Me And Bookeeper's Daughter And Bookeeper

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Wellafter me and Rita rested for about ten munites we were ready to do something else.I asked her what she wanted to do next.Rita said that she wanted for me to eat her pussy till she cums four times in a row.So I set out to eat her pussy.I never did menchen that her pussy was shaved and very pretty.I got down and started.I opened her legs then pulled her pussy lips apart and procieded to eat a sweet looking pussy.I would eat her pussy till I could fell her start to stiffen then I would stop.I kept this up for about thirty munites then I kept right on till she came for five times in a row while I was eating her pussy.When I finished I got up and had the hard on of a life time.Rita settled down to sucking my cock for all she was wirth.When I came I flooded her mouth with my load and she swollowed as much as she could,but some ran down her chin.We rested for ten munites.
I turned to Rita and said that I wanted to fuck those beautiful TITS and she said what was I waiting on.So I got up and straduled her chest and laid my cock between her TITS and she pressed them together so I started to fuck her TITS.With my cock being 14″ between her TITS looked so good to see my cock coming out the top of her TITS and hitting her chin.I lasted for ten munites then unloaded in her mouth.Rita got up and went to the bathroom and while she was walking I looked at her sweet butt.When Rita returned to the bed I asked if she ever had anal sex and she said that she had anal sex a few times and said that she liked it but her husband would not do it to her cause he said it was to dirty.I asked if I could screw her as and she said the sha would love for me to.
WEl I asked if she had anything to lube with and she had some hand cream.I put some on my finger and incerted into her ass and puy some my cock and then started to put my cock ind her ass.That ass was so tite that I had a problem pushing in.I got ot in and set still for a couple munites then started to screw that ass and we both got into a rythem and enjoyed it at the most.after twenty munites we both came at the same time and I flooded that ass so much.We rested.
I got up to go to the bathroom.When I came back I got between her legs and started to fuck her for all she was worth.I pounded harder and harder till we both came at the same time.Well it was starting to get daylight so I got dressed and told her that I would be readdy to fuck her anytime she wanted me to and Rita said that was going to be every Friday night.
Well Monday came around and I went to have my useual sex with Barbra.When I walked into her office she attacked me and asked me why I never asked her to screw her ass and I said that I didn’t think she like that type of sex.Barbra said that was her favorite type so she wanted me fuck her ass.I said that I would.

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