Jennifer's World: The College Years ch 5

The men had decided to get a good night’s sleep before another round with the sexiest women any of them had ever known. Tommy and Yolanda took one bed, and Jerry and Sherry took the other bed in 216. Jason and Jennifer, Eric and Angela took the beds in 218.

“Jerry?” Sherry said.

“Yes?” he answered.

“Do you think we can possibly make love now? I know we need rest for tomorrow, but I am still buzzing, and I have found I can get to sleep better if I have a cock in me as I drift.”

Jerry rolled over and kissed her tenderly. Sherry carressed his back and butt as she kissed him back. Jerry pulled her to her side, then grabbed one of her hands and placed it on his cock. Sherry started to pump that wonderful member until it was erect.

Sherry then put her hand in her pussy, and wet it with her pussy juice, which was flowing again in anticipation of Jerry’s cock. She then grabbed Jerry again, bathing his member with her juice. Then she opened her legs and guided his cock into her waiting pussy.

Jerry slid in slowly until he was completely buried in Sherry’s velvety snug cunt. Sherry moaned as it slipped in to the hilt. She felt his size, and knew it was a perfect fit. She then rested her leg on his hip. Jerry started a very small in-and out motion.

Sherry smiled and sighed at the feeling. Soon she was asleep, softly snoring. Jerry continued to slowly pump, revelingin the feeling. Soon, he too fell asleep.

Jason and Jennifer were already asleep, holding each other.

Eric was asleep, but Angela was still awake. Her thoughts were on the complete fucking she was subject to at the hands of Jerry. She was going to have to ask Jerry to teach Eric that little trick on control. Her thoughts mulled over the feeling of that fucking, and she felt herself get hot all over again. Since her lover was fast asleep, she decided to masturbate herself until orgasm, then fall asleep.

Tommy and Yolanda were still wide awake. They kept silent until they heard Jerry finally nod off to sleep.

Yolanda was holding Tommy around the chest. Tommy had his arm around her shoulders.

“Yolanda?” Tommy said.

“Yes, Master?”She answered, immediately getting into a kneeling position next to him.

“Why do you call me that? And kneeling like that? I’m no master yet. I just started tonight!”

“You are a Master,” she said simply.

“What do you mean?”

“May your slave speak freely?”

“Yes, yes! Just answer the question please!” Tommy was becoming more shocked by Yolanda’s change of personality.

“You are Master, even if you not believe it yet. I see it. I respond to that, and I feel helpless in fron of it. I am a-how you say it-submissive. That part of me comes out only in presence of masters. I suspected earlier, but not sure then if I could tell you. Now I know. You have master in you. You just need experience. You fucked me before, so I know your ways. Now you have had the first taste of mastering, and I find I want to be slave to that. I am good submissive. I can help you be good master.”

Tommy took this admission in with a mixture of shock and bewilderment. “Are you saying you WANT to be my slave?” he said, shakily.

“Yes, Master.” Yolanda bowed her head.

Tommy’s mind went into overdrive. This girl was offering herself to him! This had not happened before in his entire life, and he felt such a powerful feeling from this that he was not sure just how to handle it. He decided to question Yolanda on it. He also decided to use certain words in his addressing of her. He’d used them before.

“Slave,” he started, “Tell me why you want to be my slave, and be direct.”

“Yolanda fell in love with Master,” She said. She was using third person now, Tommy thought. Interesting…

Then her statement hit him. GULP! “Y-You fell in love with ME?”

“Yes, Master.”


“Tonight, Master. When you collared me. Yolanda felt your power then. Then you picked Sherry, not Yolanda, and then knew Yolanda was nothing but slave to you. That is power, Master. When we all finished fucking tonight, and Yolanda came in on all the masters, Yolanda heard what you say. Yolanda also heard you call slave Sherry “bitch”. Yolanda know you no like bitch, but used anyway. Yolanda was helpless in face of that. Yolanda wanted to be under Master’s power. Master knew Yolanda before slavery. Now Master has Yolanda as slave. Yolanda loves Master.”

She explained it simply. Tommy understood that.

“Now tell me: Why do you refer yourself in the third person? You didn’t before.”

“Master not call Yolanda slave until a few moments ago. Now Yolanda knows that no matter what Master call Yolanda, it still mean slave. Yolanda is totally under your power, Master.”

So it was the word “Slave” that triggered it. He believed her. The full import of what had just transpired was slowly sinking in. He needed to think on it more.

“Thank you, Yolanda,” He said to her carefully. “You have given me much to think about. We will discuss it later. Now let’s get some sleep.” He lay down, making room for her next to him. Instead, she curled up at his feet!

This was just a touch much for him to accept right at this moment. “Yolanda, get up here!” he said, exasperatedly.

“Yes, Master,” she said. She scrambled next to him, and held him tightly. Soon they were asleep, Tommy’s thoughts spurring erotic and powerful dreams of his mastery of this little sexual package next to him that had so recently given herself completely to him.

