Last Tango in Ealing

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I’ve known Alice for a long time, from 5 years ago when we ended up living in a shared

student house together. We’ve been good friends throughout with just one little

drunken slip up when we shared a snog, though vowed the next day that it would never

happen again and gently poked fun at each other. I’ve always had a bit of a thing for

her, but the unwritten rules of friendship made me keep my distance a little. Alice

has a figure that’s not straight out of the catwalk model mould by any means, hips too

wide for that line of work and with a completely round, well cushioned arse. I

remember on a beach holiday finding myself getting a little aroused at the sight of

her in her bikini, obviously a little awkward with her body so exposed to public view.

I recall thinking though how smooth and even her skin was, and getting turned on by

the sight of her hourglass figure with B-cup breasts and narrow waist above those

perfectly round hips.

Alice was staying overnight before we went to pick up her boyfriend, Andrew, from the

airport the following day. The evening was a good laugh, lots of catching up to do

and we ended up going to bed quite late, me on the sofa, she in the bed. I woke up to

the sound of cooking, plates and pans being moved around in the kitchen next door.

Too uncomfortable to lie in on the sofa I ventured into the hall to investigate.

I’ll never forget the sight that greeted me as I came to the kitchen door – Alice was

rummaging through one of the cupboards under the counter. Facing away from me, on her

knees, her head deep in the cupboard and neatly demonstrating that her cotton nightie

was just a little bit too short. With her arse in the air the fabric had ridden up to

the small of her back, giving me the view of my life. She was bent forward enough for

her buttocks to part, and I found myself gazing straight at her arsehole and pussy,

with her completely unaware that she was being watched. I immediately started to get

hard in the tracksuit bottoms I’d worn to bed, feeling myself growing by the second as

her bottom wiggled with her efforts to find what she was looking for. All too soon

though she knelt back from her search, having found the mixing bowl she was looking

for, and getting to her feet her nightie slipped down again, to just below her


Realising the show was over I thought It would be polite to let her know I was in the

room. “Morning Alice,” I said, “found what you were looking for?”

She jumped visibly at my voice, blurting “How long have you been there?”

“A little while…” I smiled, “I didn’t quite know whether to interupt you or not.”

“You didn’t see me with my arse hanging out I hope?” Looking embarrassed and starting

to blush.

Laughing I replied “it’s not everyday I wake up to a sight like that!”

Alice smiled, bashful, “I’m so embarrassed. God, I’ve not even got any underwear on.”

Raising a protective hand to cover her mouth she giggled, feigning shame.

“I hate my arse” she said, “Of all the parts of me to have hanging out in the morning

it had to be my arse, didn’t it?”

I could see she was seeing the funny side now, and felt to my disappointment that the

moment was passing, this would just be an amusing anecdote for the future, but then

she noticed the bulge in my tracksuit bottoms, I was still hard as rock.

“Christ, you did enjoy that!” she grinned, eyes widening and pointing at my crotch.

“Andrew hates my arse, never shows any interest at all. He’s definitely a tits man.

It’s nice to know that my backside isn’t a complete turn off for everyone”.

Surprised at this I told her, “Andrew really doesn’t know his luck! I’ve always

thought you had a great backside.” Perhaps being a little too honest here I thought I

might have blown it, and this seemed to be confirmed as Alice turned to the counter

again and changed the subject.

“I was going to make pancakes,” she said, “I thought it would be a nice surprise”.

I could feel an opportunity slipping away here, but thankfully my aching cock seemed

to be in control of my voice rather than my brain, and I found myself saying “can I

see it again?”

Realising how dumb this must have sounded, and not being able to see Alice’s face I

was terrified she might be terribly offended and disappointed in me. After a moment

that seemed like an hour however, and not saying a word, she lifted the nightie all

the way up to her waist. I felt a new surge of blood to my cock at the sight of her

from behind, that beautiful smooth skin completely revealed to me from the waist down,

her wide buttocks pale in the morning light.

I couldn’t believe the situation I was in. Alice was deliberately showing off her bum

for me, in my kitchen. I had no idea how to proceed from here – this was unknown

territory, but fortunately my cock spoke for me again and I heard the word “wow”

slipping out of my mouth.

Holding her nightie up with one hand, alice moved her other to her buttock and started

to caress the rounded flesh. “Andrew doesn’t give my arse any attention at all, it’s

so long since I’ve had fun with my bottom.”

Quickly crossing the kitchen to move closer to Alice I reached out a hand and touched

her other buttock. Just as I’d imagined it to be, soft, smooth, quite cool to the

touch. Caressing both cheeks, and now holding her nightie up myself with my free hand

I started to gently squeeze at the flesh, moving in circles over her skin.

“That feels so good” Alice murmured, “I’ve really missed having someone play with my


“Tell me what you like then” I said, increasing the urgency of my hand on her

buttocks, pinching and stroking.

