Males first Mardi Gras 2

James laid on the bed, looking at the girls and Chloe asked “Which one of them do you want to fuck now?”
It took him some time to actually process all of this and so he decided. Looking to his left there was this nice Latino girl, about 5’6, long brown and gold hair, brown eyes, nice sizable breasts and wearing some short shorts and a jean vest which was open, revealing the sides of her breasts.
“Her.” he said.
She pointed to herself and James nodded. She came over onto the bed and crawled between his legs and rubbed her hand on his cock, making sure it was nice and hard now. She got up on her knees and took off her vest, she had a tattoo on her right breast of a rose and they looked nice and squeezable, the girl then removed her shorts, she was wearing a black lacy thong.
“I’m Michelle.” She said in his ear then slid her tongue partly in his ear, sent his body into ecstasy.
Michelle ran her hands down James’ muscular chest slowly and grabbed a hold of his cock which was now nice and hard. Michelle moved her hands up and down on James’ cock slowly then she spat on it, lubricating it and moved her hands up and down faster and squeezed gently on his cock. James’ groaned loudly, feeling his sexual energy return, Michelle took her hands away and began to lick the tip of James’ cock. She took part of James’ cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue over the shaft then began to bob her head up and down.
While doing all of this the other girls began to let out low moans of pleasure and some were kissing each other, every girl was kissing and touching, it turned out to be an orgy. Michelle took 7inchs of James’ cock in her warm mouth now and seemed to wrap her tongue around his shaft and moved it up and down slowly, it took James’ all of his bodily control to hold back his ejaculation and with just a few more sucking of the cock that Michelle did like an expert James’ shot his load inside of her. Some of his cum came out the side of Michelles’ mouth but she didn’t seem to notice as she licked up the dripping sperm.
Michelle then got up above James’ sperm dripping cock and took her thong off the right side of her leg and just let it scrunch up on her left ankle. She lowered herself down on his cock slowly; even though it was beginning to get limp it seemed to stay semi-hard. Michelles’ pussy was nicely tight and had just a bit of hair on it, when she lowered herself all the way down on James’ cock, Michelle began to rock back and forth slowly at first then feeling it get to its hardest inside of her she rocked faster and began to bounce up and down on it.
By now the other girls were on the floor pussy lickin’ each other and kissing each other, some of them even brought strap-ons so some were getting fucked in the ass or pussy by that.
Michelle put James’ hands on her breasts and he began to massage them, moving them around in small circles or softly squeezing her nipples. This sent Michelle into pure ecstasy and she was close to having her orgasm. Michelle got up off of James’ cock and got on all fours, James got on his knees and positioned his cock at Michelles’ pussy and slid it in slowly, hearing Michelles’ groans and moans of pleasure and barely any pain. James’ thrusted his cock back and forth inside of her pussy, not letting more than 6inchs get out of her, his balls smacked against Michelles’ pussy, making low smacking sounds, this caused Michelle to rub at the back area of her pussy quickly, moaning in pleasure and shutting her eyes, this was the best sex she had in months. James’ pinched and squeezed at Michelles’ hard nipples and he heard her scream out in pleasure “I’M CUMMING!!!” and she came, all over James’ cock.
James’ pulled out of her and positioned her lying on her back and with a few quick strokes of his cock James shot a massive load of his jizz on Michelles’ sexy body, watching medium sized white spots land on Michelles’ face, mouth, and breasts.
“OK next girl.” James said.
Michelle rolled off of the bed with a smile and jizz on her face.

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