Eric had the next day planned. All of them were heading to the fair for the day. When he woke, he gingerly slipped out of bed so as not to disturb Angela. Jason was already awake, and was coming out of the bathroom as Eric was heading for it.

Jason dressed and called the restaurant to reserve a table for eight in an hour. He then woke Jerry and Tommy, telling them to clean up and get ready. Jerry got up quickly, and Tommy gently extricated himself from Yolanda.

“Rested?” Jason asked Tommy.

“In a manner,” he said. “I was given a revelation last night, and I am not sure quite how to handle it.”

“What happened?”

“Yolanda gave herself to me last night. As my slave, no less. She said she loves me.”


“Well, I’m not quite sure how to handle it. Being master that is. I called her slave last night, just to test her out on her admission, and it had an unexpected reaction.”

Jason looked at him. “What reaction?”

“Um, you’ll see when she wakes. Then maybe you can tell me how to handle it. You seem to know what to do with Jennifer, and I feel that your advice would help me greatly.”

Jason smiled, and thumped him on the back. “All right, Tommy,” He said, starting to laugh, “We’ll see what we can do. In the meantime, why don’t you take the pleasure of waking the women?”

Tommy looked at him, smiled, and nodded. He went in to 218 and woke Angela and Jennifer first. He then came back into 216 and woke Sherry and Yolanda. All four girls were heading to the bathroom sleepy-eyed.

In 20 minutes, all the men were cleaned and dressed, sitting at the table and drinking some orange juice. The women were out shortly thereafter, also cleaned and dressed. Around their necks, the girls had wound a scarf around their collars. They looked fetching, for the girls had donned different color dresses, and the scarfs matched the color. So did the shoes they wore.

Then women then did something that flabberghasted the men: They knelt on the floor about 5 feet from them. Their hands were on their laps, palms up, and heads down.

Tommy, to the surprise of Jerry, Jason, and Eric, was the first to regain composure. “Yolanda. To me, slave,” he said simply.

“Yes master,” she said. She rose f
rom her position and quickly went to Tommy, then knelt next to him.

The men followed Yolanda with their eyes until she knelt at Tommy’s feet. Then they all looked at Tommy, dumbfounded.

Jason fo
und his voice first. “Just what HAPPENED last night?” he asked.

Tommy told his story. The men were looking at him in a new light, as well as Yolanda.

Eric looked over at the women. He had a wild idea. “Slaves, to your men!” he barked.

“Yes, Master!” they all said. Angela, Jennifer, and Sherry got up and went to their men. Just as Yolanda had done, each then knelt near their man.

“What’s going on?”Eric asked of Angela.

“Yolanda told us in the bathroom of her admission to Tommy last night,” Angela said, “and she was scared by the power of Tommy, and she did not want to feel out of place, or to make him feel uncomfortable with her natural needs of submission. We decided that, for the duration of our time, we would relate to all of you in the same manner. Now, she knows that we three, Sherry, Jennifer, and I, don’t really get into this normally, and she knows that we are doing this so she can become more comfortable with her new role to Tommy.”

Tommy looked down to Yolanda. “Is this true?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” she said, keeping her head down.

“Tommy, you sly son of a bitch!” Jerry said to his friend goodnaturedly.

Tommy grinned sheepishly, blushing as well. Everyone laughed.

“OK, ladies,” Jason said, “Since this is how our time will be spent, let’s get a couple things down. Outside of this room, you are to act normally as the rest of the world would expect you to act. No act of submission will be shown or tolerated that would allude to the roles you are currently playing. That means no kneeling at our feet in the restaurant, no walking behind us on purpose, etc. is that clear, slaves?”

“Yes, Master,” said all the women.

It was generally accepted that Jason was the alpha master of their group. He just had that air of command about him. Eric was fast learning.

“Good,” Eric said. “Now that that is settled, let’s go get breakfast.”

The transformation was astounding as soon as the girls left the room. Yolanda became her glib self again. Sherry was her saucy self. Jennifer and Angela were chatting, catching up on the past two months. The men just shook their heads and smiled.

Breakfast was a convival affair. They made small talk and planned what they were going to do at the fair. They ordered a light breakfast in anticipation of a heavy lunch and dinner later.

Their day went beautifully. They took in the theatre, played games, ate hot dogs and popcorn, went on the rides, and took in the sights. They bought many items for themselves. Eric bought a set of shirts with the college logo on them. Jason bought a beautiful sextant to go with his collection of naval instruments. Jerry bought two butterfly knives, tonfa, nunchaku, and a cherry wood three section staff. Tommy bought some ball caps and leather belts of different colors. Jennifer bought some scarfs for her neck and collar. So did the other girls. In fact, they spent a while picking the right ones for their clothes.

