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I met Jessica online in a yahoo chat room in 2005. We had been chatting for several months when we agreed to meet. I went to California and ended up staying. Jessica picked me up from the AMTRAK station and told me that her friend Jeremy was gonna let me move in with him. He was out of town for the weekend visiting his girlfriend when I got there so I stayed with Jessica for the weekend.

On Saturday, Jessica’s best friend, Delicia came over to visit. I had met Delicia thru Jess online around the same time I met Jess. Delicia is married and had 2 kids. Delicia is a hot lil number standing 5’8, with long brown hair, weighing 150lbs, and nice firm 34d boobs. We were all talking about the jobs that were available and where I could go since I needed to find a job.
“Since you don’t know your way around, and Jessica has to work on Monday, I would happy to take you around town looking for a job.” Delicia told me. “Be at my place about 7:45 Monday morning. Here is my address. Jess can drop you off on her way to work.”

Jess dropped me off at Delicia’s on Monday morning. She opened the front door and invited me in.
“I’m not quite ready yet. I already took my kids to the babysitter. If you want, you can come into the bathroom with me and keep me company while I finish.”
I followed her, looking at her ass shake in the tight ass jeans she was wearing. We had flirted together online alot when we would chat, so she knew just how much I liked her ass.

As I was standing in the doorway, Delicia was looking in the mirror putting on her make up and could see me admiring her ass.
“You truly are an ass man aren’t you?” she asked. “You wanna feel?”
I thought she was joking around ’cause we did alot of that online all the time.
“Don’t worry about anything, my husband and kids are gone.” she said.
I walked up behind her and started to rub and squeeze her butt; My cock was instantly hard. She finished up her make up and as we were walking down the hallway, she turned around and pulled up her shirt, letting her boobs bounce free. I was in AWE. Such perfect firmness, nipples erect.
“What do you think?? she asked, : Wanna suck my tits?”
I was speechless. I knew she was a flirt and honestly I was quite surprised that she asked.

She leaned against the wall, pulling me to her. As we kissed, I was feeling her breasts. She wrapped one leg around me as I was nibbling on her ears and her neck. I worked my way down to her breasts kissing, licking, and sucking on them. I started pinch and nibble on those perfectly erect nipples. I slid my hand down and squeezed her ass. She let out a very light moan.

She pushed me away and grabbed my hand. She walked to the back of the living room couch, pulling me by the hand. She undid her pants and pulled out one leg. She bent over the couch and said, “You got me wet. I’m so horny now. I wanna fuck before we go.”
I unbuttoned my pants, letting my hard on spring free. I slipped my manhood into her, slapping her clit with my balls.
“OH YES. . . . .”she moaned. “MMMMMMMMM. . . . .FUCK ME BABY.”
She really knew how to use her cunt muscles because we fucked for only about 20 minutes before I came. We cleaned up and left.

We had driven all over town so I could fill out applications. Around 11:45am, she asked me if I wanted to get something to eat. I said, “sure.” We got some fast food and went back to her place.

Delicia and I were sitting on her couch when there was a knock at her door.
“Come in.” she yelled.
The door opened and this guy was unfastening his pants as he walked towards us. She motioned for me to get up and undo my pants. I did as instructed. As the guy got in front of her, dick exposed, she opened her mouth, taking his entire length in one deepthroating motion. While she was giving head, she was giving me a handjob. She alternated between the both of us, sucking on us and giving us handjobs.

At one point, the other guy sat down and she straddled him, allowing him to slide in her wet slit. As she was riding his shaft in a reverse cowgirl, she was giving me the best head I ever got. We all came.

With both us guys still rock hard she told the other guy to go to the back of the couch. She then got on her knees facing the rear of the couch.
She looked back at me, “Fuck my ass baby. . . . .fuck my ass good.”
She spread her ass open with her hands as she took the other guy into her mouth. I poked the head of my shaft in her poop chute; Going deeper & deeper with every thrust. Before long I was balls deep in her ass. We took turns fucking all her holes that day.

Over the next 4 months, Delicia & I were fucking daily. Some days I had her all to myself, other days I shared her with 1 or 2 other guys.

I knew it would come to an end one day, Delicia’s husband was transferred to a new town with his job. We still talk thu phone calls and text and she gives me all the details of her sexcapades knowing full well it gets me all hot and bothered. I hope I will get to see her soon. We are making plans to visit this summer.

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