Jacqui's Fantasy Turns To Fancy

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By Dick Inkum

My husband pimps me. My name is Jacqui. I’m twenty-five, a blonde with a good figure and married to Dave who is twenty-eight.

One night we were talking in bed about sexual fantasies. I babbled about a fantasy of being fucked by guys I didn’t know, and about being forced to have sex with anyone who wanted me, and any way they wanted me. Nothing came of that except that we had a good fuck that night. About three weeks later I got a surprise.

Dave called me at work to say that two friends of his, Jerry and Ron, were coming over and would probably be there before he would. I should welcome them and offer them a beer.

About ten minutes after I got home, Jerry and Ron arrived. I invited in and offered the beer. Ron suddenly grabbed me and kissed me. I told him to quit that, Dave would be here soon.

“No he won’t” Ron said, “It’s just the three of us for a while.”

Jerry came into the picture by feeling and squeezing my tits while Ron held me. I must admit, I was getting hot. Ron kissed me again and got his hands in my pants. He found what he was looking for, damp pussy. Ron was still holding me while Jerry disrobed me. With Ron’s finger in my cunt, I didn’t have to be held any more and they got the picture.

I was naked now and they got me on all fours. Ron was still getting undressed, but his cock was out and coming toward my mouth. Of course I sucked. I was hungry for it. My tongue was licking energetically when Jerry’s cock found my pussy hole. He slammed into my cunt doggie style and I was a panting, fucking cocksucker. I’d never had two at once before and I was overwhelmed. I was approaching orgasm when Ron came in my mouth and that brought me off. My pussy clamped on Jerry and he shot his load. Ron took his cock out of my mouth and Jerry put his gooey dick in. I got two cum licks in less than half a minute.

Their next act was to lay me on my back and rub their dicks on my tits, mouth, pussy, and ass hole. Ron went down to eat me and finger-fuck both holes. I discouraged the ass pokes, but my protests were a little weak and totally ineffective.

I let Dave fuck my ass once every other week or so. I wasn’t very fond of it, though I could take a lot of dick in there when I wanted. Usually, anal fingering doesn’t get me excited unless I’m getting a really good fuck at the time.

Well, I was still on my back, now sucking both cocks and not caring when Dave got home. Ron got hard enough to fuck and soon I was double dicked again. Ron’s cock was bigger than Jerry’s (or Dave’s) and I could certainly tell the difference.

Ron’s second hard on lasted longer than his first and he moved me on top of him part of the time. By then I was delighted to bounce on his big rod. Jerry kept my mouth busy on his cock and balls. In a while, Jerry shot his load in my mouth, and I’d barely swallowed that when Ron withdrew and blasted my throat with cum .I was gratefully licking and sucking spent dicks, when Dave suddenly appeared!

“Party’s over!” Dave announced.

Ron and Jerry got up, dressed and paid him!

“You sold me!” I screamed.

“No I didn’t” Dave answered serenely, “I just found two guys who would pay to fulfill your fantasy.”

I wasn’t completely mollified, but then, I was completely well fucked. Dave gave me the money. We didn’t talk about it for a few days. One night tried another gambit. “Do you want to fuck with one or both of those guys again or would you rather get somebody new?” he asked.

Of course, I protested even discussing the idea of fucking with other people again. Then I started fantasizing about it. A couple of days later, I hinted to Dave that I’d consider another episode, but only one guy. Did it have to be for money? Dave said yes, because we needed it, and they happened to have it to spare. I could understand, even though I thought I was a very cheap whore.

Dave’s view was that I wasn’t really whoring because I wasn’t taking all comers; I was just swinging with out him. I wondered if he had his eye or more on or in some friend’s wife or girl friend.

* * *

Dave called me at work about a week later and said Ron was coming to visit me after work and I could take him to bed (I wouldn’t have to fuck on the floor again),and that he wanted to fuck my ass and was paying extra for it.
“How much is my asshole worth?” I inquired.

Dave wouldn’t say what the extra was, but that my butt was worth a million to him. Very sweet evasion. I thought about Ron’s big cock. I agreed to the fuck date.

