged one of the camcorders into the TV so we could watch ourselves. Jackie was amazed to see her self on the TV naked . I had her sit down on the sofa and started to lick her pussy . She was watching herself and the back of my head on the TV. She came quickly and I put a condom on and had to pull her legs way up to get my cock in her pussy . She had a hard time seeing herself on the TV but it was obviously turning her on . She was coming with almost every stroke . I had put detain on my cock so I was able to fuck for quite a while before I came. I pulled my limp cock out and took the condom off. “That was awesome I’ve never seen my self fuck before.” She said . “We had better take a shower and get dressed .” I said .
We met the couple at the mall and then drove to the Colonial Motel . Jackie and I unloaded the camcorders and set two up on tripods and she and I each had a handheld camcorder . The couple were in their early thirties . She was a dark haired very thin tall Italian lady and he was well over six feet tall and a very German looking blonde haired very, very fit guy . They started by kissing and undressing each other . The lady was gorgeous nicely proportioned and with a shaved pussy . He was hung like a horse . I thought that Jackie was going to drool when she saw that big cock . It made me feel a bit inadequate but I kept on taping . Jackie was keeping the guy’s big cock in her view finder which was ok with me it would make for some nice scenes when I was editing the tape together . The session lasted for two hours and the couple put on quite a show . She was very vocal , which makes for a nice tape , he had insisted on an inside the pussy cum shot. That is up to the couple of course but doesn’t make for as good a finish on tape . I did get a good close up of the cum dripping out of her pussy and she licked his cock clean. The got dressed and we were packing up the camcorders when he said that they had a party to get to so the left before we were done packing . Jackie was obviously excited . “Wow that was great !” She said. “I didn’t know that I liked to watch that much!” “Lets get this stuff in the truck and then we can get some more tapes and have dinner and then go to the office and make our own tapes.” I said . “Yes she said I’m so horny my panties are getting wet .” “Lay down on the bed I said.” She did and I pushed her skirt up and pulled her panties down . I licked her pussy and sucked on her clit and fingered her asshole until she came six times . “That should hold you until after dinner I said .” “Thank you I’ve never had as much sex in a year as I’ve had in the last twenty four hours!” “I think I’m becoming a slut !” She said . ” I hope so!” I said . She smiled as she brushed her skirt down I kept her panties and put them in the camera bag and said . “You won’t be needing these for a while .”
We returned the room key and left . Then we went to a store and bought some more tapes. We went to a nice restaurant and had a good meal . Jackie insisted o going back to her apartment to get some clean clothes and some other stuff . She drove her car to my place and we went to the office . We set up my equipment in the general office area where Jackie wanted to make the tape . We both stripped , I had taken some Viagra but she didn’t know that . We started the camcorders , we had all four set up on tripods. Jackie had decided to narrate the tape . Her voice was not very sexy but she tried . “This is my desk .” She said. “I’ve always wanted to fuck on it just to say that I had .” She motioned me to come in view. “This is Rick and he thinks I’m sexy!” She squeezed her tit together and smiled . She reached down and held my hard cock in her hand . “See he is all ready !” I looked at the camcorder and said. ” Jackie is one horny sexy slut and one hell of a piece of ass ! Her pussy tastes great !!” I said and licked her pussy she was moaning and came very quickly . “Now she said I’ll give him a good blow job .” She grabbed my cock and sucked and licked it and my balls as well . “I’m about to cum I said.” She quickly picked up Lucy’s coffee cup . “This cup belongs to Lucy the stuck up bitch .” She said . She the jerked my cock until I came in the cup . She held the cup up to the lens and swirled the cum around so the camera
could see it .
“Watch me drink this!” She said and did . “What’s left in there will flavor her coffee Monday morning!” She said to the camcorder. “I looked at the camcorder and said that’s twice I’ve done that and it wasn’t my idea either time.” “Now we’ll fuck on her desk!” I said and licked her pussy again then I put a condom on and Jackie got on her hands and knees and I fucked her doggie style . After I came I pulled my cock out and took off the condom. Jackie looked into the camcorder and said . “That’s all folks.” We packed up and left. When we got back to my trailer Jackie and I took a shower. We watched TV for a while and went to bed and slept well.
Jackie woke me up Sunday at 6:30 A.M. “Are you going to church ?” She asked. “Are you serious ?” I asked. “Yes I am.” She said . “Tell you what you go to church and I’ll make breakfast .” I said . “Ok she said but I’m having dinner at my parents and I don’t think you want to come with me so I’ll get dressed and meet my mother for the seven o’clock mass. Then I’ll come back here and we can play around for a while .” I shook my head and said . “Ok Jackie what ever you want today we’ll do what ever makes you happy.” I said . “Really?” She said . “Within reason !” I said .

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