The rides were standard ones, and only one caught their attention: the Tunnel of Love. The trains that went through all had four cars. They decided to go through together. Each couple took a car, and the controller sent them away. They had him scratching his head, however, as when their train exited, the girls were with a partner that they did not enter with. They all had a laugh over it.

Dinner was at the same restaurant they were at for breakfast. All of them were famished, but decided to keep it a light meal, so they had a fish platter. The girls ate lightly. The men ate more.

“This was a wonderful day together, love,” Jennifer said to Jason. “I wish we could have more of them more regularly.”

Jason laughed. “For sure! You are still coming for Thanksgiving, right?”

“Wouldn’t miss it!”

“How about the rest of you?” Jason said to Jennifer’s friends. “What are your plans for Turkey day?”

“I’ll be going home,” Tommy said. “What about you, Yolanda?”

“Wherever you go Ma—uhm, Tommy, that is where I go,”Yolanda said, catching herself. “I have no family I want to see.”

“I do not have any plans yet,” Jerry said. “My family is abroad, and I do not know if they will make it back for Thanksgiving.”

“You can share it with me if you wish,” Sherry said to him.

Eric took this all in, and figured it would be him, Angela, Jason, Jennifer, and possibly Sherry and Jerry, along with Jack and Ellen, Angela’s parents, for Thanksgiving. He looked over at Angela, who had deduced his thoughts. She nodded.

They went back to their rooms for the night. On the way, Jason excused himself, saying he needed to get something from the car. By the time they were opening the door to 216, Jason had rejoined them. He had a small suitcase in his hand.

“What’s in the case, love,” Jennifer said to him.

“Just things, honey,” he said, smiling.

The attitude transformation entering the room was just as astounding as it was leaving the room, for as the girls entered, they immediately found an empty spot of the cleaned room, and knelt. They opened their legs wide, placed their hands on their legs, palms up, and their heads were down. Tommy, now having had the day to mull over what Yolanda had said to him, was not surprised. Too, Jason had talked to him for a few minutes today on how to handle the situation. Eric went over to the table and poured some juice. Jerry sat down on the bed he slept in and unwrapped his new “toys”. Jason put the small case in the closet area and went to the table. Tommy followed.

“So, gentlemen,” Eric said, “we have imbibed of the wine of the day, and found it sweet. It is now time to sip of the nectar that is our charges. How shall we do this?

They talked as if the women weren’t there. They kept their heads down, waiting for the command to move.

“You know, it occurs to me,” Jason said, “that we have not been in a good, old fashioned orgy since August, and I think it’s time for a repeat!”

“Just not as…intensive,” Eric said smiling. Jason laughed.

Tommy looked at them. “Whew! That must have been some night for you to remember it like that,” he remarked.

“Like what?” Jason asked.

“Oh. Well in sociology, we are studying facial expressions, eyesets during conversations, stuff like that. Your eyes told Jason to remember in detail the night in question just before you laughed. His eyes glazed over about a certain event when he made his statement about it not to be so intensive. With that, I deduced that it must have been one hell of a night that you both shared.”

Eric and Jason were impressed with his insight! “I didn’t realize I said so much,” Eric said. “I’ll have to keep my eyes shut more often around you!”

“His insights are common in our room at the college,” Jerry said as he came up to the table. “I will challenge him with an unknown person in the quad, and he will tell me the real story from their eyes. He hasn’t lost yet. He is becoming very good at it. Now only if he could use it on himself and see the love he has in his slave.”

“Well, what of you and the bitch,” Tommy said.

Jerry looked at his friend. He did not see any embarrassment in his eyes in using the word “bitch”, a word he knew that boiled his blood He found it an interesting change. “Sherry and I have just met,” he said carefully, “you and Yo-your slave have known each other two months, and I do not believe in love at first fuck.”

Sniggers were heard at the table. Jerry had hit it right on the nail! Tommy looked a little flushed. Even Jerry had a small smile on his face. Apparently, these oneupmanship games were ongoing with these two friends.

“One to you, my friend!” Tommy finally said, smiling.

“A rare one, my friend,” Jerry said back. The two men hugged in frienship.

“They are adjusting well to us, I think,” Eric said to Jason. ”
We have a good group now.”

“True, Jason remarked. “We all have had to get used to each other. I think we have the basis for excellent friendships. Days like this prove them out.
The sex can be good between two people, but if they cannot get along outside of that, then there is a problem. We get along great outside of sex. That says a lot.”

Eric nodded. Jason had good insight into the dynamics of the group, which is why he was considered the alpha of the group. Eric was fast learning these techniques.

“So, back to the evening,”Eric said. “Any suggestions?”

“What about a round robin?” Jerry said.

Eric and Jason looked at him.

“Well, we set up a time limit on the girls. Each one of us gives them a task to perform on us. When the time expires, they switch partners, and the next man states the task. Their job is to make us cum. The last man standing, so to speak, is the winner. Then the orgy takes place. The first place people start, then the second place people, doing what the first place people say, and so on. We will have to move the beds together to do this.”

