Marked for Life

I was in the bathroom, draining the tank as usual, when another man walked in and stood next to me in the open urinal–which looked more like a pig’s trough with a drain in the center.

I looked away, since he stood directly next to me, but I couldn’t help but to look after I heard a loud sigh, and saw that he had stealthily removed his sweatpants, and he was masturbating! I was so caught up in asking him what he was doing that I had forgotten that I was hanging out of my trousers and turned to face him. “Sir, you realize that if someone walks in here and sees you, you’d get in some serious trouble, right?” I told him. He turned to face me, and I looked down to see the biggest pair of balls I have EVER seen!

He then told me he didn’t care, and that this was his bathroom. I told him it was public, and he responded, “I have pissed on every corner of this room, and my animal instincts now tell me that this is my restroom. And now you’ll be mine too.” I started slowly walking backwards, but it was to no avail.

Before I knew it, I was standing there in shock, drenched with the man’s urine. I spoke my mind and said, ” You think peeing on me will make me yours? You have another thing coming…” As I finished the sentence, he turned me around, and lowered my drawers. “What are you doing?!” I shouted. I tried running, but he pinned me down further. “Almost there…” I heard him grunt.

The next thing I knew, I was being penetrated and my asshole was on fire, but at the same time I found it so pleasurable. I soon felt a warm, gooey liquid fill my hind quarters, and it seemed to go on and on! He shoved his phallus into my ass one more time, and then reached around and stroked my penis four times. I ejaculated more cum than I had ever before.

As he left the restroom and reentered the park (still bottomless), I lay there writhing with orgasmic pleasure, semen still oozing from my penis and leaking from my ass. I’ve gone back to that park and that restroom many times hoping to see him there, but he never is. I have also learned that since then, I only have ejaculated less than an ounce every time I’ve tried, and the pleasure of masturbation has gotten progressively less. I must find him…

(Image Source: Catalina Studio)
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  1. hungryforit

    WOW…Nice one !! Oooh for the Good Old Days …..

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