me and my girlfriends first time

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it all begin when my girlfriend kim was in the mood for some hot and heavy sex. first we were making out and french kissing then i started undressing her i took off her shirt then her bra she has 36dd breasts they are so beautiful i started liking her tits and sucking on her nipples.then she starts moaning saying yes baby suck that nipple like a baby bottle ooh that feels so good. then i started taking off her shorts wich she has no panties on i immediately started licking her beautiful pussy she atarts screaming oh yeah baby that feels great yes suck my clit.then she positioned herself where she could suck my dick while i ate her pussy. we went on like that for about half and hour when we both exploded with cum…after i cummed i got up told her to get on her knees then i started pounding her pussy until i cummed in her. then i pulled out of her pussy and got her ass wet with gel.then i started fingering her asshole until i knew she was ready then in one motion i shoved my cock in her ass. she screamed at first then she started to enjoy it. until finally she was begging me to fuck her harder when i was ready to cum she said ooh baby shoot it up my ass so i did and she enjoyed it. i hope u enjoy reading this if u do email me let me know

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