Mary Parker's Story (Part 1)

Chapter One: Mary And Dave

When Mary Parker got out of her car, she paused to look at the shabby little house she and her daughter Samantha lived in. The place had gone to hell in the two plus years since her husband, Scott, had run off with Karen Ewell. Although Scott had been no Bob Villa, apparently what little maintenance he did was better than nothing. Then Mary thought, screw it! She didn’t have plans to stay in Bentlyville much longer. She was saving toward a down payment on a new place. She wanted to get something near the Eastland Mall where she worked. As she stepped onto the front porch, Mary thought the little house looked particularly forlorn this evening. Samantha had gone to a sleep over at Tracy Weston’s.

Unlocking the front door, Mary remembered how excited she had been when they managed to get this place on land contract. That was years ago just before Samantha was born. She had pictured them living together here happily ever after. At least that was the way it was supposed to be. As Mary sank down onto the couch and kicked off her high heels she thought what was supposed to be and what is are two very different things. Mary supposed that things had turned out to be very ironic. While she had been screwing Dave Weston on the side and feeling a little guilty about it; Scott was sampling the fresh little fur burgers at McDonalds. Mary smiled as she thought cynically, would you like some fries with that fur burger?

Mary had to admit that Karen Ewell was a babe. She couldn’t imagine what she had seen in Scott. But then she had to be fair. Scott had had his good points. He was very intelligent. He had a big cock and when the mood struck him, he could push her buttons in bed. Too bad, with her, the mood didn’t strike him very often. She expected he’d always be in the mood to push Karen’s buttons. Well what the hell, Mary thought. The marriage was all but over by the time Scott made his dramatic exit stage left. She hadn’t been too broken up about it. For the most part, Scott had been a pain in the ass and in more ways than one.

Mary smiled to herself again as she mused, speaking of pains in the ass…Dave Weston should be showing up soon. Mary actually thought Dave was a great guy and she owed him more than he probably knew. It was his attention that had given her the self-confidence she needed to get the job at Large and Lovely. Pain in the ass referred to what she knew Dave was going to be hot for this evening. It had been a while since Mary had let him fuck her in the ass, not that she didn’t enjoy it every now and then. But she always held that out for a special treat. This evening she was really hot for sex. It had been over a week. So if Dave was extra good, she figured he’d get his treat.

Dave Weston strolled briskly down the narrow little alley between Second and Third Streets. His car was parked behind the Atlas Cinema on Madison Avenue. He had been carrying on an affair with Mary Parker for almost three years. So far so good; no one was any the wiser. Dave wasn’t about to screw things up by getting careless. Bentlyville was a small town. He had been looking forward to this evening all day. Just thinking about what he was going to do with Mary, had made his cock get hard.

Dave didn’t know why, but for some reason, he’d been hot for this cute fat chick since the first time he saw her. He couldn’t believe his luck when he finally got up the nerve to make a play for her. She had been so hot and ready for it; he regretted not trying something a lot sooner. At that time he suspected Mary’s husband, Scott, wasn’t taking care of business and he couldn’t figure out why. Now he knew. That lucky bastard had been too busy fucking a bunch of little teenage chicks at the McDonalds he managed. Then there was that Karen Ewell he’d run off with. Jesus H. Christ she was the stuff wet dreams are made of! How did Scott manage to do it? He must have had a twelve inch dong and a tongue to match. Dave had been tempted to ask Mary about it, but he didn’t have the nerve. Then Dave thought for at least the thousandth time, that Scott Parker was one lucky son of a bitch!

Dave began to imagine the scene in his family room just about now. His daughter, Tracy, was having a sleep over and it was probably overflowing with cute teenage pussy. Dave was sure almost every one of those little chicks was hot for it and the way they went around showing off their cute little tits and asses was a crime. The only cute little teenage ass he got to see and touch was Tracy’s when he gave her a spanking.

