Me , Jay and Pam

The real names have been changed, but this is a true tale of sex.

I had known Jay and Pam for a few years. They knew I was gay cause hell I told them when I met them at this party. I got to know them fairly well over time; I’d go stay the weekend with them some and occasionally I’d go see them in the evening.

Jay and I talked a bit and he was curious about sex with a guy, he knew I was gay so he wanted to know what it’s like to suck a dick and be fucked.

So once Pam went to work and the kids were asleep in their beds, Jay and I went to his bed. We got naked and he was an average looking guy, nice firm ass and a fat girthy cock.

I went down on him first; I was deep throating him as best I could when he said, “Let me try.” I sat back spread my legs and leg him suck me; he was good at sucking dick.

He stopped and looked at me and said, “You ready to fuck me?”

“Oh yes!” I said. So Jay got doggie and used the Vaseline to lube his hole.

My dick slid up in him easy; oh man it felt good! As I fucked him Jay said, “Oh man, that’s good!”

I shot my load deep in his asshole. And once I was done, Jay fucked me.

We lied there for a bit and talked. He told me he’d like to keep doing this when we could.

So over the next few months we sucked and fucked each other when we could get together. During this time, Pam began flashing herself at me; I told Jay and he said to go for it, so I started fucking Pam, too!

Then one weekend I was staying the night and me and Jay were sitting around in our underwear, the kids in bed asleep, joking about things. Pam said, “Jay wouldn’t be interested in gay sex.”

Not long later, Pam got up, removed her bra and said she was going to bed.

Jay and I were on the couch and we watched as she left the room. When I leaned over and bit his crotch he said he wanted to fuck me. I was in the middle of sucking his cock when Pam called to us, daring us to come to the bed naked.

So Jay and I went to the bed and she was naked and spread eagle. We got on either side of her, fingering her pussy and sucking her nipples.

Jay went down on her pussy first before he mounted her. I kept at the nipple sucking while he fucked her and once Jay was done fucking her it was my turn. I wanted first to eat her pussy; I could taste the sex she just had and my cock was hard and throbbing. I thrust it in her and fucked her.

Once we were all done Jay and I went back to the couch. I wanted his cock more then ever! I could taste her pussy on his cock as I sucked him, and then he shoved up in me with ease. When he thrust in and shot his load it felt so damn good.

It was surprising when he pulled out and he turned and said, “Fuck me now.”

Oh man I was hard; I shoved up in him and butt fucked him. Once, twice, three times I shoved in before I shot my load deep in his hole.

After we were done I fell asleep on the couch and Jay went to join his wife in bed.


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