me, you & hubby make 3

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It has been a long time since I have seen or heard
from you.
So I was so happy to hear you was coming to town for a
few weeks.
I was standing at the airport gates when you arrived
you still look so sexy as you walk off the plane,
you walk up hugged me & softly kissed me on the check
then you shook hands with your best friend which is my
husband now.
I just couldn’t take my eyes off you,

I I have always had this desire to be with you.

Sitting behind you in the car
seems like the ride would go on for ever

as I watch you talking & smiling I couldn’t hear what
you was saying
all I could do is think about kissing you running my
tongue across your lips
& into your mouth softly sucking it into my mouth
I could feel my body start to get hot as I thought
bout you getting slightly wet mmm wanting to feel your
tongue licking my aching clit
doing everything I could to keep from sliding my hand
under my dress oh yes were home I tell you it was nice
seeing you again & turn to my hubby
kissing him & saying im going to shower & turn in for
the night
you guys have fun you both watched me walk up the
stairs & disappear into my bedroom, once in there I
fell onto the bed & started sliding my fingers deep
inside my aching pussy oh wishing it was you entering
me now fucking me so hard & deep mmmmmmm yesss,
sliding my fingers over my clit faster now as I feel
my pussy muscles, start to grab my fingers pressing
so deep rubbing my g spot
oh yesssssssss I hold my mouth shut tightly as I
start to cummmmmm
not wanting my husband & you to hear I take my shower
now. My hubby walks into the room as I was slipping
into my baby doll nitie he stops in his tracks just
looking at me asked me to turn around & model it for
him as he walks up to me
kisses me sliding his tongue into my mouth sucking my
tongue ,
as he slides his fingers over my pussy touching my
clit through my panties
sliding his other hand over my breast rubbing his
thumb across my nipple making it hard mmmm my knees
feeling weak as he picks me up & carry’s me to the
kissing me as he lays me down sliding his tongue into
my mouth again kissing down my neck lightly licking
with the tip of his tongue tracing my nipples with his
tongue feeling the wetness through my nitie.
As he takes my top off taking my nipple into his mouth
sucking & biteing it oh mmmmmmmm repeating it on my
other nipple making them so hard with his touch
sliding down my body as he takes my panties off
kissing his way down as he slips them off of my feet
kissing my thighs now running his tongue up to my wet
aching pussy sliding his hot tongue onto my swollen
clit lightly teasing it then as he sucks it into his
mouth took my breath away all I could think of was you
sucking my clit instead of him then feeling fingers
slide into me oh my god yesssss he is finger fucking
me then I feel your tongue sliding into my mouth as I
open my eyes to see it was you, I slide my arms around
your neck to pull you closer to me as I suck on your
tongue feeling your fingers on my breast pulling &
pinching my nipples mmmmmmmmm oh god yes I close my
eyes & released my arms from your neck as you slide
your mouth onto my nipples sucking & nibbling them. I
take my hand & slid it round your hard cock stroking
it oh baby so big & hard mmmm making my mouth water as
you take your cock & slide it onto my lips rubbing the
precum on my lips mmmmmmmm licking it off my lips &
the head of your cock, opening my mouth so you can
slide your big hard cock into my hot mouth. My husband
is sucking my clit harder & finger fucking me faster &
deeper mmmmmmm as I suck your hard throbbing cock
deep into my mouth
you take me by my hair & start pushing your hard cock
deep in my mouth telling me to suck your big cock
mmmmmmmm taking all of you as you fuck my mouth
squeezing my breast & nipples oh my god im cuming as
my husband slid his tongue deep inside me my body
starts to shake & quiver from my climax
you take your hard cock out of my mouth & turned me
over telling me to get on all fours.
As I do my hubby stands by the edge of the bed so I
can suck his cock
as you start sliding your tongue deep into my pussy
getting me all wet & ready for your big hard cock
,then I gasp as I feel you sliding the head of your
hard cock into me ohhhhhhhhhhhh, feeling every inch of
you sliding further inside me slowly till your so deep
holding it there mmmmmmmm as you reach under me to rub
my clit as you start to slowly start to take short &
deep strokes as my husband fucks my mouth now my
husband slides under me & sucks my clit into his mouth

as you start fucking my aching pussy oh yessssss god
yessss your so big & hard yessss fuck me mmmm make me
cum all over his tongue mmmmmmm
sucking his hard cock as your fucking me so deep &
hard oh yes, im going to cummmmmm fuck yesssssss
taking his hard cock deep in my throat mmmmmmmmm.
You pull ur hard cock out of my wetttt pussy as I slid
on top of my husbands
big hard throbbing cock then you pushed me down onto
my husbands
chest as you shoved your hard throbbing cock into my
ass all at once
oh mmmmmmmm he is licking & biting my nipples as I
fuck you both
feeling you both swell even more as you both ram your
cocks deep inside me fucking faster & harder .
As I can feel you both start to unload ur hot cummmmm
into my body oh yesssss
feeling it makes me cum our bodies covered in sexual
sweat mmmm
as we all lay on the bed together trying to catch our
when I took you in one hand & him in the other sliding
my mouth from your cock to his cleaning you both
I laid back up in between you both as we lay there
holding each other
waking up to find your gone again.

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