I got home and got ready for my ass fucking date. I was wearing only a robe when Ron arrived. He kissed me and opened my robe to kiss my tits. We went to the bedroom with his hand on my butt. I helped him disrobe and quickly went down on his delicious big cock. He didn’t want to be sucked long. He lifted me to the bed and started pumping pussy wildly. God! His cock was so good; I gave him a lot better fuck than when I was ravished. I got on top of him part of the time and faced away from him and asked for a finger in my butt. I was bouncing vigorously and came before he did. I turned around and fell on his chest. He rolled us over and slammed his dick in me. When he came, my legs were clamped tight on his ass.

As I sucked afterward, I said I was told to expect some different action. He said I was working on my ass fucker right now. He moved me into a sixty-nine, licked my clit and used two fingers in my ass hole. His fingers were big, but I was in the mood, and found it exciting. When he got hard, I got the condom on him and I was ready for a butt stuffing.

Ron put me on my back with his legs on my shoulders and took a few strokes in my pussy. He withdrew, put his cock against my hole, leaned forward to kiss me and pushed. I squealed! His dick was so big; I was getting opened to new dimensions! Ron rose up and started fucking. I was gasping, and moaning, and getting better fucks in my passage than I’d ever imagined. I wanted this so badly now, I was screaming for harder slamming. Boy, I got it! Bam! Bam! Bam! I could feel it all through my body. When he finally came and I sucked again, I told him I’d love to do it again one day soon. He promised we would, and said he never expected such a wonderful experience.

Ron got dressed and left shortly afterward. Dave (who was waiting across the street) came in horny, took me to the bedroom, got naked, and fucked my ass. I wasn’t very pleased about that, but I could understand his raging desire, knowing Ron had just done it. I asked about the money. After some teasing, he forked over $ 200.

* * *

A week later, Dave asked if I’d like to fuck for money again and said he was working on a special thing too.

“A special thing with my body?” I asked.

“Sure. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you about it when I have something more than an idea” he said. He added that it didn’t involve money.

I said I’d screw with Jerry one day next week. It happened. I took him to bed and we had a nice pleasant fuck. He gave me the money directly.
Dave brought up the ‘special deal’ again.

“You want me fuck with some guy for free now?” I asked incredulously.

“This is a possible swap; swinging” he replied.

I said I’d have to approve of the couple, and Dave was sure I would. Dave said Tommy was a young guy at work, only twenty-two, very tall, about 6’3″ and lanky. His girlfriend, Merry, was a beautiful redhead who liked girls and boys. I figured that she also made Dave’s pecker itchy.

I didn’t want Dave
fucking another girl in my bed or him watching me fuck with another guy. Still, the concept made my pussy tingle. I’d get another big guy’s cock and he’d ge
t pretty redheaded pussy. We’d fuck each other’s spouses in the same place.
Maybe. Maybe not.

I thought about this a couple of days. I decided I wanted to do it, but I wanted to control the situation. I came up with a game plan that gave something to everybody. Dave had the go ahead for the general proposition. My outline was approved by all parties.

We’d begin with the girls stripping and have some girl-on-girl stuff. I’d
take Tommy to our bedroom and fuck. Dave would fuck Merry in the living room. We’d reassemble after a while and have a four way grope-suck thing and maybe fuck all together. I thought that if I liked Merry’s body, I’d probably want to see a dick in it sometime.

Tommy and Merry arrived right on time. God! They were both so beautiful! We had kisses all around and brought out the wine and snacks. We sat with our non-spouses and got familiar.

At what seemed like the appropriate moment, I got up and stripped lasciviously. Merry followed and her show was great too. The guys applauded. I joined Merry in the center of the room. We kissed and explored each other’s bodies with fingers and tongues until we got in a sixty-nine as horny as could be. We ate each other in several positions, and finger-fucked gleefully until orgasms. We had to rest a little and towel off before we got to the next phase.

Damn! That was fun! I’ve got to get a strap-on so I can fuck her! I think she feels as lusty toward me too. I hope Tommy fucks her ass. I hope Dave doesn’t get it. I led Tommy to the bedroom with my hand on his crotch. I knew I’d get a good one.