Jason considered. A slow smile cracked his face. He looked to Eric, who was also smiling. He nodded.

“An excellent idea!” Jason said. “Since you were the one to mention it, we will follow your lead. I think we will have a great time.”

“Tommy,” Eric said, “Do you understand this game?”

“Oh, sure,” he said. “We’ve played it before at the dorm. It’s a lot of fun if you have more than 4 people though.”

“Well, since you know the rules, I will leave it to you to inform the women.”

“Alright.” Tommy got up. “Slaves! To the next room and await me! Strip before you kneel. The slut is in charge.”

“Yes, Master,” the girls said together. They all got up and went into 218.

Jason was impressed. Tommy was taking more command, and he was adapting well to the game in his way. He was glad for him that he found a willing woman to be his sex slave. He wondered if it would go farther with him and Yolanda, considering her reactions.

Tommy smiled at the men, and then left for the other room. Eric, Jason and Jerry got busy, and put the beds together. Jason went to his suitcase and placed it on the bed. When he opened it, the others saw an assortment of sex toys that could be used. Jason reached in and pulled out an actual countdown timer from one of the compartments.

“I use this for private lessons,” he explained. “I forgot I had left it in this case when I filled it with Angela’s and Jennifer’s toys. Now it seems it will do perfect. What shall I set it for?”

“Five minutes,” Jerry said.

Jason set the clock, and explained the reset and start procedures. Tommy came back in and gave the thumbs-up. All four men stripped, then lay down on the bed in a row: Eric, Jerry, Jason, and Tommy.

“I told the women to be normal,” Tommy said. “We want them to be at their best, not under command, although I had to tell Yolanda that she was to act as she did before she gave herself to me. She was disappointed, but she will do it.”

“Good,” said Eric.

“I also had them take off the collars and place them on the floor where they knelt. I didn’t think we wanted metal in this game. It can get a little wild!”

“Good thinking,” Jason said, smiling.

Jerry looked over at Jason. “One of these days, you’re going to have to tell us what happened on that night!” he said to him.

“In time, Jason said. “Now, Let’s have fun!”

“OK, guys,” Jerry said to them all, “Think of what you want the women to do for five minutes. Jason will go first. After five minutes, I will go, and so on. We go right to left, and the girls will change left to right. Got it?”

“Got it,” they said.

“Tommy?” Jerry said.

“Women, to your man!” Tommy yelled.

The double door opened up, and the women came in. Angela went to Eric, Jennifer to Jason, Sherry to Jerry, and Yolanda to Tommy. They all had closed-mouth smiles on their faces, and they all smelled like they had masturbated some, for all their pussies looked wet.

Jason started. “For the next five minutes, you four are to slowly lick us until we are hard, and continue for the five minutes, but not to take it in your mouth. Understand?”

They nodded.

When the five minutes are up, Angela, you will go to tTommy, and you three will shift one right, for the next five-minute task. Got it?”

Nods again.


The clock started. The girls started on their task. Angela began at Eric’s balls, licking the sac with expert licks. Sherry was licking the top of Jerry’s cock, slowly circling. Jennifer was using long licks up the shaft of Jason’s gigantic cock. Yolanda had a hold of Tommy’s member, flicking her tongue on the tip, then down the shaft. The men groaned. When the women’s lips touched the shaft, however, the men gasped from the sensation, for it was cold. That was why the women were closed smiled earlier: They had ice in their mouths!

Five minutes passed quickly. The men were sweating a little. Those girls went all out to make them cum in those first five minutes. Eric thought it was going to be harder than he first thought to last.

Finally, the buzzer sounded. “Switch!” Jason said. He then reset the clock. Angela got off and went around to Tommy. Sherry climbed on top of him. The other girls shifted as well, then Angela got on Tommy.

“Hello Lover,” Sherry said.

Blowjob, no deep throat,” Jerry said. “Five minutes. Go!”

The girls went to it. Sherry gingerly slipped Jason’s rock-hard member into her mouth, using her spit to make it slip to the back of the mouth, then started a slow in-and out motion. Jennifer took in Jerrys cock, expertly using her tongue, making him moan almost immediately.

“UUNNNGGGHH!” Jerry moaned. “You keep that up, and I will lose this round!”

Jennifer smiled, and continued her excruciating blowjob.

Yolanda finally got the head of Jason’s cock in her mouth. Her lips were stretched to their maximum on that monster. She started a very fast in and out motion, licking the tip, then plunging on the head once again. Jason had his eyes screwed shut, grimacing.

“Ooh, that feels great, Yolanda!” he hissed.

Angela was using her lips and tongue all over Tommy’s prick, making him sweat. She was by far the best cocksucker in the group, and she was putting that expertise to good use. Tommy’s face looked like a mask of pain, and his hands were in fists.

