Mary Parker (Part 2)

Chapter Two: A Mystery And A Punishment

Mary got home from work very late Friday evening. She was a bit disappointed that her daughter hadn’t waited up for her. She looked forward to discussing her day at Large and Lovely with Samantha. Last weekend Samantha had been at Tracy Weston’s sleep over, but she had Dave Weston to keep her company then.

Mary decided she might as well get some sleep too. When she entered her bedroom Mary thought she sensed something different. She looked all around the room, but nothing seemed to be out of place. Then she knew what it was. It was a smell. It was very faint and then it was gone. Mary could swear she recognized it. Then the answer came. It was the cologne that Dave Weston normally wore. Mary recalled that Dave hadn’t been in this room in almost three weeks. Last Saturday they had taken care of business in the living room. They were both too hot to make it to the bedroom. Mary finally concluded that the smell must have been imagined. She guessed that she just had Dave on her mind.

As she got into bed, Mary thought she better get Dave off her mind or she wouldn’t be able to sleep. Carrying on an affair with a married man had its disadvantages. It wasn’t like he was available all the time and Mary was in the mood tonight. She and Dave managed to get together every couple of weeks and sometimes a little more often. Then there were Lloyd Fisher’s visits to town, but this was only once about every six weeks. All in all, Mary’s sex life wasn’t as active as she would have liked. She had considered checking out the singles chat on the internet, but she was leery of getting hooked up with some freak. Well there was the old standby. As her fingers strayed down to her pussy, Mary closed her eyes and thought about what she and Dave had been doing last Saturday.

After her desire was at least somewhat satisfied, Mary’s thoughts turned to Samantha. For a very long while she had worried about her daughter. Mary was sure there had been something bothering Samantha since before Scott left. When the news of his activities with some of the teenage girls at McDonalds broke, Mary instantly thought of all the evenings he and Samantha spent alone together after she started working. At first she dismissed her suspicion as stemming from her anger at Scott. But as more time passed and Samantha continued to seem withdrawn and depressed, Mary began to wonder again. Had that bastard done something with his own daughter?

Mary couldn’t seem to easily talk about sex with her daughter. Maybe it was because they weren’t as close as they should be. Mary recalled when Samantha started her period. The discussion she was forced to have with her then was a major ordeal. Although it was difficult for her, Mary finally asked Samantha if her father had ever tired anything with her. Samantha had vehemently denied that her father had ever done anything out of the way with her. At the time, Mary was only too glad to let the subject drop, but later on she wondered if Samantha’s denial had been too emphatic. Unfortunately Mary could never get up the nerve to quiz Samantha on the subject again.

Then Mary thought that maybe things were turning around for Samantha. Although she didn’t have much to say about it afterward, Samantha had gone to Tracy’s party last weekend. Mary now speculated that getting out of Bentlyville would probably be a big help too. As she drifted off to sleep, Mary thought she was working on getting the both of them out of this dump. It would take just a little more time.

Saturday morning when she went out to get the newspaper, Mary glanced toward the far side of the house and noticed the weeds appeared to have been recently crushed down there. She took a closer look and was convinced that someone had been lurking along that side of the house. She followed the trail down to the bedroom window and saw that the window shade wasn’t fully down. A quick look at the window indicated that it would be easy to see into the bedroom. Now Mary became very upset. Samantha had been home alone for most of last evening.

When Mary told Samantha what she discovered, she saw a fleeting look of panic cross her daughter’s face and when she said she was going to call the police; Samantha became almost hyper. She insisted that it wasn’t necessary to call the police. Mary began to suspect that there was something Samantha knew that she wasn’t telling. She was too worked up for it to be anything else. Mary resolved to get to the bottom of it, but she didn’t have the time just now. If she didn’t get going very soon, she was going to be late for work. Finally she gave in just to get Samantha to calm down. Now making light of the whole thing Mary said, “Well who ever was peeking in that window last night got a big disappointment; unless they got turned on by watching me sleep.”

