Jennifer's World: The College Years ch 12

Author’s note: I suggest you read the previous two chapters first, if you have not already done so. Also, there is a special note for all my fans at the bottom of this chapter.


Pat huffed up the hill to his home. It was a little over a mile from the shack. As he walked, he tried to figure out a way to get away from Alan. His nature terrified him, and he wanted no part of what he was going to do to Jennifer. He knew that if he was ever caught, he would be an accessory to kidnapping, but he knew no way to get out of it.

Pat was considered a good kid. He got good grades in school, but he seemed to always associate with the wrong people. When he first met Alan three months ago, he thought he was good people. Then, when he started taking him to certain types of BD/SM parties, his opinion changed. He tried to leave him once, and Alan had beat him to within an inch of his life. He also had set him up on a battery charge, and told him that if he ever tried to leave him again, he would make sure the police arrested him for that bogus charge.

Pat resigned to stick with him, being galled at the depths of depravity he was getting into, especially with Bill, a very sadistic man whose techniques bordered on torture. Alan would drag him along, and he was made to watch as Bill showed him some of his pet techniques on a girl who was just as depraved as him. Pat threw up a couple of times, but Alan kept dragging him along. After two weeks, he could stomach it no longer, and begged Alan to stop. He did, claiming he learned all he needed to know to disclipline his slave, a woman named Jennifer Holston.

Alan had described her to Pat, and he told him to keep an eye out for her while he worked at the gas station just outside of town. Pat complied, not knowing what he was planning, until last night. Jennifer had pulled into his gas station, and he had filled her car. Pat recognized her, and had called Alan to let him know that she was in town.

Later that night, Alan had come over to his house, and had told him what he was planning. Alan was frightened, but had decided to help. He had told him of the shack on his parent’s property that he had found, and Alan took up the idea of that place. He had filled it earlier that morning with the tools he was going to use on Jennifer. He had refused to help set up the shack, but had remained inside it. Alan had then told him to stay there until he returned with Jennifer. Scared, he had remained. He was gone a long time, but had returned a couple of hours ago. Now, Jennifer was tied up in the shack, naked, with a leather strap across her stomach, and implements of pain next to her. He got sick thinking of what those things could do to a body. He stopped and vomited.

As he crested the hill, he saw about a half dozen strange cars at his house. He thought his parent were entertaining until he saw a man come out of the door and recognized him. It was one of the men that were with Jennifer!

Pat had a good view of his home on that hill. He looked around and saw other people. He reconized some of them as those being with Jennifer, but he did not recognize the others. It looked like they were waiting for something…or someone. A lump in his stomach hit as he realized that they were waiting for him!

Pat thought fast, and in desperation his courage solidified at that moment. He turned and ran down the hill, intent on freeing Jennifer. Maybe he could salvage his life!

It took Pat only a few minutes to get back to the shed. There was no sign of Alan’s car. He unlocked the door and walked in. He quickly made his was to the bed where Jennifer lay.

“I’m sorry he did this to you,” Pat said to her. She opened her eyes. “I can’t stand it any more. I can’t let him do this to you. He’s gone crazy!”

Pat took of her blindfold. Jennifer watched as Pat grabbed one of the scapels and cut the bonds on her hands and feet. He then carefully cut the gag from her. As soon as it was off, Jennifer slapped him hard.

“You sonofabitch!” she screamed. “When I get through with you, you won’t see daylight ever again!”

“Whoa, lady,” Pat said, taken aback by her ferocity. “I’m freeing you…”

“You think that MATTERS?!”

“…And taking you to your friends!”

“I swear I’m gonna k- What did you say?”

I said I’m taking to your friends. They’re up at my house right now!”

Jennifer cooled instantly, and reassessed Pat. He was a good-looking lad, about her age, with unruly black hair, and penetrating eyes. She thought back detachedly at the events of the night, and realized that he was actually doing what he had done under duress. This mollified her some.

She looked back at Pat. “OK, I believe you,” she said to him. “What am I gonna wear, though? My clothes are all cut up.”

“Here,” said Pat, throwing throwing her the sheet that had covered the table of implements, “This will have to do.”

Jennifer wrapped herself in the sheet as Pat went to the other side of the room and retrieved a leather gym bag. He went back to the table and scooped the implements into the bag, being careful not to touch any of them. When he finished, he handed the bag to Jennifer.

“Here,” he said to her. “Alan’s fingerprints are all over them. I hope you can get him good.”

Jennifer took the bag, then stood up. “Thank you,” she said to him. “You realize that you will have to face charges in this.”

