Maid in Korea

The spy sighed as he flopped down on the bed in his hotel room. The distance between Pyongyang and Seoul was just over a hundred miles on a map but in reality, the two cities were worlds apart.

If you’d asked him, Jonathen Garrett never would have been able to tell you when he started spying for the North Koreans. All he knew was that somehow, it had happened. Somehow, he had been drawn into a web of intrigue, a web from which he could never seem to free himself.

In fact, it was rather simple. Like so many men, it was Garrett’s dick that had led him astray. Like so many men, Garrett had a thing for Asian women, and with Garrett, it was more than that. There was something about Korean women that just seemed to get his dick harder and straighter and longer than it ever had been before and the fact that there were so many Korean girls with nice, tight pussies that were willing to take his big, black cock made it all that much the better.

It had been a North Korean agent that had gotten her hooks into the man and without him even knowing that she had done it, she had set him on the path he was now on. He was hooked, and like so many men, once on the path to his own destruction, Jonathen Garrett was perfectly willing to let his dick lead him in whichever way it wanted to go.

There was a knock on his hotel room door and Garrett was suddenly alert.

He went to the door and peered out through the key hole. There were many things that Jonathen Garrett might have expected when he looked out of that peep hole, but the view that Tam Kim presented to him was probably not one of them.

The slender, young Korean girl was wearing a short black dress. The black satin seemed to almost form fit itself to her body. The hem of the dress seemed to end just above the girl’s slender, little thighs but white petticoats fluffed the skirt up and away. The young girl behind the door had deep, dark and earnest eyes.

Presented with a sight like that, the outcome was almost preordained. Jonathen Garrett opened the door.

The girl blinked her eyes as she looked at Jonathen. “Are you Jonathen Garrett?” she asked.

“I am,” the man answered warily.

“General Rhee sent me.”

“He did, did he? And why did he do that?”

The girl just smiled. “He said I was a present for you. He said you would know what to do with me.”

Garrett looked at the girl and his dick was throbbing hard. She hadn’t used any of the appropriate call signs, but who knew? She might have been a hooker or a trollop for all he knew, and you wouldn’t go around giving your call signs to people like that now, would you? Damn, he wanted to get his dick in that girl. He wanted it so bad.

The man swung the door open. “Won’t you come in?” he asked.

“Thank you,” said the girl.

The girl stood by the bed as the man came and circled round her. She could feel the man looking her over but she just stood there and let the man look.

She felt the man lift the hem of her maid’s uniform and she felt the man feel up her ass. The man grinned. “Tell the General I approve,” he said.

“You mean I should go now,” the girl asked.

The man grinned again. “No, I think if you tell him later, that would be just fine.”

The next thing the woman knew, she felt the man sliding the zipper down the back of her maids uniform and then moments later, it fell in a pile at her feet. “Do you like what you see?” the girl asked.

The black man stroked his hands over the young Asian woman’s petite body. “Oh yeah,” he told her, “I like it. Tell me, just how old are you, girl?”

“I’m eighteen,” the girl answered.

Yep, definitely not an agent, the man thought. She was too young. On the other hand, she wasn’t too young too fuck.

The black man pushed the girl and she ended up bent over at the waist with her hands on the bed and with her ass sticking up high in the air. The man stroked the girl’s tight, little ass. Yep, he told himself, definitely not too young to fuck.

The man stroked his big cock against the girl’s little pussy. Damn, this girl was tight the man thought as he wedged his cock in her tight, little hole, but no worries, he’d stretch her out soon enough.

The girl whimpered a bit as Garrett pushed his cock even deeper in her cunt.

“Are you a virgin, girl?” the man asked.

“Y-y-yes,” the girl whimpered.

Oh yeah, the man thought. He was definitely going to have to thank General Rhee for this. But for now–

The man drove his cock forward, burying it deep in the girl’s cunt.

The girl screamed as the man’s cock took her and then she screamed again as the man plunged his cock inside her. The man pulled his cock back and again buried his cock in the girl’s cunt, but this time, she didn’t scream. This time, she purred just a bit as her cunt took that cock.

