Julie nearly gets caught

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Saturday after work I had just gotten in the door and the phone rang; it was Julie, my fiance. She wanted me to come over to Dave’s house right away. “Sure, I’ll be right there;” he lived just a few blocks away. Once there I noted Dave’s wife was busy putting away groceries as Dave led me into the livingroom. There was Julie. Dave spoke quietly, said “Julie and I were all by ourselves here for two hours and didn’t lay a hand on each other.” Hmm, that sounded suspicious.

We stayed around awhile talking, then Julie and I drove ourselves back to my place. Julie had a story then: she had gone over to Dave’s house early that Saturday because his wife and kids were supposed to be back at their old hometown visiting friends and family. She knew I was working that morning so she drove over to Dave’s; she had walked right through Dhis unlocked back door, up the stairs, and into his bedroom, planning to wake him for a romp of sunny morning sex. He was snoozing there on his back. When she said “Hi Dave” he threw the covers off, sat up and said “Where’s Susan?” That’s his wife. The way Dave was looking around Julie knew to back her ass down out of his bedroom and sit on the couch in the livingroom.

She said she wondered what to do next. Dave came down the stairs in his jeans and a T-shirt, stood across the room looking at her as he fisted his cock. She got up off the couch, crossed the room, and laid a big smooch on him. Then she tells me she went to her knees, had only skimpy summer shorts and a tank top shirt on, and sucked his cock. Dave stood for that awhile, then moved over and sat on the couch. Julie said she followed him, stayed on her knees, and kept sucking Dave’s cock.

While she was blowing Dave there in the livingroom, he explained to Julie that his wife had decided not to go back to their old place and was out shopping with the kids at the time. Julie going “uh-huh” and “slurp slurp” and “kiss kiss” on Dave’s cock while he’s talking. I’m not sure what else was said but I can imagine Julie sucking Dave’s dick for him, her mouth full of his organ for the entire two hours; she liked the taste and feel of it that much.

He might have been close but he hadn’t cum, when his wife drove in the driveway. Panic time? No, they were pretty calm about it; but there she was in very skimpy terry cloth shorts braless in some kind of sleeveless summer shirt, and a pair of sandles, revealing a lot of skin, and she was alone in the house with Susan’s husband. It’s a good thing thing they weren’t having a fuck though, there not would have been time to get dressed and straighten up from that, Julie told me. To deflect appearance of guilt, she called on me her fiance to make an appearance.

Julie said that when Susan first came in the house, “I stayed focused on reading the newpaper;” it was on the floor so she stayed down there on her knees and elbows, allowing her to hide her face so she did not have to try looking nonchalant. While Susan and the kids were in the other room, Julie told me Dave came up behind her and put his finger in her pussy while she was bent over the newpaper. She liked that.

Later, don’t ask me when, but Dave told her that after we left he took his wife upstairs and hurried her into a good long fucking. Julie liked that.

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