It felt like forever to the men. Finally, the clock buzzed.

The women stopped. As they took the cocks out of their mouths, the men sighed relief. Tommy was shaking. “Switch!” Jerry said, trembling a little while he reset the clock.
The women switched. Now Jennifer was on Eric, Yolanda on Jerry, Angela on Jason, and Sherry on Tommy.

“What’s the matter?” Sherry cooed, smiling. “Finding it too hard to keep it in?”

“Give it your best, Sherry!” he seethed. “I can take whatever you can dish out!”

“We’ll see, lover!”

Jason spoke up. “Man on top, face away, knees up! Go!”

You sweating, Jerry boy,” Yolanda teased. “Think you can take my tight, moist pussy for five minutes?”

“Bring it on!” Jerry said as Yolanda positioned his cock at her pussy then slowly slid down. He immediately threw his head back, and bit his lower lip. God she was tight, he thought. Yolanda kept squeezing with her pussy as she fucked him

Jennifer had slipped all the way down Eric’s cock. Using her muscles, she was pulsing her pussy, squeezing his dick rhythmically as she rode him.

“Ungh!” Eric grunted. He had never felt this from her before. She must have been practicing, he thought.

Sherry had inserted Tommy’s cock all the way inside, grabbed his legs for support, and started slamming his cock into her as fast as she could. They bounced with each thrust. Tommy had crossed his arms in front of him, concentrating. He was bound and determined NOT to lose the first round.

a had positioned herself on top of that 11-inch cock, and then dropped hard. She screamed as it pushed past her cervix, then gripped him once he was all the way in. Then she came back up, keeping pressure on his cock, then dro
pped the whole length again! Jason was beside himself. All the women in his life now could take his entire length, but none gave him more pleasure than Jennifer, and now it seemed that Angela was trying to top that! He sweated from the concentration.


All the men sighed in relief when the buzzer rang. Jason shakily reset the clock, missing the first time, and passed it to Tommy The women slowly climbed off, each giving a squeeze with their pussy before completely dismounting, smiling at each other. The men looked at each other with a fatalistic look on their faces. They knew one of them would not last the next round, but did not know which.

The women switched. Yolanda was now on Eric, Angela on Jerry, Sherry on Jason, and Jennifer on Tommy. They all had an evil grin on their faces. The men looked at Tommy, whose turn it was to name the task.

Tommy closed his eyes as he spoke, as if what were saying was a death knell. “Woman on top, knees down, women pleasing themselves while riding a slow fuck,” He said trembling. The men groaned. “Go!”

All the women started at the belly and slowly dragged their pussy on it down to the crotch, then rode the cock up until it was at their pussy hole, then slowly decended on it. All of them started a slow up and down and front to back motion. All of them were staring directly at their man as they started in on pleasing themselves.

Yolanda used her right hand to massage her breasts as her left hand rubbed her clit, making her squeal with delight with each stroke, her movement was in time with her slow strokes, making the impact on Eric even more erotic.

“Eric’s cock jumping in Yolanda’s pussy!” she cooed. “You give me your cum, yes?”

“UUNNGGHH!” was all Eric could say

Angela leaned forward and started to drag her tits on Jerry’s chest with each push. This also rubbed her clit against his pubic hair, making her jerk. She started to massage his cock with her pussy by squeezing and relazing her muscles. Each squeeze made Jerry groan.

“Oh, shit!” Jerry hissed.

“I want it, lover,” she whispered in his ear. “I will get your cum this round!”

Sherry was riding most of Jason’s cock, not wanting to go all the way down this time. She added a circular movement of her hips to the way she was fucking him. One hand was behind her head, her eyes closed, biting a lip, while the other was furiously rubbing her clit. Her groans were in sync with her clit’s movements. He pussy juice was flowing freely; soaking his groin, and making her feel more velvety inside. Jason was breathing hard from the exertion of holding it back.

“Oh, let it go, lover,” she cooed so erotically that Jason’s cock gave an involuntary lurch. “Fill me with your sweet cum! Let my cunt fuck you into oblivion as you cum!”

Jason could not even answer.

Jennifer was dragging her pussy along the entire shaft of Tommy’s dick. She would let it come out, rub her pussy and clit, then insert it in again, all the way. Her hands were playing with her tits, bringing them up to her mouth to be sucked. She kept up a constant stare into Tommy’s eyes, watching his every move. Tommy could not break that look.

“I am fucking you, Tommy,” she said to him. “Do you feel my pussy wrapping itself around your cock? Do you like the feel of my pussy on you cock? Do you want to fuck my pussy hard? Your cock feels so hard in me, Tommy! Oh, Oh! I can feel it Tommy! I feel your cock in me!”

Tommy was so transfixed by her stare that he could not answer. He stared back, open mouthed at the sultry, sexy woman riding him. Her pussy felt so velvety. He heard every word she said, and it transfixed in his mind, eating away at his resolve.

