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Taking Care of Uncle Pedro (Part 2)

After the bath incident where I jerked my uncle and almost made him cum with my mouth, things had went to normal in the house. I would stay with my grandparents for five more weeks while my Uncle Pedro had his arms in casts after a car accident. I haven’t had any other incident with my uncle, but I wanted to. I could not forget his monster cock and how much he came. I could not forget having his pulsating meat inside my mouth leaking pre-cum. At night, I would finger myself slowly remembering his cock until I reached an intense orgasm. I wanted to feel him cumming in my mouth, I wanted that cock inside my pussy, I wanted him. I knew it was wrong, but I would make him fuck me before I went back to New York.

Three weeks after the incident, my grandparents had to go back to the capital for a week. Again I would be taking care of my uncle and this time my cousin Sheila was staying with us. Sheila is a year older than me and very different from me. She is a tall woman, about 5 feet 10 inches tall, with light skin, and kind of a tomboy, although a very feminine one. She never uses make-up and she had cut her brown hair very short. If you did not see her nice hips and big 38-D breasts, you would think she was a guy. I haven’t seen her since before the incident and I was debating if telling her about what happened.

My grandparents left and Sheila and I began chatting about my vacations and about taking care of uncle Pedro. He was also her uncle — her mother was my aunt — and she also believed he was handsome as hell. I haven’t told her about my adventure with him, and I decided to not tell her anything. Besides, she would not believe me…

The day after my grandparents left, I noticed my uncle trying to scratch his part with a stick. The previous week the casts on his arms went all the way to his shoulders, now they had been replaced with casts that only reached his elbows. He had a lot more mobility, but still needed assistance to bath and eat.

“Uncle, are you OK?” I asked knowing the answer.

“No, Mariela, I’m not” he answered in an exasperated voice “I need to clean my privates again, there had been like four days since the last time Dad cleaned them, and I can’t deal with it!”

“Come on, uncle, it’s time for a bath!” I answered and grabbed him. I prepared the bath as I did the last time, but this time he was able to take off his pants by himself. He sat in the same place as I began to wash him with the sponge. This time, his erection did not surprise me and he was looking at me at all times. I could feel his eyes on my cleavage, generously visible thanks to my tank top. That attention and seeing his enormous stick pulsating turned me on. My pussy began getting wet and my nipples wanted to pierce the fabric of my top. When it was time to wash his privates, he told me “Please, do it like the last time… with your hands” I smiled and complied, stroking his meat slowly. I knew what I wanted and it was his cock exploding inside my mouth, so I cleaned his privates and told him to stand up to clean his back. He looked surprised, but I told him that I had a better idea, so he stood up.

I removed my top and soaped his back and ass cheeks. When I was soaping his ass, I took his hard cock from behind and stroke it slowly with my hands. I rinsed his back and pressed my bare chest on his back side, using both hands to stroke him. I did that for a few minutes until I released him and told him to turn around. His eyes could not believe that I was bare chested in front of him. “Uncle, do you like them?” His response was his mouth on my left nipple, sucking hard. “Uncle, careful, I don’t want you to get hurt! Sit down on the toilet… there is something I want to finish…”

He knew what I was talking about. He sat on the toilet and I knelt between his legs as I did a few weeks before. I began licking the underside of his cock, beginning at the base and going all the way to the swollen head. Looking at his eyes, I took the head in my mouth and began sucking as if it was the last lollipop on Earth. My tongue took a life of its own, twirling and hitting his cock head, then the shaft. Uncle was with his head tilted back moaning softly. With my hands, I began rubbing his balls while taking him deep in my mouth — I could take just a little more than half of his mast when I felt his leg muscles tightening. He was close and this time, I would drink his cum. I sucked harder and deeper, biting softly his shaft.

That drove him above the edge. I felt his balls contracting and I knew what was next: the first jet of cum hit the back of my throat so I swallowed as fast as I could, but the man juice was flowing from his cock like water from a hose. I had problems swallowing it and had to remove myself from his spurting cock to breathe. My mouth was full of jizz, but his cock was still shooting so I grabbed it and aimed at my bare chest where he painted my breasts. When I felt my uncle’s hot cum landing on my nipples I had a wild orgasm — for the first time of my life I squirted so hard it felt I was peeing. After what felt like a century uncle Pedro’s cock stopped cumming and my orgasm subsided. Still grabbing his deflating cock I stood up and kissed him in his mouth. I knew he would taste his own cum in my mouth, but it appeared to not bother him.

“Oh, fuck that was hot!” we heard coming from the door. Both of us turned to see and were surprised to see Sheila with her fingers buried deep in her pussy. We had been so involved in sex we forgot we were not alone in the house.

“Mariela, I didn’t know you could suck cock like that… and Uncle, I never thought your cock was sooo big!” Sheila said, coming inside the bathroom. I still had uncle Pedro’s cock on my hand and Sheila’s appearance had hardened it again. “Mariela, can you move? I want to play with Uncle Pedro for a while… you can watch if you want.” she said moving me away from our uncle. Sheila took her pants and panties off in one swift motion and sat right away on Uncle’s lap. “Uncle, I had fantasized about this for so long…” she said in a husky voice I had never heard before, taking his heavy cock and aiming directly to her dripping wet pussy. Sheila impaled herself slowly on our uncle’s cock and surprisingly she took it all. “Oh Sheila, you feel great!” our uncle said when Sheila began to move up and down on a rhythm, sometimes grinding her ride. Sheila was loud, screaming in pleasure, while our uncle could only moan and try to hold his load as much as possible.

It was a show I will never forget. Sheila’s ass and D-cups breasts jumping up and down, her screams, and uncle Pedro’s moans while I watched, still dripping our uncle’s cum from my chin and breasts. My pussy needed attention, so unconsciously my fingers went to give the all needed touch. I was wet as hell, so I removed my shorts and thong, sat on the corner of the tub, and rubbed my pussy on the same rhythm Sheila and Uncle were fucking. Soon my moans were making a chorus to their symphony, and Sheila looked at my direction smiling. She didn’t say anything, just kept riding our uncle as if there was no tomorrow. She was rocking the toilet so hard, I was afraid they would break it. Uncle was there, all tense, holding a huge load in a battle he was loosing. As soon as Sheila screamed “YES! I’M CUMMING!!! FUUUCCCKKK!!!”, he let his load inside Sheila. I couldn’t hold either and had my second squirting orgasm of the day, almost collapsing inside the tub.

It took a while for all three to recover. When we came back to our senses, Uncle Pedro was the first one to say something. “Shit, I think I need a bath…”

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