When he dropped his shorts in the bedroom, his long, tall soldier stood at attention .I went right to my knees to adore that beauty with kisses, licks and sucks. I was really getting into my sucking when Tommy stopped me. He wanted to give me some tongue work and fuck before he came. He did it well and I was juicy as could be when he got in my saddle for a great ride. His cock rushed right to the G-spot, and every thrust made me tremble. I met his every stroke and our glorious fucking ended in mutual climax. We collapsed holding each other tightly and panting in each other’s ears.

Eventually, I rolled him on his back and sucked in hope of more. He moved me around, ate my pussy and finger-fucked; two in my cunt and one in my ass. I didn’t mind the ass invasion. If he wanted to fuck it, he could. When Tommy showed signs of revival, I asked him what he wanted for round two. He rubbed my butt hole and asked if he could get in there part of the time. I told him I had to get more lube and he had to get a condom. Tommy said we’d do half and half. I was excited. To know that big cock was coming up my ass but not knowing when got my juices going.

Tommy got up to doggie me. His cock plunged into my pussy and he grabbed my tits, squeezed and pulled my nipples. I squealed in delight. “Thought you’d
like it a little rough” he said. I did from him. I was meeting his thrusts, but he slapped my ass and told me to fuck harder. I picked up the pace and so did he. I was in ecstasy. Suddenly he withdrew and pushed his long dick up my ass. I squealed. He fucked. I’d hardly caught my breath from the push when Tommy was in high gear, furiously pumping the back passage. I reached for my clit to keep it from bursting and had my first orgasm from anal sex. Tommy came and shot it far up my ass. I reached back to rub his balls to make sure I got it all. Tommy rolled off. I disposed of the condom and sucked. It was still a big mouthful as a softie.

It was time for us to clean up and rejoin Dave and Merry. They were semi-conscious on the couch.

“Beer, wine, coke, and chocolate chip cookies” I cried.

The bodies stirred. We nudies gathered around the table and munched and gulped. We also petted and groped. We devoured most of everything, and then moved back to the living room.

Merry took the lead in our renewed activities. The guys were sitting on the couch. Merry got up on it and put her pussy in Tommy’s face. She told me to follow her lead; everyone together. I clambered up and gave Dave tongue opportunity. Merry and I exchanged tit play, and a little later traded pussy tonguers. Merry slapped my butt.

“Fuck his face harder!” she demanded. We both thrust energetically and the guys were almost smothered.

“I wanna suck!” I almost shouted.

“Me too” Merry added. We did; we traded; we traded back. We got creamed. Good for us!

The guys had a longer down time so Merry and I played with each other. I told her I wanted to fuck her with a strap-on but didn’t own one. She said she had one but didn’t bring it. She asked me for a mutual pussy pumping date and we agreed on one.

We went back to cock sucking and got the guys up for another round. We laid the guys on the floor facing opposite directions and got on top. Merry and I could kiss and suck tits this way, so we did. We switched cocks twice before the guys were fucked out.

Dave and I dressed and thanked our hosts. Yes, it was fun. We’d do it again.

* * *
In the next two weeks, I had two visits from Ron and one from Jerry. I was getting possessive of them. Those cocks were for me, weren’t they? Nice fucks. Nice money, too.

Dave wanted me to take a new customer. Couldn’t I be a just little bit whorish? Did I want to take more johns? Dave explained that this guy was a muckety-muck of his company who was divorced. Dave said he raised the price for him. I was assured he was very gentlemanly. He was about forty-five and named Dick. I hoped he had a good one.

My date with Dick came a week later. He arrived and seemed very nervous. I think he believed Dave was setting him up for something. I assured him that wasn’t the case, and offered him a drink. I was, as usual for these occasions, wearing only a robe. I kissed him, opened the robe a little and encouraged groping. We chatted and he relaxed. I assured him he’d have the full hour from the time we went to the bedroom. We proceeded there and I helped him out of his clothes and let my robe fall. He was a gentle and romantic tit sucker and pussy feeler.

When I went down on his cock, I was gentle too, to start. After a bit I wanted to get him more excited and sucked hard.