All of a sudden, Jason grunted.

“Oh, YES!” Sherry said. “Fill me with your cum, lover. Ooh, yes! Ooh Ooh!! I’m CUMMING!”

Sherry slammed herself down, burying Jason all the way as the first load of spunk whitwashed her uterus. She raised herself and let the rest of his cum fill her pussy. Her orgasm kept her moving her pussy all around His cock. Jason had gripped her at the waist, and was now squeezing a little hard as his orgasm rocked him to his very being.

Tommy couldn’t hold it any longer. The sounds of Sherry and Jason, coupled with Jennifer’s expert fucking and erotic dialog shot him over the edge, and screamed as the first jet of sperm coated Jennifer’s pussy.

“Ooh, come on, lover!” Jennifer cooed. “Give me your spunk! I love the feel of your cum in me!” She wiggled her ass to accentuate the point

“OH GOD!” Jerry yelled as his orgasm hit. Angela had increasingly distracted him as she was on the verge of a huge orgasm herself. A small peep from her as she started pushed him over the edge. “TAKE MY CUM, WOMAN!”


Angela fell over as her orgasm rocked her. She clung to Jerry as each spasm sent a new orgasmic wave to her pussy, making her thrust herself harder and harder on his spurting cock.


The clock buzzed. Eric and Yolanda were still going after it. Yolanda was piledriving herself on his cock, rubbinger herself with one hand, and furiously rubbing her clit with the other. Eric had grabbed her hips and was helping her slam on his dick.

“Oh, God, Yolanda, fuck that cock!” he seethed. “Stroke that cock with your cunt!”

“Ooh, Eric baby!” Yolanda seethed. “Your meat feel so good in my cunny! Fill me up soo nicely! Gotta have more. Oh, Fuck! Fuck!”

They kept going. The others recovered, and were now cheering them on, offering suggestions and goading them to faster action.

Suddenly, Eric grabbed Yolanda around the waist hard. Yolanda opened her eyes, looking surprised at him. She screamed as Eric bucked, sending his cock deep into her, fllipped, and then landed on her, his cock never leaving her pussy! He started pumping so hard that Angela placed her hands on Yolanda’s shoulders so she would not knock into the people watching them.

The slap from Eric’s fucking was loud. He was ramming Yolanda for all he was worth. She had a glazed look on her face as she let her arms fling straight out, her tongue lolling out the side of her mouth.

Eric’s thrusts became sllightly erratic as his orgasm built. Yolanda came out of her stupor as she felt the change, and dug her nails into his shoulders. She looked directly into his eyes, and a she-tiger-like growl came out of her, surprising everyone.

“Fuck that pussy with your cock!” She growled. “Rip me open! Flood me with your cum.
Make me scream with passion. FUCK ME!”

His thrusts suddenly became more erratic. Eric lifted his head, eyes closed, and emitted a low growl. Angela knew what it meant, and had everyone move back. She knew it was going to be a violent orgasm.

“Jerry, go get a towel and my little bag from the other room!” Angela said. “Hurry!”

Jerry left.

All of a sudden, Eric slammed his cock into Yolanda so hard that it made her scream in some pain. He pulled out and thrusted again. She screamed again, but this time in lust. He backed up and thrust one more time, crying out as his orgasm hit. The first jet hit Yolanda so hard that it sent her into her orgasm. She screamed as it rocked her body. She dug her nails hard into Eric’s shoulders, drawing blood. Eric’s hands bore into her hips, forcefully holding it in place as he mercileesly fucked her cunt. Yolanda’s heels were also kicking Eric’s back, getting harder as her orgasm cruelly gripped her consciousness in a tight, maniacal focus of lust and animal magnetism.

Eric’s orgasm lasted almost five minutes, getting more violent with each passing minute. Yolanda was keeping up with the violence, stroke for stroke, pushing herself as hard on him as he was fucking her. Her own orgasm was going strong, fueling their violent pas
sion all the more.

Suddenly, Eric pushed so hard into Yolanda that she screamed, and passed out. He screamed as the last of his orgasm left. Spent, blo
ody, Eric backed off, waivered, then fell on the bed. He passed out.

Angela expected this. She had made him do this countless times before. She took her bag that Jerry had fetched her and went to tend to Eric scratches.

“Jennifer? Look after Yolanda, will you?’ Angela asked.

“Sure,” she said, grabbing the towel.

Jerry and Tommy stood back as Angela and Jennifer tended to the winners. Jason went to the table to get some juice, having once lived this scene before. Tommy slowly chuckled at that demonstration of pure unadulterated animal lust.

He knew what it was like to release the beast within. He immediately buried it as he remembered what it had done to that girl, the trial, and eventual acquittal. He vowed never again to let the beast out, and tonight he watched what it could do if controlled properly.

Jerry stood stone faced as the girls worked. He held Sherry, who was looking on it with a detached eye.

