Like Father Like Son

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“Do it! Show my dad your bare pussy!” Lou ordered.

“I don’t want to.” Beryl said. She looked at Lou’s dad, he was a very big man, big hands, big face, big belly just big. He was staring at her and smiling his eyes staring at the crotch of her white undies. She was standing in her plain white cotton undies and her tight stretchy shirt, her belly button was peeking out.

“Come on, do it! My dad wants to see your bare pussy!”


“Do it or my dad and I will yank ‘em down.” Lou’s dad Larry nodded and pervertly stuck his tongue out and wiggled it. Even though it made her feel nauseous she also felt excited at the prospect of her boyfriend’s dad seeing her pussy.

“No, I’m not pulling down my panties!” and with that Lou went to her, she started running, he watched her ass cheeks shaking in her panties and he and his dad Larry smelled her horny scent as she ran shrieking. She got in the back of the dining room table, she and Lou were doing an odd dance, held get to her right, she’ld go left, she’ld fake right and he’ld follow, they did this dance when she noticed Larry pulling down the shades turning the den dark there was the faint light from the afternoon sun but it was not lit up like before.

“Get over here! I’m gonna strip you nude in one second!” Lou said through gritted teeth.

Beryl again ran slightly to the left then a quick right, Lou almost grabbed her, they looked at each other, pupils huge, breaths hard and short, hearts pounding. They waited to catch their breaths. She saw Larry taking off his clothes, he looked fat but hard bodied, like thick bodied, ohh and his cock that thing was gigantic, big and thick, hard and purple, it excited and scared her. Larry saw her looking and holding that big dick he shook it at her it wiggled wildly. He lifted it up and showed her his nest of pubes and his bulbous ball sac hanging down. Beryl’s pussy started drooling as did her mouth, she felt ill and scared and turned on.

“Get over here now, show my dad your pussy!” Lou screamed, now his face was red and getting wrinkled in anger and probably lust.

“Noooooo!” Beryl yelled, it shocked all three of them, but her pussy gulped and oozed out more pussy juice.

“Dad, get over here, she can’t escape both of us!” Lou yelled. Larry came over his big dick hungry and needing a nice warm tight place to curl up in and he knew her pussy was the perfect spot. He got to the side of her his dick shaking as he stomped over, he grabbed her and laughed. He held her around her waist and dragged her back to the den.He put her on the floor.

“Pussy time!” Larry said as he tugged on her undies elastic waistband. Lou came over and grabbed her ankles holding her down onto the floor. And Larry did the great reveal. There was her bare pussy, no hairs at all, she had had every hair lasered off. So Larry smacked his lips seeing those pussy lips closed tight, that slit right down the middle, he looked further and saw part of her ass crack. He was smiling and swallowing, his adam’s apple bobbing as he gulped down his saliva. “Yeah, now that’s some fine fuckable pussy! I haven’t seen a nice-looking pink pussy like that in a long time.” and he sniffed her he got his nose right in her pussy slit and sniffed, the tip of his nose was wet from her lubrication and his nose air was hot on her pussy lips.
“Gotta look inside!” Larry said and he parted her lips, “Yeah red and wet, mmmmmm.” He excited her with such horniness and shame that her lips swelled and puffed up and opened wide showing him her inner lips and clit which looked like a forbidden gem just sticking up and out, as hard and as extended as her nipples. He sat back and started stroking his cock looking at her opened pussy, Beryl felt her juices coming out like they never had it almost felt like pee.

“Dad you wanna fuck that puss of hers?” Lou asked.

“Yeah, I wanna give her hole a hard ride, make it beg for mercy and make it slurp on my cock, look at that pussy all opened up for me it wants my dick, it knows that it wants to feel my thrusts in and out of that small wet rubbery hole.”

Beryl moaned and moved her hips from side to side. “Go for it dad, I know she wants to fuck you, she told me how you got her horny when you were watching her sun bath and swim in the pool.” Beryl blushed since she had told Lou that.

“Yeah she just wanted some old man dick in her, you young guys can’t fuck like us older guys, we have experience in taming wild pussies!” Larry said and he got on top of her. Forst he just rubbed her pussy up and down with that big thick cock, her hole was vibrating needing to feel his dick. He knew it but he wanted to get her clit on fire, he rubbed and rubbed just his cock head on her clit, he stopped and with his saturated big fat cock head he got up near her breasts and rubbed her nipples, she moaned feeling his dick and her juices slobbering on her extended sensitive nipples. He stopped and spanked her breasts, he slapped them with his hands, not too hard just enough to get them reddish and warm, when he saw they were a nice deep pink hue and those nipples were like two red rubies hard as hell and out, he stopped. He went back down and taking his dick shaft in his fist he shoved his dick in her lips then in her hole all the way in, her pussy was juicy, and soft and smooth like nothing he had ever felt and it was tight, all around his cock it just gripped. In and out he fucked her pussy he rode her so hard that she gasped out with every thrust he did her pussy hole was stretched wide and her lips werre wide apart and her clit was stiff and sensitive, he rode her and he stopped pushed his body up higher on her his dick in her pussy but not in the deep back but upper front and he jerked his groin on her pelvis causing her clit to be rubbed over and over, she orgasmed and screamed, like a cat a loud long scream. Then she started breeathing hasrd and saying, “unh unh unh unh!” Larry knew it was time to cum so he did a few more pumps, and very quickly pulled out he held his dick and pressed it tight on her still pulsating clit and came hard on it they both moaned he rubbed his head in his cum and on her sore clit.

“Damn that is one fine pussy!” Larry said as he fell back on his side next to her, he leaned over and sucked on her nipple just sucking and sucking making her moan in pleasure. Beryl touched her totally exhausted pussy and touched her clit which made her say, “Owww.” and she told Larry,”Damn I have never been fucked like that before I hopew I’ll never forget it!”
Larry smiled and said, “Don’t worry Beryl, Lou got it all on tape.” and she looked to see Lou nude with cum dripping out of hids cockhead slit and the camera resting in his hand.

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