Living with my Best Friend part 1

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Her name is Holli, she’s been living with Tori and Wes for a while now and is ready for a change. It was a temporary arrangement when she moved in, but now that things have changed and Wes’s brother Levi isn’t interested and things between Holli and Tori are becoming difficult it’s time to go …. or so she thinks.

It had been a long hot summer and things were only going to get hotter. Tori had left for a tanning appointment and to spend some time with her kids. Holli was chatting online as usual when she hard Wes coming through the house toward the family room, with anticipation of him asking for the phone she was getting ready to give up the computer. She heard him stop at the door, and in a gruff hatefull voice he asked “where’s Tori?” “Tanning and with her kids” Holli replied. He walked toward her “oh really” he said as he grabbed her small but firm breasts from behind. Shocked she said nothing, just turned her head to look at him and by that time his head was at her shoulder, he kissed her. “What do you think you’re doing” Hollie asked.

“I’m done with Tori” he replied.


“Yes Done! She isn’t who I wanted to marry and now i’m done”

“Does she know”

“No, and doesn’t need to for a lil while longer”

Wes then sat down and started to tell Holli how he had always had a crush on her and how he fantasized of her when he had to make love to Tori. Hollie was shocked how did it come to this, she had always secretly had a crush on Wes and at night when she would hear him fucking Tori she would only imagine it was her. Even when she was dating his brother Levi she still had a crush on him to the point that she would pretend Levi was Wes. But then again Wes had always been like a brother to her. Finally with a look of rejection Wes stated he was going to get in the shower and get ready for bed and that Levi had called earlier in the day looking for her and she may want to call him back. Knowing all Levi wanted was to fuck or whine about his recent ex she didn’t jump right up to call him. She sat there thinking about all the nights she had dreamed of Wes and what it would be like to get rid of Tori and have Wes all to herself. Soon she heard the shower running …. with her mind running wild she walked to the bathroom door just to stand there and look at the knob, finally she heard Wes “you can come in” they had always had an open door policy and every one would pass through the bathroom while others were in the shower or trying to get ready for the day. Holli finally opened the door, she felt the heat on her face and steam rolled out, she shut the door behind her. She started:

(holli) “I’ve been thinking”

(wes) “Really about what?”

(holli) (had he already forgotten or was it a joke?) About what just happened in there

(wes) “oh, what have you decided?”

(holli) (should she admit her lust for him?) “Well, I love Tori like a sister and i just don’t think i can do that to her”

(wes) “Why she would do it to you and has”

(holli) “oh really, well then whenever you want to fuck me then lets do it”

Wes turned off the shower and pulled back the curtain …. there he stood naked, wet, and hot as ever. His body was almost beautiful …. he had 4-5 tattoos and muscles that were to die for. Hollie just stood there starring at him, she didn’t know what to do. Finally he stepped out of the tub she took 2 steps toward him and grabbed his cock, it began to perk up, she rubbed her other hand across his chest, she dropped to her knees and began to lick his cock like a lollipop slowly taking it into her mouth as it became harder and harder. His knees trembled while he grabbed the wall for support he moaned “this is the best blowjob i’ve ever had” Holli wasn’t paying attention to him other than what she was doing to this body. She began rubbing her braless tits thru her tank top while sucking his cock deep into her throat. Just as Wes was about to cum she stopped and looked up at him “fuck me.” She stood up and he grabbed her tits and rubbed her crouch through her boxes, “no panties?” She replied it’s too hot for any undies. Holli turned and started to her bedroom, Wes grabbed her arm and pointed her toward his and Tori’s bedroom. She walked in stripped off her tank and boxers and sprawled herself on the bed.

(holli) “Is this what you’ve been waiting for?”

(wes) “Only since you moved in”

Then Wes climbed on top of Holli he took one nipple into his mouth while he ran a finger over he pussy …. “it’s wet” he took his mouth off her tit long enough to tell her and went back to sucking and tongueing her nipple. All she could think was “it’s mine i know it’s wet” But the sensations of this being her dream finally come true started to over come her body. It didn’t take long for Holli to cum the first time from Wes fingering her wet pussy and licking her tits, as she finished cumming she moaned “fuck me” Without hesitation Wes mounted her and rubbed his hard cock across her wet clit; then in one thrust he penetrated her wet, tight pussy with his large hard cock. He moaned “dam it’s tight” and began to pump his cock into Holli faster and faster as she moaned with enjoyment, this was what she had imagined all those nights when she had heard him fucking Tori. He didn’t last long maybe 10 minutes and he was cumming all over her pussy and squirting up to and across her tits. With an embarrassed look he said “dam i’m never that quick but dam it’s tight, Tori’s pussy is like fucking a 5 gallon bucket of water, i’m not used to anything that feels as good as you.” Holli just looked at him for a second still in amazement as to what had just happened. Wes went back to the shower to wash Holli’s scent and cum off, then he came back to the bedroom.

(wes) “you may want to go get in the shower before we get caught because you’re still lieing here”

(holli) “I can’t believe i just did this to my best friend.

She got up and headed to the shower, as she started the water she heard the front door slam, Tori was home. She could hear a mumble of their conversation but couldn’t make out what they were saying. The bathroom door opened Tori exclaimed “Think it’s hot enough in here?” Holli peaked around the curtain. Tori was standing there all pretty and tan and shiny from the tanning oil, she was hot and Holli had often fantasized about Tori too. While Holli finished her shower Tori stayed and chatted. If only she knew what had just happened, then she wouldn’t be so chatty. Holli stepped out of the shower and headed to her room in a towel. Tori asked “so what did you end up doing today?” Hollie replied “nothing, internet as usuall.” As Holli passed through the family room Wes was sitting there watching t.v, he grabbed Holli’s arm and said “we have to do this more often” Holli smiled and headed off to get dressed for the evening.

Will Wes and Holli’s affair be the end of Wes and Tori’s marriage?? Or will this become a sexual triangle of pleasure??

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