“Hmm. Not as bad as mine a while back,” she mused, “but definitely more animalistic. Yes. More animalistic.”

Jerry looked at her. “You were…this bad once?”

“Oh yes!” she said, proudly, “and I earned each and every bruise I got that night. It was the night that Jason and Jennifer fell in love. God, what a night!” She had a dreamy look in her eye.

Angela had bandaged Eric quickly. Jennifer had cleaned Yolanda up as best she could, and made a mental note of all the areas she would have bruises in a while. It looked like Yolanda would not walk straight for about a week.

Angela and Jennifer let them rest where they were. They went to the table to join Jason, who had his head down. They sat on either side of him, then the three of them hugged. Sobs could be heard.

Jerry saw this, then looked at Sherry. She had tears in her eyes as well.

“What’s the matter?” He asked.

Sherry looked at Jerry and Tommy. “Come on,” she said as she grabbed their hands and led themto the table.

Jennifer opened her arm to accept the other three as they got to her. Jason was softly crying, and the two girls were trying to console him.

“Why are you crying?” Jerry asked softly.

“I remember when Eric and I had become so…enamored. It wasn’t that long ago either. I see that animal lust come out, and I am afraid. Afraid for the woman. I know what he can do to them, and I know what I can do. We said we would not go that far for a while. It had tore up the women here, and we weren’t in too good of shape either. We both regret that it had gone that far, and we are the ones that should have the control. I don’t know what will come of this. I don’t know if the frienship will last after this, with you and Tommy. I feel most for Tommy, for that is his woman, and Eric brutally fucked her. I am afraid to ask you, Tommy, what you feel about it.” He put his head down again.

Tommy cleared his throat. “I feel some concern,” he started. Jason looked up. “My concern is of her feelings,” he continued to Jason, “not of the event. It was refreshing to see, actually. I never even dreamed of the level Yolanda could go, and I am sort of glad that Eric drew it out. I myself have been afraid to do it myself for a couple of years. You see, I had really hurt a girl, pretty much the same way. She wasn’t expecting it. Her parents saw it and filed charges of battery. Since it was consensual, and she testified on MY behalf, I was acquitted. I had not been sure of my control since, and that had played an insidious trick on my confidence.

“Jennifer her helped me to put things into perspective, and I had come to grips with it. You even helped me, Jason. Did you wonder why I was taking to mastery as fast as I was? It is because I used to be into B&D hardcore in my teens. I was too young, and I know that now. It doesn’t mean I lost the knowledge or feeling, it means I have had a chance to mature. I still have a long way to go, but now I know it can be controlled. That is why I am concerned about her feelings, and can hold no onus with Eric. He performed as I would expect any master.”

Jerry’s, Sherry’s, Jennifer’s, Angela’s, and Jason’s eyes became wider with each passing sentence of Tommy’s confession. No wonder he was sounding so natural in the master position. Jerry especially was looking intently at his friend, reassessing him in a new light.

“I think the night is over,” Jerry said. “This round robin was more erotic than I ever dreamed it could be.”

“It is a good game,” Jason said, now feeling better. “We will have to play it again sometime.”

“Not too soon for me boyo,” Yolanda said.

Everyone turned around. Yolanda was standing next to the near bed, leaning against it for support. A growing bruise was appearing around her pelvis, looking for all intent like a pair of purple panties. Her upper arms also supported smaller bruises as well as her left tit. Her right arm was behind her.

Tommy immediately went to her. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Now that a funny thing for Master to ask his slave” she said as she went to her knees, wincing on the way down. “It Yolanda’s duty to ask after master, if slave Jennifer hurt you.”

Tommy raised his eyebrows. The others looked surprised.

“No, the slave did not hurt me,” he said. Then he smiled at her.

She smiled back. “Would Master consider recollaring his slave? I no want to take off again.” She brought her hand from around her back. She had retrieved her collar.

Tommy laughed. To Jerry and Jason, He looked like he grew an inch or two in the past three minutes.

Tommy grabbed the collar. “I will deign to collar my slave!” He said joyously. Yolanda raised her neck happily, and started laughing as she heard the click snap shut. Tommy gently picked her up and placed her on the bed.

“You will need to rest and recuperate, slave,” Tommy said. “We will go to bed soon, but stay here until we do.”

“Yes, Master,” she said, as if it were the most natural thing to say. For Yolanda, it probably was.

“Now answer one question: what do you think of what Eric did to you?”

Jason listened intently. Jennifer was holding his arm.

“He is master. You trust him Master. I did what felt good, according to your order. He was passable.”

That floored everyone!

“Ulp! Passable?” Tommy said.

“Yes. He not you, Master. I see tiger in you, Master. He also tiger, but not my tiger. What he do to me is only what he do to me. My Master do more, and better!”

