Lisa’s Day, Continued

Lisa had just been legally raped by her hot female landlord. To make matters worse she had been tied to her bed and the door to her apartment was open wide, inviting anyone to do anything to her.

The first men that found her double penetrated her pussy and ass, then came in her hair. Another man deepthroated her and made her swallow his seed. Then, two teenage boys fucked her pussy and cane on her chest. They called some of their friends and Lisa was taken in all holes; plus she gave two handjobs and one of them rubbed his dick on her big tits. After all six of them came all over Lisa, she thought the worst was over. However, after the teens left some black men fucked her pussy, then shot their seed in her pussy and ass. At one point a hobo face-fucked her and pulled out in time to cum in her pussy just like the teens and the black men.

The next few men that found just jerked off and came on her body, telling her she was to dirty to even fuck. Lisa had never been more embarrassed in her life and her day was just starting.

Lisa had been chained to the bed for a few hours and she desperately needed to piss. Having no other options she pissed herself in the bed pushing the cum out of her pussy but covering her legs in piss.

The next men that found her took it as a sign to piss all over her, their golden streams covered her entire body with hot piss. One of them forced her to drink his piss while the other videotaped her drinking the warm liquid.

Mary came back later and took a few photos before speaking to her.
“Wow you’re a dirty slut.”
“You made me do this!” Lisa cried, her tears mixing with the cum and piss on her face.
“Say you’re a dirty slut and I’ll let you shower,” Mary replied.
“I’m a dirty dirty whore,” Lisa begged.
“I can’t hear you, ” Mary said,
“I’m a big slut for cum and piss!” Lisa shouted.

Satisfied Mary dragged Lisa by her cum covered hair to the shower. She set up her camera and took photos of herself pissing on Lisa. Lisa cried and swallowed the piss.

“Welcome to your new life, bitch,” Mary said as Lisa fully submitted to her.


(Image Source: Cuties in Bondage)

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