“I know,” Pat said, a little depressed. “I hope freeing you will help. I just couldn’t let him do what he was planning.”

“Do you know what he was gonna do to me?” Jennifer asked.

“In detail,” Pat said simply. “I couldn’t stomach it.”

“Then I think you’ll be able to cut a deal,” Jennifer said kindly. “I’ll testifyto the truth: You helped me escape.”

Pat nodded. “Let’s get you back to your friends.”

Jennifer nodded, and followed him. As Pat opened the door, something hit him in the head. The last thing he heard was Jennifer yelling for someone to stop hitting him. He passed out.


An argument assaulted Pat’s ears as he regained conciousness.

“Will you just settle down?!” Jennifer yelled. “He helped me escape!”

“So what?” yelled a man. “He helped kidnap you too! He’s a dead man!”


“Jason Manacek, don’t you DARE touch him! Jerry! Hold him! Eric! Cut him loose!”

Pat felt his hands suddenly freed from their bonds. He decided to open his eyes. He groaned as he looked into the face of the man he deduced was Eric.

“Don’t you fuckin’ move, bastard!” Eric seethed at him.

“ERIC!” Jennifer yelled over. “Let him up!”


“I said let him up!”

Eric reluctantly retreated. Pat sat up on the bed and rubbed his head. He looked over towards Jennifer. She was now dressed in shorts and a halter, and also saw an oriental man restraining a larger man. “That must be Jason,” he thought.

Pat saw there were at least a dozen people in the shack. He recognized some of them. They all had grim faces, though.

“Now, listen to me, all of you,” Jennifer said severely, “I’m fine! I owe my life to him! He knows he did wrong, but he is now trying to do right! Give him a break!”

“I’ll give him a break!” Jason said. He struggled against Jerry, to no avail.

“Why should we give him a break?” Tommy said.

“He helped to kidnap you!” Sherry exclaimed. There was murderous murmer of assent at this.

“Jason, Eric, everybody!” Jennifer pleaded. “You all know me. You trust me, trust my jugement. Please, trust me now. In this. Please.”

Jason looked at her. He sighed, then nodded. Jerry let him go.

“All right, my love, I trust you,” he said to her.

“As do we all, Jennie baby,” Yolanda piped
in. Tommy hugged her.

“Good,” Jennifer said. She then walked over to Pat. “How are you feeling?”

“Like a train hit me,” he said ruefully. “Thanks for saving my life.”

“You’re damned rig
ht!” Eric said. Angela elbowed him in the ribs.

Jennifer looked at Eric. “Trust me, remember?” She said.

Eric opened and closed his mouth three or four times. Finally, he nodded.

“All right,” Jennifer said looking at the group. “Now, we have to figure out how to get Alan. Any ideas?”

Everyone thought but could not come up with anything. Pat, however, tapped Jennifer on the shoulder.

“Uh, Jennifer?” he said.

Jennifer turned around. “Yes?”

“I think I know a way to get him. It means we’ll have to tie you up again…”

“You BASTARD!” Jason yelled and started forward.

“JASON!” Jennifer said severely. Jason stopped, seething. Eric was also seething, restrained by Angela and Alexandra. “Hear him out!” She turned back to Pat “Go on…”

“Well,” he started, after he got over his fright, “how fast can you get the police up here?”

The question caught everyone by surprise. Sam was the first to recover and whipped out his cell phone, calling the police. In a few minutes he hung up.

“They’ll be here in fifteen minutes,” he announced to everyone.

“Good,” Pat said, gaining confidence. “Now, here is my plan…”

Pat explained. Slowly, understanding surfaced in everyone, and grim smiles once again adorned their faces.


Alan pulled up to the shack. It was 11:50. He told Pat to meet him at 12. He knew he would be here. Alan planned to get him charged on the battery of that girl once he finished with Jennifer. He was weak. He might also be able to pin Jennifer’s murder on him as well, for good measure. He just needed to find a way to implicate him deeper.

At 11:58, Pat came out of the forest. He walked directly towards the car, hands out, to let Alan know it was him.

“Right on time!” Alan said satisfied.

“You said to be here at 12,” Pat said. “Well, I’m here. Now what?”

“Let’s go in and have some fun, Pat. I have waited a long time for this. You do want to have fun, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah I do, it’s just…”

“Well? Spit it out!”

Um it’s just that those things you’re gonna use could kill her, Alan. You know I can’t use them…”

Wimp. “I’ll use them, Pat. That was the plan anyway. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to whip her or something…”

Pat thought about it. “Well, maybe I can do that…”

“That’s what I want to hear, Pal!” Alan was giddy. He now had a way to pin Jennifer’s murder on him. He smiled.