“Holy shit!” Jason said, suddenly laughing. “Tommy, she is totally and utterly in love with you! None of us will ever compare to you in her eyes, not even if you give her away! You have a life slave!”

The others started laughing with Jason. Tommy looked confused.

“What master says is true,” She said to Tommy. “Yolanda is yours-I am yours-for life, master!”

Understanding struck Tommy hard. His mind workd overtime, contemplationg all the implications, and concluded that logic did not fit in the equaton: He was in love with her, and to please her, he would become what she saw through her eyes. He started to laugh as well.

“I see, my delectable slave!” He said, mirth in his eyes. “We shall surely contemplate it once we get back to the dorm!”

“Yes, Master.”

“What did I miss?” Eric said.

Everyone looked up, surprised. They were so engrossed with the byplay of Yolanda and Tommy that they did not see him get up. He walked straight. Angela sighed relief.

Eric watched as Tommy walked up to him. He heard everyone catch his or her breath. He took another look at Tommy, and saw something different in him.

“What?” Eric said, a little dubiously.

“Thank you,” Tommy said. “Thank you for teaching Yolanda her slavery.” Tommy hugged him.

Eric took the hug. “You’re welcome,” he said, wincing a little from
the scratches, “but I think the one you should be thanking is Jennifer!”

Tommy broke the hug. “What?”

“Thank her. She asked me to do it.”

Everyone looked at Jennifer, who had been unusual
ly silent.

“What did you do?” Tommy asked her.

“She asked me to teach Yolanda the meaning of a slavery,” Eric said as Jennifer blushed head to toe. “She told me about Yolanda about a week ago. That’s why I suggested you bring two collars, Jason. When we were introduced in your dorm room, she asked me if I was still willing to do it. I nodded.”

So that was what she whispered to you!” Angela exclaimed.

“Yes. Throughout these past two days, I have been prepping her for her slavery to Tommy. Jennifer pegged the relationship unerringly. Jerry and Sherry was a bonus, happening on its own, but Jennifer surmised that their personalities were compatible. It was Tommy and Yolanda she was concerned with.”

Jason turned to Jennifer, and scooped her up joyously. “Honey, why didn’t you tell me?”

“I couldn’t,” she said laughing. “I had to make sure she did not learn of it. She would have balked, and she would still be unhappy. Her comments about finding a boyfriend were a way for her to find her master. I recognized this. So too did Jerry, I think—”

“I suspected,” he smiled.

“So I hatched a plan, of sorts. Tommy had hidden potential. I saw this in our lovemaking. He was holding back. I did not know what, but I knew it was powerful enough that if it could be brought to the surface safely, it would be enough for him to attain mastery of the slave that loved him in her secret heart. So I sort of prepped him for that, and Eric took care of Yolanda.”

“Only Jennifer could pull off that kind of fool act,” Jason thought happily. His love for her grew as he saw her caring spread to others. He looked to Tommy and Yolanda, and saw them smile. He looked at Jerry and Sherry. He now could see the kind of effect they had on each other, and wished them secretly for the best

Jason also realigned his thoughts. Tommy was not a learning master; he was a NATURAL master, with years more experience than he had, even if it was in his younger teens. It still counted. Tommy was fully his equal in that respect. He wondered if that would rub wrong one day. He hoped not.

Angela went to Eric and hugged him. “I just thought you overdid it again, honey,” she chided him.

“Do you really think I would purposely go that deep again, so soon after the last one?” Eric said. “I would not have even gone to half that if it weren’t for the potential Jennifer saw in them. How could I not help her? Would you go as far, if she asked you, and you believed her?”

“Darling, I would challenge Hell for her,” she whispered.

“Will someone tell us newbies just EXACTLY what happened the last time?” Tommy asked plaintively.

Eric, Jason, Jennifer, Angela, and Sherry laughed. “Of course!” Jason said. “Sit! We will tell you such a tale that it will make your loins ache!”

“As long as tomorrow is a recuperation day,” Eric said.

“Done!” Tommy said. “Slave! Come to my lap, and listen.”

Everyone settled around the table to hear the about the night that Jason and Jennifer found each other, and the orgy that followed. Jennifer looked at the collection of people that called each other friend, all comfortable in their nudity, listening to a tale that was getting cocks hard and pussies wet. Jennifer knew that each other’s lover now would tenderly put out the fires lit. It was the perfect way to end a three-day holiday, and Jennifer looked forward to getting back to the dorm. There were questions of arrangement that would need to be asked. She found that helping people was such a rush, and she wondered what situation would present itself to her for help.

She turned back to the story, listening raptly, while Jason rubbed her clit, bringing her close to her first orgasm of the night…

So, Jennifer had ulterior motives when she whispered to Eric! Her friends now have loves of their own, and Jennifer reaffirmed her love with Jason. What new adventures await our sexy heroine? Find out in the next chapter of “Jennifer’s World: The College Years”!

If you liked this story, email me. I appreciate your comments.

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