“Yeah, you like this cock, don’t you?”

The girl just moaned as her pussy started to feel much better.

“Yeah, you like this big, black cock, don’t you,” the American taunted her.

“Oh yeah,” the girl gasped, “I love it. I really do.”

“I know you do,” the man told her. “All the little Korean pussies love this cock.”

Tam just moaned as she continued to take that cock. She loved that cock.

The man continued to power his cock into the little Korean girl’s cunt even as his hands stroked her ass. Damn, this girl was tight, really, really tight. He was really going to have to thank the general for this.

The girl was moaning almost constantly now as the man powered his cock in her cunt. Her pussy was starting to love the feel of that cock as it stroked the inside of her. She moaned again. It felt so good.

The man groaned. “You ever taken a load of American cum in that cunt yours?” he asked the girl, and then he remembered. “No, of course, you haven’t. That’s a virgin cunt, isn’t it. Well, it’s not so virgin anymore and in a couple of seconds, that cunt is going to be awash in American cum.”

The girl moaned and then she felt it, the surge of cum in her hot, little pussy. That cock was pulsing again and then even more of that cum was shooting inside her cunt. The girl moaned again as her pussy clenched down on that spitting cock.

“Oh yeah,” the man growled, “that’s what I like to feel, a little cumming Korean cunt. There’s nothing better than that.”

The girl tumbled to the bed as her cunt finally released that cock. The man turned her over and one of his hands fondled her tits. He loved the way she was looking up at him. There was just something about Korean eyes.

“Have you ever sucked a cock before?” he asked the girl and Tam shook her head.

“Well, you’re going to suck one now,” the man told her and then he was bringing his cum-soaked member up over the young girl’s body and pressing it against her lips.

For just a moment, Tam seemed to look up at the man as if to say what do you expect me to do with this, and then her mouth was opening and that cock was sliding inside. She could taste their cum still fresh on the man’s cock and then the young woman was sucking away on the first cock of her young life.

The man groaned as the girl sucked on his cock. Damn, this girl might never have sucked a cock before, he told himself, but she was damned good at it, and he just loved the way the girl kept looking up at him with those dark eyes of hers.

He’s getting hard again, Tam realized, and the thought excited her. She’d just gotten fucked for the first time in her life and now it appeared she was going to get fucked again, and she couldn’t wait.

Jonathen Garrett was thinking almost the same thing. He pulled his cock from the young girl’s mouth and then he was sliding it down over her slim, little body and he was sliding it between her legs. He loved to hear the girl moan as he
stroked his cock over the outer folds of her cunt and he was going to love it even more when he buried his cock in the girl’s hot, little cunt.

The girl’s eyes popped open as she felt the ma
n enter her cunt yet again and then she moaned.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?” and Tam nodded at the man.

“Play with your tits while I fuck you,” the man told her and once again, the girl did as she was told.

The man looked at the young girl looking up at him and moaning as she squeezed her tits, moaning as he fucked her cunt. Damn, he thought, this little girl was hot.

The girl just kept on moaning as the man fucked her cunt. She loved getting fucked and she loved that big, black cock.

The man grunted as his cock surged yet again, and once again, he was filling that little cunt with his seed. Damn, he thought as he continued to cum, he sure did love Korean cunts.

It was a little while later and Tam got up and dressed herself. She looked at the black man still snoring on the bed and she smiled to herself. Intelligence had been right about what Garrett liked and about how to get to the man.

It was too bad, she thought. He was a good fuck, but that wasn’t good enough. She picked up the briefcase that Garrett had intended to turn over to the North Koreans and she left.

Her bosses in Seoul would be happy to get this. It was her first mission, and it was a success, and just as soon as she turned these documents over to headquarters, Tam knew what she was going to go do. She’d just gotten the first fucking of her young life and she knew she wanted more.

Too bad, Jonathen Garrett, she thought. You were good but not good enough, and that’s how Jonathen Garrett got made in Korea.

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