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Sometimes you get the feeling you were made for each other. It was like that with Tom and I. When I met Tom I didn’t know what to expect, he was tall and well built and quite good looking in a average sort of way. We were introduced by Julie, my best friend at the time. I thought Julie was a little peeved because Tom and I got on so well together. Maybe I was wrong but I could swear she was giving me some very serious looks at the dinner table that evening.
Tom was a Sergeant in the army, some sort of weapons instructor I think he said. He had his own home, a good job, everything a woman could want. The best thing was we enjoyed each others company so well.
The meal was going fine. Tom asked if I wanted more wine. ‘ just a little then,’ I said, ‘ it makes me ill if I drink too much. Are you home for long Tom ? I asked, hoping that he was. ‘ For three-weeks and then back to barracks. I wish I could have longer, but you know what the Army is like I should be home again in about six-months, with luck .’ Tom answered, while looking straight at me with a twinkle in his eye. I blushed and looked down shyly.
I knew it was going to happen with this man. You instinctively know these things when the right person comes into your life.
Long before the dinner date I was now enjoying, I had been writing too Tom for quite some time. I know It’s not easy to get to know somebody through correspondence, but if the letters you receive are interesting you can sometimes read between the lines. What I read pleased me very much. Tom didn’t mince his words when asking questions in his letters. He would ask such personal questions of me. ‘ Have you been married before? Do you like tall men?’
The very impertinence of the man, he was very forward. That seemed such a long time ago now. Now, I’m here in person with him and enjoying it very much.
‘Janet,’ he said, across the table,’ I know I’m falling for you in a big way, but I mustn’t, it’s not fair. You see I’m always moving about. Never in one place long-enough to settle down.’ ‘Stop’ I said,’ I don’t want to hear. Tom, Let’s not rush things, we hardly know each other, let things take its course and see what happens, OK’ I said, secretly pleased with his advances.
The next day Tom told me that he wouldn’t get involved with me whilst he was in the army. It wasn’t fair; always moving about. He said, ‘He would hardly ever see me.’
At dinner last-night he wanted to tell me how much he cared for me, but I was right I said not to rush things and he was. After-all I had only seen him for three-days in the flesh, but nevertheless how long does it take to fall in love with someone. Tom was to meet me at the burger-bar in town. I told him that we could have a day out shopping.
It would be a change.
Today was Saturday and Tom had told me that it was very rarely he got the chance to do a bit of shopping. He said, ‘He enjoyed it when the chance arose.’ I was sitting in the window-seat when he got to the burger bar. I waved to him and mimed through the window not to come in, but to wait there for me. It wasn’t long before I was linking arms with him. I pulled him towards the shops which was a good fifteen-minutes walk from the cafe. Tom’s thigh brushed against my leg, the feeling was electric. I looked into his eyes for just a moment when our legs touched. I knew he had felt the charge between us. It was a wonderful feeling. Tom asked, ‘where too first Janet?’ Pulling me a little closer. I smiled up at him and said, ‘ I thought we might have a look around the Shopping-Centre, if you don’t mind? There are some good shops inside and you might see something you like.’ ‘Lead on,’ he said, ‘it sounds interesting.’
Tom bought himself a knew jacket, it went well with his jeans. ‘That looks great, I said, admiring the cut. ‘My turn next, come on, we’ll find a woman’s shop.’ I found what I was looking for and bought myself a new dress.
We walked around for hours that day, it was the best day I had had for a long time. I loved having Tom to hang onto, I felt that I had known him for years our chemistry was so good. It was time to head off home. ‘Can you manage all those parcels Tom ?’ I asked, offering to give him a lift. ‘Just about,’ He said, laughing. ‘Let’s get a Taxi Janet, we will be home quicker.’ Tom said, pulling me towards the Taxi-stand.
I could see Tom was itching to ask me something, so I waited.
‘Your place; or mine first?’ Tom asked. nervously. I looked into his eyes and told myself yes.’ It doesn’t matter Tom, I’m dying for to get my shoes off, my feet are killing me. ‘Right then, my place it is.’ Tom answered, whilst loading the parcels into the cab.
