Lovers are animals too

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Once in the jungles of Africa a young woman was coming of age. She had a beautiful figure that many a man would want to have. But there was one little thing that was wrong by her standards. She turned into a panther when she was highly upset.

So one day while troting through on her way home she happens to pass a man bathing in a natural pond. Her body slowly turned into a human female as she watched him. He was a gorgeous man to behold. Built in allt he right places.

” I would love to give him my special jewel.” thought the female to herself.

As she laid down on the ground so that she could still look without being caught the man in the pond caught a wiff of her scent.

” I know that you are there. I smell you. And you smell good enough to eat.”
” I am here. I was just admiring your body.”
” Thank you. And I know that I will be admiring yours for some time to come.”
” What do you mean by that?”
” Because pretty panther, I am by right of passage your mate.”
” No you are not.”
” Then we shall see.” at that he rushes from the pond and tackles her to the ground and lays his body into the cradle of her thighs.

” Didn’t you know that once a panther scents an unclaimed female that she is up for grabs.”
” So you are saying that all you want to do is fuck me?”
” Hell lovely I plan on doing more then that.” at that he rubs his rock hard dick alone the moist crevice of her lips.
” Then do what you want and then get the hell off me.”
” No. I want to do more to you then just do you. I want us both to experience pleasure.”
” Then show me what you want to do. I will try to keep up.”
” Are you telling me that this will be your first time?”
” That is what I am telling you. Now do what you want to do and get gone.”
” No little one. I told you that I will make sure that we both recieve pleasure from this act.”
” Then you must make a believer out of me. From what I have always heard this activity hurts.”
” Trust me. I am called Jayvan and you are?”
” I am called Ariella.”
” Okay. Now we shall begine.” and with that announcement he starts off by kissing her softly. Then as she gets into it he travels on down her body with the gentlness of his lips. Making sure that all she felt was pleasure.
As Jayvan pleasures her down her body he makes sure that her mind was totally occupied until he reaches the juciest pussy ever known on a cat. He makes sure that she would have no objections to him licking and sucking on her clit. So when he takes his first lick and she rises up to make it more pleasureable he goes in for what he knows.
He licks, flicks, and sucks until she is screaming her climax to the canopy of trees above them.

” That was enjoyable. What next?”
” Next I am going to put this inside you. A little bit at a time. It will hurt at first because you are still a virgin. But afterward I will take us both to paradise.”
” Okay. I have trusted you this far, I will leave it all up to you.”
” Thank you.” at that he slowly slides his rock hard dick into her slippery pussy. But to his amazement she relaxed every muscle within her and he slides in with no problem.

To the amazement of Ariella all she felt was the stretching and fullness of him entering her.

” YOu feel so damn good.” Jayvan moans as he starts a ramming action that had her raising her hips to tgake in the hardness of his dick deeper into her wet pussy.
” Do it again. HArder. Please. Yes! Yes!” screams the female whose whole mind was on what was happening inside her.

After a hard session of ramming, JAyvan slows it down so that she would come again and again on him. Her juices could be felt running down his thighs.

” Come for me once more and then I will join you.”
” Now!” at that she screams her pleasure to the sky.
” Yes, now.” growls Jayvan as he cums deep within her.

After a little rest the two change into panthers and lick each other clean and go their seperate ways into the interior of the jungle. Just to meet another day.

Thanks, for reading my story. This is my first time submitting a story. So if you would like another write to me.

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