Dave thought that of all the girls Tracy hung around with, the sexiest was Mary’s daughter Samantha. Since he was hot for her mother, Dave guessed it should be no surprise that he was hot for the daughter too. Samantha took after Mary. She had the same peaches and cream complexion and the same thick dark hair and big blue eyes. And what a shape!! That girl was built and then some!! She already had big tits and a nice plump ass. Dave remembered the time he had seen Scott spank her when she was only around thirteen. Even then, she had a great ass. As much as he enjoyed fucking her mom, Dave thought he would love to get into Samantha’s panties too.

Dave was now approaching Mary’s house. He vaulted over the low back fence and was soon knocking on her back door. As he heard Mary approaching, he hoped he would be knocking on her other back door before the evening was over.

During the time before she heard Dave at the back door, Mary’s thoughts drifted back to her job interview at Large and Lovely and then to Lloyd Fisher. When it came to sex, Dave was very good. Scott had been better, but only when he wanted to be. But Lloyd Fisher was a true cock’s man. In the two years she’d worked at the plus size women’s clothing store, Lloyd had fucked her just about every time he’d happened to be in town. For Mary, however, it hadn’t been nearly enough. She never ceased to be amazed at the size of his cock. When he shoved it into her pussy the fit was as tight as if she were a little teenage girl, instead of a mature woman who had had a baby. Mary could feel her pussy getting wet as she thought about this and she had to resist the urge to slip a finger into her panties. But then she thought, Dave will be here any minute and that’s his job for this evening.

When Mary opened the back door, Dave knew he was in for one great evening. Mary was looking terrific. Dave thought, damn she just keeps getting better! Mary was dressed in a black skirt and a pink silk blouse. And what tits! Dave glanced down and noticed the high heels and stockings. Jesus Christ, everything that turned him on. He was already speculating what color panties she was wearing. Could they be pink or black or maybe white? And what about the garter belt; probably black to match the stockings Dave decided. At least for the moment, the thought of his family room filled with teenage pussy had flown from Dave’s mind like a feather in a hurricane. Here was one hell of a woman and Dave knew she was as hot as they came. Dave thought this isn’t the back door to some shabby little house on Third Street. I’m at the pearly gates.

Dave exclaimed, “Mary you look great this evening!”

“Thanks Dave. Come on in. How’s the sleep over going?”

“It’s just starting to get cranked up. I’m glad to be out of that mad house. Of course Sue’s in her glory. She’s right in the middle of it. She’ll never grow up. I told her I was going out to a nice quiet biker bar to escape for the evening.”

As they entered the living room Mary said, “Well take a load off. Want a drink? I’m going to have one.”

Dave said, “OK. Make mine a weak one.” Dave thought he didn’t want anything to interfere with the business he had to attend to later. Women were lucky. They didn’t have to worry about getting it up.

Once they were seated side by side on the sofa with their drinks, things began to follow the usual routine. Mary told Dave about what had been
going on at Large and Lovely. She went into great detail and Dave had
to feign interest. Finally after she was talked out, they got down to business. Tonight was no exception. Dave began to stroke Mary’s thick silky dark hair. This woman had beautiful hair. It turned him on when he played with it. As they began to kiss, Dave let a hand stray down to one of Mary’s plump knees and then up under her skirt to her thigh. He loved the feel of the tightly stretched nylon on Mary’s plump thigh. His cock was already getting rock hard. He moved his hand further up to slip a couple of fingers inside Mary’s panties. Dave knew instantly that she was hotter than usual this evening. Her pussy was very wet already.

Dave had just started to move a finger lightly over Mary’s clit when she said, “I can’t wait. Eat my pussy now Dave. I really need it.”

Mary rose up off the couch a bit and Dave pushed her skirt up to her waist. Everything black Dave noted; black panties and garter belt matching the black stockings and high heels. Really hot looking Dave thought as he started pulling Mary’s panties off. By the time he had deposited the panties on the floor, Mary had pulled her legs up and had them spread well apart. The thick muff of dark hair covering her pussy was well displayed and made very accessible. Dave wasted no time diving in. There was work to be done and it seemed Mary was in no mood for delay. Dave began to suck and tongue Mary’s already swollen clit as he slid a couple of fingers into her pussy. Almost instantly Mary was rotating her ass a bit as she pushed her pussy forward. Dave wanted a chance to get her blouse and bra off and play with her big tits, but Mary wasn’t giving him a chance. She placed her nylon encased legs over his shoulders and clamped his head between her big thighs.