When we arrived at the Hotel where Tom was staying. The Hotel porter gave them a hand with their shopping. He chatted to them being the nosy type; whilst giving me the once over. Tom didn’t get leave all that much so when he did and couldn’t get home he liked to stop in a good hotel.
‘See you later Mr Marsh.’ Said the porter, putting the last of the parcels in the lift. Tom had a room on the second floor, it was equipped with all the mod-cons’. A bathroom and fitted shower en-suite.
‘Hold this bag for me Janet please, while I get my key out.’ He passed me the bag and unlocked the door. I pushed passed him, wanting to see his room before he went in.
‘Nice room Tom! You don’t mind if I take my shoes off, do you?’ I asked, slipping them off anyway.’ No, no, make yourself at home, I’ll just put my things away and then we’ll have a cup of tea.’ He said, moving towards the small cupboard across the room.
‘Are you stopping here for the duration of your leave Tom?’ I asked inquiringly, hoping that he was.
‘Well; I thought I might, it’s not too expensive, and I can afford it for three-weeks.’
‘Good.’ I said, inwardly pleased. I thought there wasn’t much space in Tom’s room. I had to sit on the bed as the only chair was occupied by Tom’s kit-bag.
It made me feel a little uncomfortable, I would…. Tom broke my thought. ‘Teas ready. One lump or two.’ Tom asked, ready to drop the sweetener in. ‘No sugar for me Tom, I’m on a diet.’
‘You on a diet, never.. You have a good figure.’
‘Oh…So you’ve noticed then.’ I said, giving him a twirl. ‘Couldn’t miss it, could I ‘ Tom exclaimed, sitting down next to me on the bed and passing the tea.
It was starting to get late and I was thinking about getting home. I lived in a bed-sit not much bigger then Tom’s room. My parents had been killed in a car accident when I was small, since then I had lived with an old aunt until I was eighteen. Then, I thought it was time to stand on my own two feet. I had finished collage with good results and got myself a job at the local Library as an assistant Librarian. The job didn’t pay all that much at the beginning, but it was enough to get me started on my own and pay the bills. That was five-years-ago. I was now twenty-three and not getting any younger.
‘Tom, I think I had better be getting home.’ I said, nervously.
‘Please stay Janet?’ Tom blurted out rather quickly, hoping that I would say yes.
I was in a panic, how could I tell him that I had never been with a man before. Tom put his tea-cup down on the bedside-table and reached for me.
‘Kiss me Janet?’ He asked, holding me close.
I felt a stirring of emotions I had never felt before. I knew then that I was going to give myself to this man. I was in love with h
im. I flung my arms around him and kissed him passionately. ‘Oh.. Tom.
Yes please, I thought you would never ask.’ I said, pushing him back a little. ‘Tom, I have a confession to make, I have never been with a man before.’
Tom looked at me with a stunned look upon his face. ‘Janet…If you want to go home, I will understand.’
I grabbed hold of him and pulled him to me. I whispered in his ear. ‘Tom, I have loved you from the first moment I saw you. I knew you were the man for me.’ I touched his lips with my finger. ‘Don’t say anything, just hold me and kiss me.’
As I lay there naked watching him undress. I had forebodings about being able to take him inside me. He was so huge. Tom stood at the end of the bed looking down at me with love in his eyes and a little lust as well. I could tell he was excited because his penis stood hard against his belly gently throbbing as it pulsed with blood. He took hold of my knees and pulled them apart slowly. I helped him by opening them as wide as possible and lifting my knees. He kissed his way down the inside of my leg until he reached the centre of my heat. Tremors of excitement were making my legs shake. I felt his fingers pulling my sex open and then his tongue licking and sucking at my clitoris.
I had never felt this excited in my life. I felt a deep heat in my sex as though I wanted to explode. Tom’s tongue and lips were sucking hard on my clitoris. With a huge gush, I came again and again. liquid poured from my opening in great torrents soaking the bed.