“Tell me, Alan,” Pat said, “What are you gonna do to her before I get her? I mean, I don’t want a useless girl…”

Since he now had his plan, Alan felt expansive. “You know what I’m gonna do, my friend. First, she’ll get the whipping of her life, then, I don’t know, fuck her with the dildoes, cut her clit off, crush her nipples, stuff like that.”

“Wait, Alan. Those dildoes will rip her up inside. What use is she to me then?”

“You are such a wimp, Pat! She’ll still be alive. Once I fuck her silly after all that, you can have her then!”

“But what if she dies before I get her?”

“Then she dies. Don’t worry my friend. I’ll take care of it.”

“What about the kidnapping?”

“I’ll take care of that, too.” Alan smiled.

Pat nodded, inwardly sick.

The two men went to the door and unlocked it. Alan looked and saw Jennifer just the way he left her. The strap looked like it was moved though. Alan thought she tried to squirm it off her. He would have to give her ten extra lashes for that with the whip.

Alan walked to the bed and slapped her pussy. “It’s time, my sweet, sweet slave. Prepare for your beating,” he said to her.

Pat moved up to the foot of the bed.

Alan took the strap off of her. “You know,” he said, looking at the strap, “I think this strap is too soft for you.” He threw the strap to the side and picked up the whip. Pat saw it had small metal balls and barbs imbedded in it. “I think I will use this whip for your first beating.”

Alan ran the whip along Jennifer’s side. She shivered.

“Ahh, good reaction,” Alan said, satisfied that he had her terrified. “Now we are going to play ‘Guess where you will be hit’. I want you to guess where the whip will land first.” He unfurled the wicked instrument and lifted. “Ready? And…”


The command startled Alan. He looked over and found himself staring down the barrel of a police revolver from the door.

“What’s going on?” Alan said angrily. “You’re interrupting our little sexplay here! You’re on private property!”

“I said ‘FREEZE’!” said the cop.

Alan dropped the whip.

“OK, OK,” Alan said, ‘but your’re making a big mistake.”

The first cop kept Alan covered with his revolver as another entered the room and approached him. He cuffed him once he got there.

“Alan Parks,” said the officer, “you are being arrested on attempted murder, attempted torture, battery, and kidnapping. You have the right to remain silent…”

“Yeah, right!” Alan said snidely. “You have no proof. She came to me willingly, and we both want this…”

“I don’t think so my friend,” Pat said. He ripped open his shirt. Alan saw he wore a wire!

Alan seethed. “You son of a bitch!” he spat at Pat. “I’ll make sure you burn in hell!”

“I already confessed,” Pat said smugly.

“I’m testifying on his behalf, Alan,” Jennifer said from the bed.

Alan looked over. Jennifer had gotten out of her bonds and gag, and was covered by a sheet.

“Pat released me earlier. I was just laying here, as bait,” she said. “Face it, Alan, you’re finally getting what you deserve!”

Alan was so mad that he could not speak. The cop led him out of the shack. The other officer came in and cuffed Pat.
“Thank you for all your help,” Jennifer said to Pat.

“You’re welcome, Jennifer,” he said back.

Jennifer got up and went to Pat. She planted a sloppy, wet kiss on him.

“When you get out, look me up,” she whispered to him. “Maybe we’ll have some fun.”

Pat smiled.

“Miss Holston,” the officer said, “I will need you to come down to the station later and give your statement.”

“Yes sir.”

The officer took Pat out and put him in his cruiser. The two police cars then took off.

Everybody stormed into the shack, cheering.

“They got it all on tape!” Alexandra said.

“Man, were they pissed!” Sherry piped in.

Jason grabbed Jennifer and swung her around, laughing.

“You did it, hon!” Jason said. “You got the bastard!”

“No I didn’t, Jason,” Jennifer said, laughing. “Pat did! He really came through!”

“He sure did, didn’t he?” Eric said, scratching his head. “Go figure.”

“Your reputation is still intact, my sunflower,” Jerry chimed in.

Jennifer looked at him. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“What he means,” Tommy said, “is that you once again perfectly pegged a person’s intentions and personality, even in disbelief from the rest of us. You have once again proved how accurate your talent is in judging people, and this time, it saved a life.”

“Exactly,” Jerry said.

Sam and Alexandra smiled. “We are glad you’re safe!” Sam exclaimed.

“We all are, dear,” Angela said lovingly.

Jennifer looked at looked at her friends and smiled. “I love you all!” she said to them. they erupted in happy cheer.

“Honey?” Jennifer said to Jason.

“Yes, my darling?”

