Mandy's Birthday Surprise

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Mandy’s Birthday Surprise


Christy Hopper

Well you have heard the stories of some of my experience with my family, I must say we are a very horny bunch. But I think its time to tell you about my daughter Mandy.

Mandy just turned sixteen last week and my little girl followed in her mother’s footsteps when her father took her into our bed and taught her the ins and outs on pleasing a man. Josh and I wasn’t sure about weather or not we should carry on the family tradition with our daughter, you see when Mandy was born she was born with cerebral palsy. At first we were afraid that our daughter wouldn’t be like the other children we saw growing up around her, but as Mandy grow Josh and I discover that our daughter was quite normal. Yes there are some physical diffidence Mandy walks with a limp and sometimes her speech is hard to understand, her cerebral palsy is quite mild in compare to some cases.

Mandy is a sweet normal young girl on the verge of womanhood, with her big brown eyes and long flowing hair. Mandy is a knockout at five feet five, one hundred one pounds, she has a nice little hart shaped ass, her thirty eight inch tits are hard and firm.

Josh and I always made it a practice to be open and honest with our daughter on everything. Mandy had said that she has always known that her family was not like some of her friend’s families. She told me one day that she had seen me and my dad in bad together and she had seen Josh with her aunt Jade one day while he was sucking her pussy. She also told me that she had seen a few of her male cousins do other female cousins.

Mandy told me about a game that her cousins sometime played when they came to visit. One of the male cousins would chose one of his female cousins they would take her in the room and pin her up against the wall and four or five of the boys would take turns kissing her or sticking their fingers up her pussy, she said that none of the boys never chose her.

I was not surprise to hear that she had seen so much, but I wasn’t quite sure about how much she knew about what she had seen, after all she was only fifteen when she saw my dad fucking me. That question was clearly answered when she asked me in a very series tone.

“Am I every going to get my pussy sucked, is any man every going to want to fuck me.?”

I didn’t know how to answer her, I decided to wait until Josh got home from work before I traveled down that road. When Josh got home from work I told him about what Mandy had said, Josh decided that he would talk to her after dinner that night.

After dinner Josh took Mandy in the living room to talk to her about what she had seen. Josh and Mandy sat on the couch while I hung back in the kitchen.

“Mandy I understand that you have some questions about sex?” Josh said.

“I, I will ye, oh I don’t know.” Mandy said as her nerves made her shaking increase

Josh could tall that Mandy was deeply troubled, Mandy has always had a good relationship with her father so I knew that he would be able to get the truth out of her.

“Mandy I want to help you, but I can’t if you don’t tell me what’s troubling you.” Josh said as he put his arms around her trembling body.

“No body likes me, they think I am a freak, I’ll never do it because no one wants to fuck a handicap freak show. Dad the rest of my body may be disabled, but my pussy is normal.” Mandy told her father as she sobbed in her father’s arms.

My heart broke for my little girl as I listened from the kitchen, her heart break of being rejected by her cousins was more then I could stand. I wiped the tears from my face when I saw Josh spread our daughter’s legs and began to fondle his daughter’s pussy. Mandy was right there was nothing wrong with her cunt.

I continued to watch Josh as he gave his daughter her first kiss. From the look of it I could tell that Josh was getting really turned on by his daughter.

“Did you like that?” Josh asked Mandy as he caressed her back.

“Yes “

Josh took Mandy’s slightly deformed hand and slipped it between his legs, I could see the look of excitement on Mandy’s face as she felt her father’s hard dick come to life. Josh unzipped his pants letting his cock pop out into full view. Mandy’s eyes sparkled as she saw her father’s nice long ten inch dick for the first time.

Josh called me into the living room, I john Josh and Mandy on the couch. I could tell that Josh really wanted to fuck Mandy, but we agreed that Mandy would have to wait until she turned sixteen before she could participate in our family games. I sat beside my husband while my daughter continued to explore her father’s manhood.

“Suck it baby show our little girl how to get a man off.” Josh said as he pushed my head down .

I opened my mouth taking Josh all the way in while he slips his hand inside Mandy’s panties. I heard Josh moan as he felt our little girl’s hairy pussy for the first time. Josh started to noticed just how beautiful our Mandy was as he began to run he is hands all over her body. Meanwhile I continue to suck my husband’s dick while our daughter looked on. The taste of my husband’s big meaty dick was suck a turn on to me that I nearly forgot that Mandy was even there.

It took everything within Josh not to take our daughter, Mandy was so pure and lovely that if he hadn’t send her to her room he would took her pure virgin pussy right then and there.

“Oh baby please go to your room.” I heard Josh demanded as I begun to suck harder and harder.

Mandy ran to her room, I heard her door slam as Josh blow a big loud of sweet cum in my face. Josh was like a spout as white creamy cum gushed from his ten inch cock. Josh pulled me to my feet and pushed me back on to the couch. Spreading my legs plowed his big dick deep into my clean shaved pussy. Josh was like a fucking mad man that night the thought of doing his own daughter really turned him on. While Josh was on top of me I notice that Mandy had come back into the room and was watching her dad and me make love. I wanted to tell him to stop but I knew that once Josh got started that stopping was next to imposable.