I then felt Tom move between my legs. I wrapped my arms around his back and pulled him too me. I waited for him to thrust as I felt his erection sliding across my belly into the opening of my vagina. ‘Push it in Tom, make me a real woman.’ I moved my hips forward as he thrust inwards. ‘AHhhh.. AHhhh.’ I shouted, as I felt a great release once more in my loins. I had had my second orgasm, gushing fluid from around Tom’s thick cock.
I felt Tom moving inside me, thrusting deeply in his excitement, he grew even bigger inside me; and then I felt a huge flood of heat as his semen hit my cervix. I thought he would never stop coming, there was so much of it.
We made love until we were both exhausted and fell asleep in each-others arms.
I was the first to wake, I lay there thinking “what a gentle lover Tom was for such a big man.” I quietly pulled the covers back and looked at his cock. I went down in the bed until I was able to take his member into my mouth. I sucked and licked until I heard Tom say, that’s good, more please. His cock was soon erect and filling my mouth, I could only just fit it in, it was so fat. I sucked hard, licking around his gland until I felt him stiffen. ‘I’m coming’ pull it out now Janet, if you don’t want a mouth full.
I ignored him, and carried on sucking until his sperm flooded my mouth and ran down my chin and onto my breasts. I enjoyed sucking Tom, it gave me a great feeling of togetherness.
I got out of bed, looking down at Tom as he was snored softly. I didn’t want to wake him so I pulled the covers back up and slipped into the shower. I was enjoying the hot spray when I heard a voice whisper,’ Do you want company?’
‘Yes please,’ I said, pulling him in besides me and grabbing his penis, which was showing signs of another erection. I went down on my knees and tasted the velvet softness of his now swollen gland.
Later, when we were getting dressed, Tom asked. ‘Would you like to see my house Janet? We could go up for the weekend.’ ‘Where is it Tom?’ I asked, very much interested in seeing his home. ‘Not far, up the motorway, about a two-hour drive. I bought a house on the coast in what used to be a thriving fishing town. Now sadly most of the boats are in dry dock, or used for the tourist trade. I think you will like it up there, the people are friendly and the house overlooks the sea.’
Janet asked ‘Who’s looking after the house while you are in the army Tom?’ ‘I have some friends who call in twice a week to check on things, they’re good people you’ll like them.’
‘Okay, sounds good,’ I said. ‘Are we going on Friday or Saturday, or are we going to go for the weekend?’ I enquired, excited at the thought of going away for a bit.
‘I thought we would go on Friday-afternoon and stay for the weekend, that’s if you don’t mind?’ Tom said, inquiringly.
‘No, that’s great Tom, I finish work at lunch time on Fridays so there’s no problem. I have to see Julie on Thursday, we’re going to the hair-dressers. Would you like me to bring my things round to the hotel after I’ve finished, it would make things easier that way.’ I said, giving him a loving look.
‘That would be great,’ said Tom, ‘you can stay with me Thursday-night?’ A hopeful look in Tom’s eye.
‘Yes, that would be nice, I can go to the Library on Friday morning and you can pick me up there.’
Tom managed to find a car-hire firm in town who would loan him a car with unlimited mileage. He told me later, that “He wished he had brought his own car”. But it was locked away in the garage at home.
Today was Wednesday. The week had gone quick and I was looking forward to seeing Tom on the Thursday, I missed him very much.
I took my bag round to the hotel after work on Thursday. Tom greeted me with a cuddle and a kiss. He inquired if I had eaten yet.
‘They have a good restaurant here Janet, come on, I will treat you to dinner.’ ‘That sounds wonderful Tom, I’m starving’
Over dinner we made our plans for the trip up to his house.
‘Please, let me give you something towards the cost of the car-rental Tom, it’s only fair.’ ‘Okay,’ he said, ‘but you know I can afford it.’ Tom was prepared to press his point, but looking at the determination on my face changed his mind.
‘Let’s start as we mean to carry on, share and share alike, I prefer it that way.’ ‘That’s fine,’ said Tom, defeated.