As he continued working on her pussy, Dave brought a finger down to explore Mary’s ass. He located her tight ass hole and began to probe with the tip of one finger. Mary said softly, “Yes baby, finger fuck me.” The tight elastic rim of Mary’s ass hole yielded and Dave’s finger slid inside. In a few more moments Mary said, “That’s good. Use two fingers now.” Dave slid another finger into Mary’s ass and began driving both digits home as he continued to suck on her clit. In a few more moments Mary let out a scream and clamped her thighs so tightly around Dave’s head that it was almost painful. Finally she relaxed, letting her legs fall back to the couch keeping them well spread. Dave continued moving his fingers slowly in Mary’s hot ass as little spasms seemed to go through her body. He felt her tight ass hole alternately tighten and relax around his probing fingers. Finally she fully relaxed, emitting a sigh of pleasure and Dave withdrew.

Dave wasted no time in getting out of his clothes. Then he stood in front of Mary with his stiff cock standing straight out in front. Mary looked up at him and said, “Well what have we here. Looks like it could use a little attention.” Mary sat up and moved forward on the couch. She grasped the shaft of Dave’s cock, immediately took it into her mouth and began to suck. Now Mary’s full sensuous lips began to move up and down the length of Dave’s cock. At the same time she was running her tongue over the head and sucking. Dave knew he wouldn’t be able to take much of this expert attention before shooting his load and before too long he had to pull away.
Mary looked up at Dave again and asked, “What’s the matter baby? Isn’t it good for you?”

Dave replied, “You know it’s good, but I wanted something else.”

Mary continued to tease, “What do you want Dave? I hope it isn’t something too kinky. I might not be able to do it. You know I’m a good girl.”

Dave said, “Come on Mary, you know what I’ve been wanting.”

Mary said, “Oh I know. You want to fuck me in the ass again. Well…since it was so good for me this time, I guess you can do it.”

Mary got up and started toward the bedroom. Just at that moment Dave noticed the big wide arms of the couch and instantly he knew what he wanted to do. He said, “Wait! Come back here.” Mary turned back and Dave took her wrist pulling her to the side of the couch. Then he said, “I want to do it here. You know… you bend over the arm of the couch.”

Mary lifted her skirt above her waist and bent over the arm of the couch. Dave thought this was great. Mary’s big plump butt was perfectly positioned. The contrast of the white skin of her plump thighs above the tops of the black nylons and the high heel shoes she was wearing made very sexy looking display. Mary brought her hands around and spread her butt cheeks invitingly and Dave wasted no time guiding the head of his cock into her ass. The view of his cock sliding slowly into Mary’s ass always got Dave so turned on that he had to exercise considerable restraint to keep from shooting his load before he got going good and tonight he was particularly hot. At one point Mary cried out, “Take it little slower. Don’t try to shove it in all at once!”

As Mary felt Dave’s cock filling her ass. She thought how surprised she was when Scott had first suggested anal sex. She had thought there was something wrong with her husband. Now after her experience with Dave, she figured that this was something most men must like. Although Dave wasn’t unusually big, it was still a very tight fit. When he was hot for it like he was tonight, he wanted shove that thing in before she was completely ready. Now Dave was really driving it home, but Mary was quickly getting accustomed to his cock ramming into her ass and it was beginning to feel good. Then she thought as she had done several times before, what would it be like if Lloyd Fisher ever decided he wanted to fuck her in the ass. That was something Mary didn’t think she could handle. She was sure his monster cock would never fit.

As Dave drove his cock into Mary’s tight ass he thought he had never experienced anything so good. Then he found his thoughts drifting to Scott Parker. He’d be willing to bet old Scott had rammed his monster cock up this ass plenty of times. Then Dave was suddenly struck with another thought. I’ll bet that lucky bastard fucked a few of those teenies at McDonalds in the ass too. This vision was too much for Dave and he shot his load instantly.

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