“I like my arse squeezed. I like it pinched and slapped. I like it kissed and

bitten. I like having my arsehole kissed and licked, I like fingers in my arsehole,

and I love a cock inside me. My anus is so sensitive, I love to slip a finger inside

myself just as I come.” This spoken breathlessly as my fondling started to arouse

her. She leaned forward, forearms flat on the countertop and letting her head hang

forward, forehead on the surface. “Don’t stop,” she breathed, “do what you want to


Needing no more invitation I knelt behind her, face inches from her arse, one hand on

each buttock now, kneeding the soft mounds. I started to kiss the cheeks, biting a

little and pinching, hearing Alice draw breath at the sharp little pains. Moving my

mouth to the very top of her crack I gradually started to nuzzle lower, using my hands

to spread the buttocks apart, smelling the salty musty aroma as my lips moved down

until I was at her tight little opening. Moving back to enjoy the sight I pulled her

cheeks further open with my thumbs, exposing her anus and seeing the sphincter tighten

as my breath brushed over her. I planted a little kiss right on her anus, and

suddenly felt her hand on the back of my head, reaching back behind herself to pull my

face against her. Alice was moving her hips a little, grinding her arsehole against

my face and moaning softly as I kissed and nibbled around her anus.

I wanted my fingers in her so I stood up and with one hand pushed her gently down

further onto the kitchen surface, breasts now flat on the counter. Reaching over to

the pancake ingredients I took a good scoop of soft butter in my hand and applied it

to her arse. Pushing the slippery fat between her cheeks I realised that Alice had

reached down between her legs and was playing with her clit. My fingers were slipping

up and down her arse crack, with each pass over her anus I applied a little more

pressure and listened to Alice’s moaned response. With one well lubricated finger I

increased the pressure over her resisting hole, feeling the muscles start to relax

very slowly and her breathing deepen as it slid inside, just to the first knuckle

before letting her have a chance to catch up. “Keep going,” Alice breathed “I can

take a finger easily. I’ll let you know if you hurt me”.

Encouraged by this I pressed firmly, feeling her tight sphincter slide up my finger

right to the base. Butter melted by the warmth of Alice’s body was dripping down her

arse crack now, onto and around my finger sunk deep inside her. Withdrawing my finger

all the way for a moment I watched how her anus clenched closed once it was removed,

then again I pushed back inside, easier this time as her muscles loosened. Alice was

clearly getting very excited, whether because of my attentions to her anus or because

of her fingers on her clit wasn’t clear, but she was moaning more and more deeply.

I wanted to hear her respond to the feelings from her anus, so taking two fingers I

pushed hard into the hole and she groaned, momentarily jerking her arse away from the

sudden intrusion but then pushing back once more until both fingers were all the way

in. Alice started to move her hips back and forth, fucking my fingers with her arse

as I took my other hand and massaged the melted butter all over her cheeks, my palm

slipping over the oily skin. Alice was now murmuring “come on and fuck me” over and

over, “fuck my arsehole with your fingers”, and I could hear the wetness from her

pussy making little slapping sounds as she worked harder at her clit.

I couldn’t resist slapping Alice’s rump as she moved it back and forth on my fingers,

one hard open hand smack making her cry out. Briefly massaging the cheek again I

slapped her again, her whole body jolting with the sudden pain. Alice’s groans

spurred me on and I smacked her other cheek, harder, again drawing a little cry of

pain. With each slap she seemed to become more excited, pushing her arse back onto my

two fingers with renewed force. Her cheeks were reddening from the slaps, but I

wanted to see how much she would take, so smacked her again, the sound of the slap

sharp and loud. After each smack from my hand I gave the burning flesh a little

soothing rub, before the next assault. To my disbelief Alice continued to grow more

vocal with each slap until finally she broke when I smacked her as hard as I could and

she suddenly flinched away with a cry of “fuck!”, my fingers slipping out of her anus

as she quickly withdrew. Seeing the limits to this game I took her buttocks in each

hand and gently massaged away the stinging pain, Alice still working her fingers at

her clit.

“I’m going to come soon,” Alice moaned, “You better get your cock inside me before I


I’d never felt more ready and slipped down my bottoms to my thighs, my aching erection

bouncing forth. With one hand at the base I rubbed my length up and down her arse

crack, covering it with the lubricating butter. Still guiding myself with my hand I

pressed my engorged tip against her anus, feeling the ring of muscle slowly, slowly

opening to let me in. Alice helped to guide me by moving her arse up a little and

pushing back so that in one movement my entire length was swallowed by her anus. The

tight ring around the base of my cock squeezed hard and I knew it would only be

seconds until I came. The sight of my cock sunk into her rectum right up to the base

was just incredible, and with one hand on each of her arse cheeks I started to move

back and forth within her, savouring the vice like grip of her sphincter.

With increasing speed I moved my cock in and out of her, Alice pushing back onto me,

her back tensing and shaking with each thrust, obviously close to orgasm. My hands

kneeding her slippery buttocks I thrust into her, my movements matching her own,

bringing me close to coming. Suddenly Alice’s anus tightened hard around me as her

legs started to shake and she held her breath. I kept fucking her hard, feeling my

balls tighten and my buttocks clenching as I started to come. Alice let out a final

loud groan as I ejaculated deep insider her, my cock pulsing rhythmically with her own

waves of orgasm. My cock still insider her I leaned forward and hugged her from

behind, kissing the back of her neck, as slowly my still hard member slipped out of

her anus.

We kissed for a while, enjoying the post orgasmic warmth of each other’s bodies, the

slow relaxing of our muscles. We managed to get to the airport on time later that

afternoon, but skipped breakfast and lunch as we caught up on years of suppressed

sexual tension…

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  1. Antipodean Pan

    I like this piece..because

    It is not violent. It shows people being very sexy and adventurous without being abusive.
    I like it because it is realistic. This could really happen. No giant cocks, buckets of semen or gushing vaginal squirts.
    More sexy than all those nasty, misogynist writings put together.

    More please, hairy ears!

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