Friday soon came. Tom and I were up early. I had to go too work, so Tom took the car he had hired and filled it with petrol ready for the trip up to the house in the afternoon. I was clock-watching all morning on Friday. The time was dragging terribly. We had made love again on Thursday night, it was wonderful I think that’s because Tom was so gentle. His caresses soon had me ready to except him inside me. The first time we made love there was a little pain, and I have to admit, I was a little frightened by the prospect. But that soon passed as I felt stirrings in my body that I had never felt before. I felt so comfortable with Tom it was as though I had known him all my life.
Lunchtime soon came. I was looking forward to our trip up North, it was very rarely I ever went anywhere and I had never been up North before so this would be an adventure for me.
We were off. Tom drove as far as he could up the motorway, then turned off onto the more quite country roads. The trip was uneventful except for the near miss, with rabbits running across the road.
We reached the house about four-o’clock in the afternoon. It was a beautiful afternoon we couldn’t have wished for a better day. I was excited at the thought of seeing Tom’s house. ‘How much further Tom?’ I asked, excitedly. ‘I can’t wait to see the house’ ‘I can smell the sea, can’t you Janet?’ Tom exclaimed, breathing deeply.
I took a deep breath in order to catch the sea air. ‘Oh yes, it’s wonderful.’ ‘Just around the bend and up the lane,’ said Tom.
We arrived at last. As we drove up to the house I had the strangest feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was as though something was about to happen. I put the feeling
to the back of my mind.

It was a large house, built of sandstone and looked very solid. Tom wasn’t kidding when he said it was overlooking the sea, there was a magnificent view, it was breathtaking. ‘Come on Janet, let’s get the bags in and unpack, then I will show you around the place.’ Tom had phoned earlier that morning to inform his friends that he was coming up for the weekend. They had left the key on the lintel above the door. It wasn’t long before we had unpacked. I commented on the size of the rooms on the way upstairs.
‘It’s a big house Tom, how on earth do you manage to afford it on a soldier’s pay.’ Tom replied rather sadly. ‘I inherited quite a bit of money off my father when he died, me being his only heir, I got the lot. So I invested the money in this house. Come on I’ll show you round.’
‘Has your father been dead a long time Tom?’ I asked, not wanting to drag up sad memories, but curious about Tom’s wealth.
‘About eight-years now, it was a shame really I got on well with my dad. Cancer ate him down to nothing, he fought hard, but just gave up the end the pain was too much.’
‘I’m sorry Tom, it was distasteful of me to bring sadness back into your life. ‘Come on Janet I’ll show you the kitchen, it’s where I do all my best work, I love cooking.’
I was very impressed with the kitchen, the cooker was the centre piece. Tom said it was the best oven he had ever worked with. We left the kitchen and went out into the back-garden.
The garden was beautiful at this time of year being early spring, the flowers had not yet blossomed. The colours of winter were still in the trees and bushes that dotted the back yard driveway.
‘The garden is better in the summer when all the flowers are in full bloom, but don’t ask me what they’re called I’m no gardener. The garden goes almost to the cliff edge Janet. Do you see where the fence is, that’s the edge, you must be careful when you go close to the edge. Come on I will show you.’ Tom gently got hold of my hand and took me too the bottom of the garden where the fence was.
‘You see Janet?’ He said. ‘The fence is rusting away in places.’ Tom shook the fence causing a piece to fall towards the rocks below. ‘So please be careful when you come down here won’t you? I don’t want to lose you over the edge, now that I have found you.’
‘I don’t like heights Tom, so I won’t be going too close to the edge.’ I pulled away from the fence nervously.
Do you like the view? I’m afraid there isn’t much beach, it’s mostly rocks as you can see but we do have plenty of fresh-air Janet.’ I stood well back away from the fence.
The panoramic-view was magnificent you could see for miles in either direction. I managed to look down. It must have been a good fifty-meters to the sea and the rocks below. We returned to the house. ‘Would you like a brew Janet? Tom asked, rubbing his hands together. ‘The air here can be rather fresh and chilly.’
Oh.. Yes please Tom, I could murder a cup of tea.’

More to come

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