Long Time Since…(part 2)

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Long Time Since (Part 2)

“I told you to be ready”, he whispers into my ear. H begins slapping my ass, first one side then the other. I whimper, just a little, keeping my ass well within his reach. He continues spanking me until the cheeks of my ass is bright red. My ass feels like it’s on fire. Placing his palms on my stinging ass he whispers, ” Miss me, love?” The pain in my ass is replace by the rush of warmth and as it spreads through my body.
I can’t think straight; I nod my head in agreement. My knees are shaking. My pussy is hot and wet. Turning toward him. I wiggle my butt around so his hand can slide right into the crack of my ass.
“Baby, sometimes you just wait too damn long.”‘ I reply reacting like a woman, who has not been fed, as I pull him down on my bed.
Ripping my shirt open, he revels my beasts to his hungry gaze. Trailing kisses down my throat he nibbles and licks at my nipples until I’m begging him to take one keep into his mouth. Finally, as I push my breasts up to his mouth, he takes one nipple deep, sucking hard on it. Gasping, I feel the sparks of lust rampaging throughout my body. The heat between my thighs causes my legs to spread.
Slowly he slides his mouth down to my shaved pussy. My fingers wantonly hold open my pussy lips for him, as I beg him to eat my pussy. His tongue goes straight for my throbbing clit. Licking and sucking at my cunt, slurping in all my juices.
With his hands on my legs he easily turns me onto my stomach. Moving me around like a puppet. I wind up on my hands and knees. He likes to lick my cunt and my ass at the same time. Burying his face into my wet cunt. He likes to lick me from my dripping cunt up to my wiggling ass. I hold my breath as he licks closer to my ass. His tongue reaches my ass and he swirls it around my hole getting it very wet. Finally he shoves his tongue as far as he can into my ass hole. As he shoves forward with his tongue I lunge forward losing my balance almost going off the other side. He starts laughing at me I look around to see his smile. His face is soaking wet from my juices. From my cunt lips to my asshole, my pussy juices are flowing freely.
Quickly I turn over pushing him back up against the dresser. I run my hands up and down his chest. Undoing his pants I let them fall sown around his ankles. I start kissing his chest, licking and nipping at his nipples. Reaching up, he twists his hands into my hair, gaining control of my actions he holds my face to his nipples. I can feel his body trembling as he lowers my head down past his chest, to his cock. My mouth starts watering as I get closer to his swollen cock. Getting on my knees, I open my mouth. His grip on my hair tightens as I lick the up the shaft and swirl my tongue around the head of his cock. I run my tongue up his cock, finally getting to the head, I’m ready as it slips into my mouth. Slowly he begins to fuck my face, controlling the rhythm and depth of his thrusts by his grip on my hair. With each thrust he makes, I try to take him deeper into my mouth, my lips stretch as he slides past them, farther into the warmth of my mouth. I know he wants to go down into my throat. His thrusts get faster. When I feel his cock swelling, I life my chin and feel him slide down into my neck muscles. Groaning his hold tightens in my hair, pulling my face fully onto his cock, bending his knees he fucks my face with deep powerful strokes.
Pulling out of my mouth he picks me up and throws me onto the bed. Grabbing my ankles he roughly pulls my legs apart. He shoves his cock deep into my waiting pussy. Kissing me sweeping his tongue into my mouth again and again. My pussy lips grip his swollen shaft keeping him inside me. He pulls his cock out of me, holds for just a second and slams it home deep inside of me. Feeling his cock swelling inside of me, I start to feel my climax starting to build around me. Suddenly he stops moving, breathing heavily, he puts his forehead to mine.
“Don’t stop”, I cry clutching at his waist. /
“Wait, baby, shhhh” he whispers, ” we have plenty of time. I don’t want to cum just yet. Shh, baby, lay still”. His caresses and soft whispers prove to be calming for both of us. Nodding my head in agreement, I try to get some of my control back.
“How about a smoke”, he says placing a quick kiss on my lips.
“Ok.Ok, let me up so I can find them.” Slapping his shoulder I try to get him off me. Grinning he lays his head on my shoulder, shaking his head no. Laughing I push him off and am amazed that I feel so empty as his cock slips out of my pussy. Finally, he rolls over onto his back, pulling him with me for a quick kiss.

To be continued in part 3……..

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