“Take me home.”

Jennifer curled up in Jason’s arms. Jason smiled. He got Eric’s attention, nodded his head toward the door, then carried Jennifer to his car.


“You done yet?” Jason asked.
br />“Not yet,” Jennifer said heatedly. “I’m still cumming.”

Jason shoved his cock into her a few more times.


“Wait…AAAAHHHH! Now I am.”


Jennifer chuckled.

The door of Jennifer’s bedroom opened. Alexandra stood there.

“Get dressed, you two,” she said to them. “Eric said he
wants to get the surprises out of the way tonight!” Alexandra then left.

“What surprises?” Jennifer asked Jason.

“You’ll see!” he said to her teasingly.

Jennifer punched him goodnaturedly and got up. She put on her slip, and Jason put on his pants. They exited her room and went into the living room.

It was Tuesday evening, three days since her ordeal. She had spoken to the police. Her statement was factual, and she put in a good word for Pat. If all goes well, he’ll only get one accessory charge and get a reduced sentence, maybe 4 years. She hoped she will be all right.

Alan’s and Pat’s arraignment on Monday had been stressful, but Alan pled guilty to all of the charges against him, and Pat pled guilty to one count of accessory to kidnapping, at the advice of their lawyers. Their sentencing date was set for December 3. Jennifer asked Jason to let her know what each got.

All of her friends were still here: Eric and Angela, Jerry and Sherry, Tommy and Yolanda, Sam and Alexandra and Mark and Daly. They had all decided to spend Thanksgiving together yesterday.

“So, what’s the surprise?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah,” Angela said to Eric. “You men have been acting so secretive today!”

Jerry, Mark, Tommy, and Sam all smiled. Jerry had clued them in yesterday.

Jennifer, Angela, I want you to sit on the couch,” Eric said.

The couples on the couch got off to make room for them. Jennifer and Angela sat down, thoroughly confused.

Eric and Jason stood in front of them. “Ladies,” they said together, “You entered into our lives and made them brighter. Together, we are one. Apart, we are desolate. You hold a special place in our hearts that no one can take away. You have given us meaning, and purpose. You showed us a side of life that was missing in our own. You fill our lives with love, and that love has proven that it can stand anything.”

Jennifer and Angela remained still, a look of shock on their faces. Everyone else was smiling.

Eric kneeled in front of Angela, and Jason kneeled in front of Jennifer.

“Angela,” Eric said, You and I have been together for eleven months, and my love for you has grown and matured. You are the point to my counterpoint, and I find that I am not whole without you. Angela Sanders, will you marry me?”

“Jennifer,” Jason said, “My love for you has stood the test of fire. Though we have only known each other these past three months, I feel I have known you for years. You are a special person to all you meet, and I love you for that. You have put me before all others, and I love you for that. You have chided me for my anger, and I love you for that. You have revelled with me in our mutual pleasure, and I love you for that. There is only one more thing to make our love complete. Jennifer Holston, will you marry me?”

Both of the women were speechless. Eric and Jason produced diamond rings and placed them on their flaccid hands. Jennifer and Angela looked at their rings. They both started to cry softly as everyone eagerly waited for their answer.

Jennifer found her voice first.

“Jason Manacek, I will marry you!” she said, then started crying.

“Yes, Eric Thomlinson, I will marry you!” Angela said, and also started to cry.

The room erupted in cheers and well wishing for the new betrothed as Eric and Jason hugged their women. Jennifer’s and Angela’s crying turned into full-fledged bawling!

After a few minutes, Sherry piped up.

Hey you guys,” She said, “Does this mean that the rest of us are cut off from sex with you?”

Everyone pelted her with pilows.

She glared back goodnaturedly. “Well, it needed to be asked!”

“Only Sherry would ask that!” Tommy said ruefully.

“Come, Sherry dear,” Jerry said to her. “Let us repair to a back bower. You sound in need of a good nailing.” Jerry grabbed her hand and dragged her towards Eric’s bedroom. Everyone else laughed at the byplay.

Jennifer spoke up. “No, our betrothal does not exclude you; it includes you. You will all be a part of our lives for many years to come, no matter what life throws at us.”

“I heard that! Yipee!” Sherry yelled from the bedroom.

Everyone busted up again.

“Only Sherry,” Angela said, while Eric buried his head in her exposed pussy.


With Jennifer’s ordeal over, the group started to return to normal, and she became engaged toher man. So did Angela to Eric. Pleasant surprises were a great way to erase the bad memories.

So now, what’s in store for Jennifer? Find out in the next exciting chapter of “Jennifer’s World: The College Years”, coming soon!

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