just a dream

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just thinking of u kissing me just makes me shiver all over
mmmmmm would love to lay u down on the bed
running my fingers thru ur beautiful hair pressing it to my face feeling the softness the silkiness
ohhhhh u smell so good mmmmmm could just eat u up
softly kissing ur cheek over to ur other check just brushing my lips across urs
softly kissing ur cheek then ur forehead finally tasting u kisses as i suck ur tongue softly
oh wanting to go slowly to feel every inch of u
tasting ur beautiful body
as i slide my kisses down to ur neck
getting up asking u to turn over onto ur stomach
i straddle ur gourgous ass then taking some slightly warmed baby oil
massaging ur shoulders & back running my fingers all over ur back mmmmmmmm
gawd baby u r so beautiful so soft silky mmmmmm making me so hottttt
wanting u so badly as i slide my hands over ur ass baby down ur legs to ur feet
softly sucking ur toes licking them oh baby( i would do this just for u )
running my tongue up the bottom of ur foot to ur thighs
switching from one to the other till i reach ur ass mmmmmmm gawd u taste so good
my pussy is so wet now mmmmmmmm
sliding my tongue up ur back to the back of ur neck as im pressing myself against ur nice ass baby
kissing licking sucking ur neck feeling u raising ur ass to meet me mmmmm
turning u over baby taking the oil into my hand letting it drip onto ur nipples
u r moaning from the warmth mmmm rubbing my hands together to heat the oil a little more as
i slide the palm of my hands onto ur beautiful breast softly squeezing them massaging them
as i slide ur nipples between my fingers making them so hard oh baby bending forward
to slide my tongue into ur hottttt mouth searching for ur tongue mmmmmmm
as i role ur nipples between my finger & thumb mmm baby sliding down ur body
massaging u rubbing the oil all over u mmmmmm
sliding down ur stomach not touching ur hottttt box yet as i massage ur thighs down to ur feet again
back up using my tongue on ur thighs mmmm baby nibbling as i get closer to ur cunt mmmmmmmm
mouth is inches away from ur lips as i blow air on them mmmm babyyyyyy u liked that
sliding back up ur body kissing licking all the way up to ur mouth again kissing u
so passiontly craving u deep inside my body wanting to have all of u
sliding my tongue across ur hard nipples one & then the other
sucking nibbling oh gawd baby mmm sliding my leg against ur pussy baby pressing it against u
as i suck ur nipples feeling u stroking my hair as i slide down ur body again
licking my way down oh baby so hungry for u sliding my tongue over ur lips
kissing sucking ur pussy lips softly mmmm making sure to not get to rough (but would give what ever u wanted )
baby u taste so good as i slid my tongue in between ur lips licking up & down then finding ur clit as i flick my tongue over the top of ur clit
feeling u press ur clit against my mouth
as u press ur hand on my head pressing my mouth harder onto ur pussy
ur fucking my mouth baby but gawd im loving every minute of it
sucking ur clit now baby harder w/ each suck hodling u w/ my lips flicking ur hard clit w/ my tongue as i slide my fingers onto ur breast softly squeezing it pulling on ur hard nipple
taking my other hand & sliding 2 fingers into ur hotttttttt wettttttt pussy
slowly till i have all my fingers deep inside ur cunt baby
finger fucking u baby as i suck faster on ur swollen clitttttttttt
oh baby i can feel ur body tighten up as i find ur g spot oh gawd babyyyyyy
yesssss want to taste ur hotttttt cummmmm baby
taking a third finger sliding it into ur pussy baby getting it all wet w/ ur juices
then slowly sliding it into ur ass mmmmmmmm baby so tight oh yesssss
taking my tongue & sliding it over ur ass baby getting u so wetttttt
as i slide my tongue deep inside ur ass ohh yess babyyy mmmmmmmm
sliding back up to ur clit as i slide my fingers back into ur ass& pussy babyyyyyy
finger fucking u faster baby sucking ur hard clit as i can feel u start to cummmm
oooooohhhhhhh yesssss babyyyyyy ur bucking so wildly as i continue to suck ur clitttttttttt
mmmmmmmm bbayyyyyy after a few minutes u relaxed onto the bed as i slid my tongue deep inside u licking & sucking ur juices mmmmmm u taste so good
i then reach into the night stand & pull out our love cock
taking the double headed dildo & rubbing ur clit & wettttttt pussy with it
sliding the head into ur cunt slowly watching u move under it trying to get more of it inside u
then sliding it deeper as i start to fuck ur pussy baby
mmmmmmm i slide the other end into my wetttttttttt aching pussy
as i start to slowly fuck us both i kiss u sucking ur tongue
then taking ur nipple into my mouth sucking both switching
then taking ur legs up over my shoulders pulling u into me as i fuck u & me so hard & deep
ooohhhhhhhhhh gawd babyyyyyyyy making us both cummmmmmmmmmm so harddd
oh yessssssssss babyyyyy i just love seeing u cummmmm
seeing the look in ur beautiful eyes as the glaze over from ur desire
letting ur legs go as i slowly move in & out of u
kissing u running my fingers thru ur hair
over ur nipples oh gawd baby i still want u so much more of u
taking the cock out of u as i have u get on all 4s
sliding my tongue along ur pussy lips then deep inside ur cunt oh baby tongue fucking u mmmmmmmmmmm
having slipped on a strap on that has a vibe on it sliding it deep inside ur hotttttttttt wettttttttt pussy
oh gawd baby grabbing u by the ur hips baby fucking u so deep oh yes babyyyyyy
feeling the vibrations on my clit each time i press into u mmmmm
fucking u harder oh babyyyyyy yesssss feeling ur body start to shake as u scream IM CUMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGG
oh yesssssssssss babyyyyyyyyyy i start to cummmmmmmmmm oh yessssssssss fuccckkkkkkkkkkkkk yessssss
oh baby we collapsed on the bed kissing the back of ur neck mmmm
taking the strap on off we lay in each others arms kissing caressing each other
oh babyyyy love making u cummmmmm
just a dream

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