Dick said he was absolutely in awe of my body, and was so excited, he hoped he’d perform satisfactorily. As it turned out, it was a very nice fuck. I took him in my saddle and rocked gently. He lasted a good long time that way, and when he came I held him tightly. We’d try for another round.

After some down time, I sucked a while and got on top when I revived him. He loved that, and I encouraged tit play. He didn’t have much of a climax that time, but he was happy. When he left, he paid more than Dave asked. He begged to come back in a week or so. I thought that would be nice.

* * *

It was time for my date with Merry (Meredith, if you are curious). We met for lunch on Saturday having convinced the guys to go to a ball game. We went back to Merry’s place.

We took our time getting naked. We both had sexy underwear to show off and we had to pet each other’s silkies. Merry showed me her collection of sex toys. There was the strap-on, a double dildo, three different sized vibrators, and a buzzing butt plug.

We got naked and Merry said she was going to fuck me first. She got the strap around her, and we got on the bed in a sixty-nine. I sucked the faux cock and Merry did
dled my pussy with a vibrator and licked my clit. I was beyond horny when she turned me around and got on and in me. God!
It was a good fucked and Merry pumped it hard! I had an orgasm pretty quickly, but Merry was far from finished fucking me. I was laying there kind of spacey when I was shocked by the buzzing butt plug!

” Yeee-owww!” I cried.

“I knew you’d like it” Merry giggled, “Almost as weird as an ass fuck isn’t it.”

“More so” I whined.

She the resumed fucking me hard with the dildo. I came again and we disentangled after Merry got off.

We kissed and petted, and took out our toys. We groped and licked pussies a little, then cuddled. After some rest and recovery, we changed roles. I got the strap-on and was surprised at how the base agitated my pussy when Merry sucked it. Merry said she didn’t want the butt plug; she wanted the little vibrator all the way up her ass. She directed me to doggie her, keep the dildo in her cunt and diddle her ass hole with the vibrator some of the time. I told her I really wanted to lie on top of her to start. She was OK with that. I thought it was wonderful. I loved fucking her and elated when I made her come. I was close to orgasm myself. We got into doggie position and I shoved the little vibrator up her ass. She squealed as I slid the vibrator in and out as it agitated the passage. In a bit, I resumed the dildo strokes and she came again and brought me with her.

We kissed and cuddled a while and called it a day, a delicious cunt pumping day! We were both looking forward to out next foursome, expecting a wild time.

* * *

The next week I got a note from Ron when Jerry came by for his fucking appointment. Ron had a new girlfriend and source of pussy. He said he wouldn’t make many more dates with me, but it wasn’t because he didn’t love my service. I almost cried.
Well, Jerry and I had a nice fuck. The money was nice too.

Dick made another appointment He was much more confident with me now, and we had a better session than the first. I got more good fucking and more nice cash.

Dick said he could get me some more nice executive type clients. I’d think about it. I shouldn’t think about it, because when I do, then I masturbate over it, and then I want to do it.

The day came for our foursome, this time at Tommy and Merry’s place. Dave and I arrived and found our hosts wearing only underpants. Dave did some immediate tit groping, which Merry enjoyed. Dave and I stripped to undies and Tommy gave me an enjoyable tit workout.

Merry was the director of the day’s action. We’d start with a girl-girl sixty-nine with a guy at each end for suck and fuck. I was on top and licked Merry’s pussy some before sucking Dave’s cock. I didn’t suck long, because he was hot to fuck Merry. Merry sucked Tommy a little longer before he moved into me. We fucked and sucked until all partied were satisfied.

In our rest period, Merry went to her toy box, and brought out the double dildo. When we resumed action, Merry put me in a leg entwined mutual fuck with it. Oh man!
I’d never done that before and it was fun. In a while, we got the guy to give us something to suck on.

The guys were about revived so we changed position to get real hard cocks in us too. I was put on the bottom with the dildo still in my cunt. Merry got on top of me with the other end in her and we fucked each other. Dave got up behind Merry and drove his cock up her ass. She squealed and panted as Dave pumped her hard. It was a weird experience dildo fucking a woman’s cunt (and she mine) while my husband fucked her ass. The stimulation was intense for Dave too, and he shot his load pretty quickly.