The next morning I woke to fine Josh gone, I knew that he was with Mandy. I got out of bed and started down the hall as I got closer I heard voices coming from the bathroom. I was so mad because I just knew that Josh was fucking Mandy, when I opened the door I saw Josh sitting on the commode he had Mandy on his lap wrapped in a towel.

“Good morning sweetheart.” Josh said

“Good morning.” I said in a tone that told my husband that I wasn’t please with his action.

“What’s wrong sweetie?”

“Josh I need to talk to, I’ll be in the kitchen.”

I was so mad; we had all ways agreed that when it came to Mandy any and all major decision were to be made my both of us. I know that it’s not the normal thing to be so worried about your child’s first sexual encounter, but when you are a parent of a disabled child you tend to worry about everything. Josh sent Mandy to her room, when Josh walked into the kitchen he could sense that I was upset.

“Hay babe what’s wrong?” Josh said as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Dam it Josh why couldn’t you have waited?”
“Wait, wait for what, what in the hall are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb with me you know dam well what I’m talking about, after last night I know you want to fuck Mandy and you fucked her this morning didn’t you?”

“No I didn’t, but even if I had so what, she normal and her pussy is just as good as anyone else.”

“‘I never said it wasn’t but we agreed that any decisions that had to be made about Mandy would be made by the both of us.”

“I know and our agreement still holds, but Mandy is almost sixteen and she
is afraid that she will never have a boyfriend, that she will never get married, that no man will want to touch her, that she will never be fucked because of her fu
cking cp.”

Josh voice took on an angry tone as he finished his coffee. I understand how he felt; I have felt the same anger for years when people make false judgment about Mandy’s abilities.

“I know how you feel sweetheart but the truth is that Mandy may not …” Josh stopped me in med sentence.

“No don’t say it.” Josh said as he walked out of the kitchen.

I followed him into the living where we sat on the couch and I could see just how upsetting the whole thing was for him. Because Josh had come from a family where sex was not just something you did just to get off, but the very act of sex was something that was revered and the thought of his daughter not being allowed to take part was more then he could handle.

“Sweetie we need to come up with a plan that will help Mandy with her problem.”

“Mandy doesn’t have a problem, its other people who have all these hang ups about sex and the disabled.” Josh said as he lit a cigarette .

“Yes I know what you mean, but that still dose not help us with Mandy’s problems, but I do have a idea that might solve the problem.” I said as Josh flick the ashes into the ash tray.

“Ye what is it?”

“Well do you remember me telling you about what my dad gave me for my sixteenth birthday?” I said as I saw Josh’s face light up with excitement.

“Ye, ye, that’s a great idea, and her birthday is only a few weeks away.”

“So you like the idea?”

“Of course I love it, and I love you for thanking of our daughter’s needs first.”

“Of course I would think of her needs first, that why I want you her dad to be her first lover, I know you will take good care of our baby girl.”

The days leading up to Mandy’s birthday was busy for me because I was planning a surprise party with our entire family, but long for Josh. We didn’t have sex at all that whole week. Josh said that he was saving it all up for his baby girl.

The morning of Mandy’s birthday Josh was already up and ready to give his daughter her very special birthday gift. Josh didn’t want to wait until that night when the rest of our family was there. He said that there was no need to wait because he would still have a lot more stored up for tonight.

Josh lift our room and went into Mandy’s room. As soon as I heard the door close I slipped out of bed and walked quietly down to Mandy’s door, I eased open the door so I could see what was going on.

Josh had woke Mandy and was telling her about her special day. Mandy was still under the covers, Josh slowly started to pull down the covers and found much to his delight that Mandy was not wearing anything. She laid there as Josh saw for the first time just how much of a beautiful woman she was becoming. The night before while I was helping Mandy with her shower I gave my daughter her first cunt shave. Josh clamed into bed with our daughter, he had waited for weeks for this day and now it was finely here.

I stood there watching Josh as he clamed on top of our daughter, spreading her legs he slowly eased his dick into her sweet little hole. I heard Mandy let out a loud scream as Josh began to pump her sweet young pussy. I could tell that Josh was really getting into it, he has always loved his baby girl and would do anything to make her happy. I saw as Josh took one of her firm tits in his mouth.

I could see that Mandy was starting to calm down, I could hear her answer Josh when he would ask her questions while he was fucking her pussy.

“Dose that feel good?”

“Oh yes dad that feels so good.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No dad please don’t stop.”

Josh continued to ease his way into Mandy, I knew that Josh wanted to brake her cherry. Mandy became more and more relaxed as I saw her instinctively began to rotate her hips to the rhythm of their love making. Both Josh and Mandy had gone into a sexual frenzy.

As I stood there the sight of my husband making love to our daughter started to turn me on. I could feel my pussy getting wet and hot as I saw Josh pump her pussy harder and harder. I was so tempted to joint them but I knew that it was Mandy’s special day and I didn’t want to do anything to spoil it for her.

The first time Mandy came it hit her like fire works going off on the fourth of July. Josh fucked Mandy for nearly an hour when he took a break. When he came out of Mandy’s room I could see that his dick was red from the blood he had drew.

“Our little girl is now a woman.” He said with a smile on his face.

To be continued

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