Jealousy (Chapter Two)

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That day at the hairdressers Julie felt a rage building inside her, she hadn’t realised how jealous she was of Janet. She was cursing herself for ever introducing Tom to her.
When Julie had first met Tom at the dance, she hadn’t taken to him then. They had danced together but that was all. He hadn’t talked very much about himself, he had mentioned that he was in the army but otherwise he was very closed-mouthed. As the evening had drawn to an end Tom had asked if he could take her home. She didn’t want to get involved with a soldier so she had told him that she was already involved with someone. He said he was going back to barracks the following day and did she know if any of her friends would be interested in writing to him.
Julie told him that she had a friend who might be interested in writing to him. She had only just met Janet at that time, but she thought she knew her well enough to give Tom her address.
Julie never gave the matter another thought. That is, until I told her of the letters I was receiving from Tom and their intimate contents. Julie could not stand the thought of Tom and I getting on so well together. Julie now wanted Tom for herself, and if she couldn’t have him then Janet certainly wasn’t going to have him either.
Julie had never told anybody about her stay in the asylum, after-all it was her business. Wasn’t it?
Julie had listened very carefully that morning in the hairdressers. Janet had told her of her intended trip with Tom to go and see his house on the coast. Janet watched as Julie gripped the arms of the salon-seat so tightly she had heard Julie’s her fingernails break.
Julie had an idea; she would somehow drive a wedge between Tom and Janet. So she went home and wrote some love letters to Tom. She would then follow them up too his home. Her idea was to try to find somewhere to hide the letters at Tom’s, so that I would come across them.
After Julie had written the letters she drove up to the Library and waited until she spotted Tom and Janet coming out. she would follow them at a reasonable distance.
Tom and I never suspected that Julie could be so vindictive.
As they neared the coast Julie pulled closer to our their car, not wanting to lose them this close to their destination. She watched them to go up the lane, that she presumed led to Tom’s house. Julie parked the car at the bottom and then waited thirty-minutes before making her way cautiously up towards the house. she spotted Tom and Janet carrying their suitcases indoors.
As Tom and Janet made their way inside, Julie made a dash for the side of the building. She had spotted the garage just to the right of the house. The door was slightly ajar and maybe she could squeeze inside and find somewhere to secret her letters so that Janet could find them.
Julie was just going to make a dash for the garage when she spotted Tom and Janet emerging into the back garden. She watched as Tom took her rival on a tour. Tom was busy telling Janet something about the garden and pointing towards the fence at the bottom of the yard. She watched as Tom pulled Janet towards the fence. He put his hand on the rail and shook it, a piece broke off and disappeared over the side.
Julie noticed that Janet pulled back when Tom took hold of the fence. She took careful note of that fact. She would try to use it later.
Julie waited until they had gone and disappeared inside. She then made a dash for the garage. There wasn’t much room in the garage because Tom’s car was taking most of the space up, but she managed to squeeze past the motor towards the back. Once there, she found what she was looking for, an old trunk; an ideal place to stash her love letters.
Julie decided that she would find somewhere to stay for the weekend. She wasn’t finished with Tom and Janet, yet. She would come back tonight and do a little spying. Maybe she could separate them permanently. (More to come)

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