As Mary drove to work she couldn’t get her mind off the unsolved mystery at home. She was sure that something had happened at home last evening and Samantha didn’t want her to know about it. Suddenly Mary recalled the strange feeling she had when she first went into her bedroom and then she remembered the faint odor of Dave’s cologne. She thought God damn it! Was Dave at the house with Samantha last evening? If he was, then what were they doing in her bedroom? Could it have been Dave and Samantha who were being spied on? That would certainly explain why Samantha was so upset. Mary wanted to dismiss this suspicion, but she couldn’t. Mary knew one thing for sure, if Dave had done anything with Samantha he would be a very sorry man.

When Mary parked at the Eastland Mall, she looked at her watch and saw that in spite of rushing off from home, she was going to be a few minutes late. As she walked briskly through the Mall, she knew she had to get her mind on the business at hand and put her problem with Samantha in a box until later. The minute she entered Large and Lovely, the floor supervisor, Karen Roberts, came up to her and said, “Mary you’re late.”

“I know. I’m sorry.” Mary replied.

“You know this is the second time in two weeks Mary and you couldn’t have picked a worse day. Mr. Fisher showed up unexpectedly this morning and he’s been asking for you. You better go to the office right away.”

When Mary entered the office Mr. Fisher was sitting at the desk and Mary noted another man sitting on the big leather sofa. Mr. Fisher said, “So here you are at last Mary. Would you please lock the door?” After Mary locked the door Mr. Fisher said, “I want you to meet Tom Gray. He’ll be assuming some of my responsibilities in the very near future. He’s in training now.”

Tom Gray stood up and held his hand out to Mary. As they shook hands, she noted that Tom was younger than Lloyd and very nice looking. Mary guessed he was in his early forties. He stood about six feet tall, had a trim build and a very hansom face. Mary was attracted to him at once.

Now Lloyd said as he indicated the chair facing the desk, “Please come over and take a seat Mary.” When Mary sat down Lloyd said, “It seems as if your enthusiasm for your job is beginning to wane Mary. You were late for work this morning and Karen tells me that you were late one day last week as well. Our sales consultants are never late for work. I’m very disappointed in you. As you know I have very high hopes for you.”

Mary replied, “I’m really sorry Lloyd. I promise it won’t happen again.”

“I’m sure it won’t Mary. However we have to deal with the situation at hand. You see Mary in the world of business carelessness and unreliability can’t be tolerated. It may be understandable behavior in children, but not in adults. Of course children must be shown the error of their ways by appropriate punishment. That’s how we teach them. Mary I’m afraid that your past behavior warrants some punishment. The same kind of punishment I would give an unruly child. Do you get my meaning?”

Mary wasn’t sure she did get Lloyd’s meaning. She
knew he had some sort of punishment in mind for her, but his talk of unrul
y children didn’t seem to make much sense. Finally Mary said, “I’m not sure I get your meaning Lloyd.”

“It’s actually very simple Mary. Since I consider you being late to work a childish fault, I’m going to punish you appropriately with a good hard spanking.” Now Lloyd removed a medium-sized thin wooden paddle from a desk drawer. Mary’s surprise at this turn of events must have registered very clearly on her face because Lloyd asked, “What’s the matter? Haven’t you ever been spanked before?”

Mary said, “Well probably when I was a little girl, but I don’t really remember.”

“If you don’t remember then it wasn’t hard enough or often enough to make an impression. That’s most likely why we’re dealing with this situation right now. Since you’re not familiar with the procedure, I’ll tell you what is going to happen. There’s not a lot to it. You will come over to the side of the couch and raise your skirt above your waist. Then I want you to bend over the arm of the couch. Next I’m going to take your panties down and spank your bare butt with this paddle. I will have Tom to assist me as part of his training.”

During her conversation with Lloyd, Mary had almost forgotten about Mr. Gray. Now she felt her face begin to flush at the prospect of him seeing her get a bare assed spanking and perhaps even spank her himself. Mary was desperate to somehow get out of this situation and she said, “Lloyd please this really isn’t necessary. I won’t be late again. You can count on it.”

“Mary I can’t condone a subordinate questioning my judgment. If this is the attitude you’re going to take I’m afraid we’ll have to end your association with the Large and Lovely organization. Otherwise I believe you know what you have to do and I suggest you not waste any more time. Tom and I have more important matters to deal with this morning.”

