Married sex isn't boring sex

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Winston and I have been married for over a year. We have a newborn daughter, and ihave a 5 year old from a previous marriage. While i was pregnant, our sex life went to shit. He was afraid of hurting me, or the baby. Since I have had our daughter, he has been an animal.
I went to the store today, to buy a few things for the house. I wasn’t gone very long, and when I returned, i noticed that the house was VERY quiet. Meaning, that the baby was asleep, and my son was gone. I walked into out bedroom, and my husband was laying there naked, with his massive cock in his hand, smiling at me. He stood up, and helped me out of my clothing. I was nervous, becaue the lights were on, and I’m still a little flaaby from the baby. I try to cover myself, and he grabs my arms. He holds onto my hands as he lies me onto our bed. He kisses my neck, then my earlobe. He moves to my right breast, then my left. he kisses my stomach, and then he moves down. I can feel my pussy tighten with excitement. I’m sopping wet, and he kisses the inside of my thigh. He moves to my puusy lips. he spreads them, and licks my clit. He starts out really fast, and then he slows down. He knows how I like it. I love the feeling of his toungue on my pussy. He continues to lick my clit with his entire toungue. slowly. He sticks a finger in my pussy, and i clench down on it. He sticks his thumb up my ass, and I can feel myself losing control. My hips start to buck, and I’m screaming “DON’T STOP!!! I’M CUMMING”
He rides out the last of my orgasm, and he straddles my body. He sticks his massive cock into my pussy, and fucks me faster and harder than he ever had before….
Before i knew it, i was cumming again. I begged him to cum with me…he just smiled. “I want to cum in your mouth” he breathed in my ear. So I puched him off of me, and began to suck his cock for all that it was worth. It wasn’t 5 minutes, and he was cumming harder than ever.
Who ever said that once you get married, your sex life is gone, never had sex with the right person.

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  1. uwill_luvme2

    I hate to break the news darling, but 1 year of being married isn’t anything. The sex doesn’t start getting boring until you have passed your 12 year….after that you really have to work at not being boring!

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