Dave withdrew, and as I calculated, it was my turn next. Merry and I rolled over, and I gleefully fucked her with the dildo and got my share in return. Half a minute later,
Tommy’s big dick pushed against my little ass hole. At first, it was really hard to take, and I screamed. It got more exciting once he was well in and fucking. The action of both intruders sent me off to another planet.

Like Dave, Tommy had such intense friction on his dick that he didn’t last long. When he came in my ass, every body needed a rest and rehabilitation.

We lounged around and petted one another for the next half hour or so. We decided that, when the boys could do it, we’d have a straight swap fuck with both guys taking both girls.

Eventually we did, and it was fun and exciting. Dave seemed to fuck me harder when he followed Tommy in my pussy. Afterward, we had nice genital licking, as a conclusion.

* * *

In the next week, Dave and I discussed Dick’s suggestion that he could provide more customers. Dave said that if I wanted to do it, we cure could use the money. I wasn’t so sure, but felt that if I got another guy like Dick it would be OK, because he’s kind and considerate. I thought I might take one more if he was single or divorced. I didn’t want marital complications.

Dick came over later that week and we had a pleasant time. I took his cock in my ass for the first time. I was getting to like that action a little better and figured I could offer it to my best customer. I told Dick my conditions for taking another customer. He understood and said Charlie would call me later this week. He described Charlie as about forty, divorced and good looking. He was a salesman at the company.

Charlie called and had some rather quirky desires. He wanted me to go to his place for a “job interview”, wearing stockings and heels. He didn’t want me to cooperate initially at all. He wanted to chase me around, strip me, spank me, only suck when he coerced me, and fuck when I was “seduced”. He was willing to beat Dick’s payment by 50% for this! Wow! Sure! I was excited by this. I was supposed to resist, but not too much.

That day I dressed in a green suit that showed my figure well, and heels as Charlie requested. I was dressed for success in undressing.

When Charlie opened the door, I saw that he was very attractive, about my height with a muscular build.

“I’m Jacqui” I said, “and I understand you’re interested in filling a position”.

“I certainly am” he replied, “and I can see you show many of the qualifications required. Having poise and a sense of style are very important to me.”

We sat on the couch as Charlie told me the job would require close contact and supervision, but would have its rewards. He put an arm around me and drew closer.

“Sometimes, it might involve special treatment” he said and kissed me.

“You’re not supposed to do that!” I exclaimed.

“Oh yes, I am!” he replied and the chase was on.

He cornered me in the living room where he grabbed my tits and butt, but I slipped away. My jacket was lost and my blouse was out but I scampered into the dining room. That’s where he ‘caught’ me, unzipped my skirt and grabbed for my pussy. I lost my skirt. He bent me over the table and got my blouse and bra off. I slipped away and was wearing only panties, shoes and stockings when he ‘caught’ me on the couch.

“You’re a bad girl to run away!” Charlie admonished.

He pulled my panties down and I got a strong slap on my bare ass. Then another. OW! Then another! OW!

“Are you going to be good?” Charlie demanded.

“Yes! Yes!” I cried.

“Suck my cock!” he demanded.

“NO!” I shouted. Slap! Slap!

“OK, I’ll suck” I whimpered.

He had a nice cock and I enjoyed my punishment. I was keeping my legs together
as part of the game.

Charlie was pulling my nipples pretty hard and fucking my mouth. I didn’t suck hard, because to complete the game, he had to force
my pussy and get in it. He picked up my legs and I couldn’t resist the probing finger. He got a finger in my pussy and his thumb on my clit to have me completely spread out. He mounted.

“No! Don’t!” I shouted.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck woman!” he shouted back.

“Oooh, Nooo!” I cried as he entered.

He was on the brink of coming, so I gave him a good ride for as long as it lasted.
He withdrew and put his dick in my mouth to come.

“That’s not nice” I said with my mouth full of cum. He rubbed his spent dick on my tits.

“You’re a wonderful actress” Charlie said, “That was just what I wanted. Now we can be regular lovers”.

He took off my stockings, kissing my legs, stroking my ass and getting a lick or two on my pussy.

We cleaned up a bit, had some wine and snacks and in a while moved to the bedroom.

