Long Time Since…Part 3

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Long Time Since… Part 3

Ahhhh….the best part…..
Eventually, I spot the cigarettes on the dresser, stepping over him; I lean over the dresser to pick them up. That’s when I feel his hands on my ass cheeks. Roughly he pulls them wide apart, plunging his tongue deep into my asshole. I can hear myself moaning while he tongues my butt. It feels so good that I bend over farther giving him better access to my ass. He then able to shove his tongue deeper in me. My legs give out as lust overtakes me. Slowly I sink down to my knees, then even lower as I crouch down so that my shoulders are low to the floor. Following me down he bites on my cheeks as he kneels down behind me. Roughly he again pulls my cheeks wide apart. Excitement rushes through me as he tongue fucks my asshole. I push back toward him wanting more. I moan, begging him not to stop. I feel his finger still wet from my pussy slip easily into my ass. The slight discomfort I feel is quickly forgotten as the pleasure of his fingers in my ass flows through me. I start pushing back begging for more, much to his delight, then much to my surprise he keeps changing between his tongue and his fingers. My ass started throbbing and I get to the point where I can’t tell if it’s his fingers or tongue pushing its way into my asshole.
I try to reach around wanting to touch him or put my lips around his engorged cock. Before I even get close he grabs at me, pushing me back down. His large hand between my shoulder blades holding me face down before him.
“This is what I want”, he growls, fingering my asshole, “This is what I’m here for”.
I shiver with my need.
I shiver with my fear.
“Beg me love, beg me to fuck your ass. Beg me to shove my cock deep into your ass. Beg me to fuck you baby,” he says growling fiercely. His fingers keeping a steady rhythm, plunging again and again into my ass. Deeper and deeper I can feel his fingers.
“I’m going to fuck you like I want to baby. I’m going to shove my cock deep in your beautiful ass.” Moving his hand to my shoulder he starts pulling my back toward him. “You want me, baby you know you do, my cock in you,” he demands of me
“Yes, ” I whisper nodding my head.
“Say it!” he orders, and he adds another finger plunging them deep in my ass.
“Please,” I cry, “please fuck me, I need you to come inside me.” Begging him, I feel no shame. “Fuck Me. God, Do It Fuck My Asshole.” Eagerly I crouch lower on my knees putting my ass higher in the air. Pulling his fingers out of me I feel him coming closer. I feel the head of his cock brush against my thighs. I know how this is going to feel. I want this. Still in my mind the size of his cock magnifies growing to outrageous proportions. I’m not ready I think and fear washes over me.
When I feel him place the head of his cock against my twitching asshole. I panic and try to jump away. Holding me down, he leans over me. Wrapping his arm around my waist he gently brings me back against him. Quickly, he slips his fingers back into my ass.
“Relax,” he says, his voice soft in my ear. “Your ass is ready for me. You know I won’t hurt you. I want you so fucking much. Feel how my fingers slip in your wonderful ass. God baby, I can feel how much you want me. I love fucking your ass. Come on baby let me in, You know this is going to be good.” While he talks to me he removes his fingers. Moving closer he pushes his cock just inside of my well lubricated, tight hole. I come back to reality as the shock of penetration jolts through my body. Breathing deeply I force myself to relax and accept him inside. Sighing, I feel him push farther in. Crouching under him I start panting, letting him push his cock deeper into my stretched anus.
Resting for a moment, he catches his breath. “Hold on baby, it’s almost there.” Grabbing hold of my shoulders he pulls me hard back against him, surging forward at the same moment. The full length of his rock hard cock is now buried deep inside of my asshole.
Breathing hard he reaches under me to play with my nipples, kissing the back of my neck. Laying still he waits for my initial discomfort to ease. I know he won’t move until I adjust and let him know that I’m okay. As the pain fades, I start to move my ass in tiny little backward thrusts. I can feel him get up on his knees behind me. Pulling back on my hips he raises my butt high. He puts his hand high almost to my neck insuring that I stay down and keeping my ass I in the air he slowly starts to move gently matching my small strokes.
As I move I find I want more, I want to feel his cock move in my ass. I begin to drive myself back into each thrust, harder each time. He lies down on top of my crouching form giving him the ability to shove his cock deeper into my now willing hole. Spreading my legs just far enough to get my hand between my legs I plunge my fingers into my wet pussy. Grabbing hold of my clit. I masturbate furiously. My whole body is now throbbing, needing release. Steadily he plunges his cock in and out of my asshole with strong even strokes.
“God, damn baby I knew this would be good. I love to fuck you. Your ass is mine. It’s so tight. So fucking good.” He gasps out between strokes. His words ignite me. I clench my ass cheeks together and push back hard toward him.
“I know what you want,” chuckling he gets up on his knees. Grabbing hold of my waist he pulls me up onto my hands and knees. He begins to fuck me with deep powerful strokes; I match him stroke for stroke. My hand is swirling around in my pussy. My ass clenches his cock as I start to climax. Pulsing around his cock as wave after wave of pleasure overwhelms me.
“FUCK ME,” I scream. “Fuck me hard, shove your prick deep in my ass baby, God, I love your cock in my ass. Harder baby, Fill me up.” I can feel my lovers cock swelling inside of my ass. His pumping becomes faster almost frantic.
With a shout he starts to climax. Jerking his cock back to the edge of my asshole, and thrusting toward me he slams his hard cock back into my asshole. Again and again he violently slams his cock deep into me. I climax, again, as he yells his pleasure. I feel his cock spurting his cum deep into my slippery asshole. Collapsing on top of me he gently turns my head so he can kiss me.
Reaching behind me I stroke his head as he kisses my neck. I can still feel his cock softening now still pumping his cum into my well-fucked asshole. I sigh with contentment, as he slips out of me. Turning over I cup his face in my hands and gently kiss his lips.
‘You know that we forgot about your gift”? He says.
Reaching over him I grab the new toy. Giving him the dildo I look into his face. Smiling I whisper, “relax baby, we have all night.

Ahhhh The End ……Not

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