Mary didn’t waste any time. She got up from the chair and went over to the side of the big leather couch. She raised her skirt well up above her waist and bent over the arm of the couch. The arm of the couch was high and Mary was sure her big rounded butt was elevated on perfect display for both Tom and Lloyd. Now Lloyd said, “Tom come on around here.” Now Mary knew both men were surveying her from behind.

Mary felt a hand moving over the taut seat of her panties and she heard Lloyd say, “Tom these are our new shell pink satin panties. Here feel the quality of the material and see how snugly they fit, there’s not a single wrinkle.” Suddenly Mary felt the hand come down with a couple of sharp spanks on her amply globed butt. She was taken off guard and couldn’t keep from yelling, “Ouch!” Now Lloyd continued, “See, they’re molded so nicely to Mary’s bottom you could see her butt cheeks bounce just then. Try it yourself and you’ll see what I mean.”

A couple of more sharp spanks came down on Mary’s vulnerable bottom and she cried out again as Tom said, “Yes that’s very nice.”

Then Lloyd said, “Now Tom you’ll notice that Mary is wearing the matching pink garter belt and black stockings. This in combination with the black high heels makes a very sexy looking ensemble don’t you think?”

“Yes it’s extremely appealing Lloyd.”

Now Mary felt a hand moving up the inside of her thigh and then a finger brush over the crotch of her panties. She felt her clit begin to throb just a bit as the finger started to move slowly over the material of her panties there. Lloyd said, “Well enough of the fashion show Tom. We have a very naughty girl to deal with here. It’s time to attend to business. Tom if you’ll just take Mary’s panties down I’ll get started.” Now Mary felt fingers in the waistband of her panties as they were pulled down over her hips and then down her thighs. Now she felt the panties drop in a heap around her ankles.

Lloyd said, “Now Mary if you’ll just oblige me by moving your legs well apart.” Mary shifted her legs slightly to the sides. Lloyd said, “Mary you’re still being difficult. You can do much better than that.” Mary shifted her legs apart until she felt her panties stretched taut at her ankles. Lloyd said, “That’s much better Mary. The sight of pussy lips peeking out between well spread thighs adds to the pleasure of spanking.”

Now Mary felt a sharp sting on her butt as the paddle cracked down for the first spank. Almost instantly the paddle cracked into her butt again. Now the spanks were coming down in rapid succession. The paddle cracked loudly as it splatted into first one butt cheek and then the other. Mary’s bottom was now on fire and she began to gyrate it frantically as the spanking continued. Suddenly there was a pause and Lloyd said, “Now Tom I want you to finish this up. I believe another half dozen good hard swats right to the center of Mary’s seat is appropriate.”

Mary stifled a cry as she braced herself for the rest of the spanking. The paddle came down sharply with a little pause between each swat. That was the worst part, not knowing exactly when the next hard swat was coming. Mary couldn’t keep from crying out and jerking her butt from one side to the other as these six final hard swats were delivered. Now that the spanking was over Mary felt a hand moving slowly over her bottom and she heard Tom say, “You have a very nice bottom Mary. I love the sight of a nice plump womanly butt, especially after it’s been thoroughly warmed by a good hard spanking.”

To her surprise, Mary discovered that during the spanking her pussy had become very wet and she could feel her clit throbbing. She had been getting turned on and she hadn’t realized it. Now she felt a finger slipping into her pussy and start to massage her clit. Tom said, “Looks like something besides your butt was getting hot during that spanking Mary.”

Now Mary took a quick look back and saw Tom unfastening his belt and dropping his pants. Within moments he had his sizeable cock out and was guiding it into Mary’s pussy from behind. Mary let out a moan and pushed back to meet Tom’s inward thrust. As Tom began to drive his cock in from behind, Lloyd got onto the couch in front of Mary and brought his monster cock up to her lips. Mary began to run her tongue over the head. Then Lloyd said, “That’s a good girl; open wide.” Now Lloyd was pushing his cock into Mary’s mouth and she began to suck. Taking care of two cocks at once was a new experience for Mary, but she managed to keep up with the demand.

In a few minutes Lloyd said, “I’m going to cum.” And Tom said, “Me too.”

Suddenly Mary’s mouth and pussy were both being filled a load of hot cum.

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