We had a pleasant sixty-nine, and I enjoyed both ends of it. I got on top for our next fuck, first facing him, and then turned so he could so some light spanking. I didn’t mind that. I was also well aware that he wanted more from my ass than spanking. Today, however, he only rolled me over to finish on top and that ended our day’s adventure. It was both fun and financially rewarding. Charlie said we wouldn’t play that game again, but we might have others. He said he might spank me again. I said I wouldn’t mind if it weren’t very hard. Charlie ‘helped’ me into my clothes by groping as I tried to dress. I left happy.

* * *

During the next week, I got a rare visit from Ron. He said he missed me. He also said his girlfriend was out of town and he was horny. He said he’d pay a little extra because he thought he was using me unfairly. I didn’t think fucking his friend’s wife was unfair, since I was paid and Dave was my pimp. Ron said his girlfriend didn’t like a fuck in the ass, and he longed for my little tight one. I couldn’t say mine was tight or little any more.

When he arrived, I was delighted to suck that big dick again. We had a good pussy fuck and a second round mostly in my ass. I sucked him more than any other session with him. I was obsessed with that cock!

Jerry came over that week too. We had our usual nice fuck. Nothing is ever exciting about sex with Jerry, but nothing dissatisfying either. The money’s nice.

Merry called. She asked if I (Dave was a given) would consider adding a couple to our swinging set. She described them for me. The guy was a sports buddy of Tommy.

“How did they get interested in this?” I asked.

“Oh, Tommy’s giving away my pussy again. He thinks he’s got a good thing to share with the world. At least Dave sells yours” she replied.

“I don’t know,” I said, “Why don’t you guys try them out and maybe we’ll jump in later.
“I already scheduled Jane for a girl-girl thing before we get with the guys. You want in on that?” Merry asked.

Now that was interesting, but I decided against it.

“Fuck her good” I said.

“‘Course” Merry replied.

* * *

Charlie called. He wanted me at his place again. I wouldn’t have to dress up, but he wanted me to wear heels. He said he loved to watch me walk naked in heels.

What Charlie wanted when I got to his place was for me to do some very lascivious nude dancing (in heels). I enjoyed that, though I’m not very good at it.

We got to the bed and in a sixty-nine. Charlie ate me out wonderfully and finger fucked both holes. I was eager for a screwing and almost shouted “Fuck me!” before he mounted. We had a glorious pussy thumping that brought us off together. We had pleasant interlude of suck, cuddle, beer and snacks.

Charlie asked if he could try something a little bigger in my butt. I played a little shy about it and asked him to do it gently. As we got back on the bed, I suggested we do it on our sides with him behind me. He got the condom and started with a dozen pussy pumps then pushed against my ass hole. I took his cock pretty easily and played with my pussy while he plowed the back lot. I was getting hotter and Charlie’s pumping got faster. I was soon thrusting back to get more good cock up my ass. I was happily stuffed. His speed increased as he got close to coming. I reached for his balls and told him to fill me up. He shot his load all the way up the passage. It was the nicest ass fuck I’d had and I was able to control it.

A little clean-up, a little cuddle and suck and I was on my way with a nice bit of cash. When Dave screwed me that night, I just couldn’t help thinking about my more exciting time earlier.

* * *

Merry called to say that the deal with the other couple wasn’t going to work out. Jane decided that her husband, Danny, was just too anxious to screw Merry and that she wasn’t that interested in screwing Tommy. I asked Merry if she’d gotten Jane with the dildo any way.

“Yeah” Merry replied, “She liked the fuck in the pussy, but wouldn’t take it in the ass, and you know Tommy and Dave wouldn’t leave that hole unfucked. That may be why Danny was so hot for it; Tommy probably bragged that he had two broads for ass fucks.”

Well, this story hasn’t ended, but that’s where things stand now. I have three regular paying customers and a couple to swing with. I don’t know if my business will expand or contract, but I pretty well satisfied with the present situation.

Dave and I have put almost a thou in the bank and are no longer on the financial brink. I’ve found selective whoring can be fun. I only fuck with whom I want, where and when I want. Dave knows just how lucky he is to have such a desirable wife.


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